Beautiful Creatures Discussion – Week 3

SPOILER WARNING: This post discusses the plot of the book Beautiful Creatures. If you have not read the book and don’t want to know what happens, don’t read any further.

We are completely stoked to have our first completely guest-written post, and the kick-ass lady that’s done us the honor is FireCrotch from We Bite Pretty Hard. Without further ado, here we go!

I just want to take a quick second to thank Fragile hosting this awesome discussion and letting me take part in leading this week’s post. I can’t say that I’m a virgin like last week’s esteemed pair…I’ve been around the block a couple of times. Some might say I’m a discussion whore…I think I’m just looking for a good time. And without further ado, let’s get on with the discussion!

9.14: The Real Boo Radley

Trying to lose himself in The Catcher in the Rye long enough to fall asleep, Ethan quickly realizes that he’s not alone in his own mind. He calls out Lena for lurking in his thoughts even though she swears she was asleep. They realize that they are on their own for trying to figure out how Lena can drop in on his thoughts, and Ethan drops the “we” bomb. It doesn’t explode, but it’s sitting out there waiting for the moment when Lena realizes how deeply attached Ethan has become.

I hoped she couldn’t read all my thoughts.

Basketball. I was definitely going to have to spend more time thinking about basketball.

Oh Ethan, you are a dirty boy, aren’t you? Heh.

Another morning, another dream. Ethan wakes up soaking wet and late for breakfast. Amma serves up his eggs with biscuits and gravy (these breakfasts make me jealous) and a side of aggravation. Ethan causing trouble at school was an unusual occurrence and Amma was not happy about it.

“Don’t want to hear about any green eyes and black hair. It’s fixin’ to come up a bad cloud today, so you be careful.”

Seems Amma was in the lecturing mood, and Ethan could feel that bad cloud coming.

When Link pulled up in the Beater, Ethan was informed of the lynch mob headed by Gatlin’s finest…Mrs. Lincoln. The wonderful ladies of the DAR were “burnin’ up the phone lines” talking about the window breaking in English class and how Ethan’s girlfriend had a sordid past including living in a mental institution. Ethan was quick to jump off the girlfriend train, but Link wasn’t having any of it. With a final warning to lay low with his “friend,” Link pulled up to the school, greeted by the sight of his mother and the other DAR members crowding around Principal Harper.

Lena was sitting in the hearse furiously writing in her notebook. Ethan would not be deterred by her ignoring him. They connected through their thoughts. Ethan asked her if she could hear what the mother’s were saying to Prinicipal Harper. Lena responded by saying that she can’t read minds…well except for Ethan’s.

“It’s never been like this with anyone before.”

I wanted to tell her I knew how she felt. I wanted to tell her when we were together like that in our minds, even if our bodies were a million miles away, I felt closer to her than I’d ever felt to anyone.

Wowza! How romantic is that? But Ethan totally chickened out…he didn’t want to look like a pyscho being in love with this girl he hardly knew right? Instead he lamely responded with, “ Yeah. Girls say that to me all the time.” Ugh, I want to crawl into a hole and die for him.

They speak about the dream from the night before. Lena even had a mark on her wrist where Ethan had tried to hold on to her. They had both seen Lena sink into the darkness. Lena again warns Ethan to stay away from her, but he just ignores her warning. He is a smitten kitten if you ask me. He didn’t care that he was about to walk into a shit storm at school. He only cared about Lena…he could talk to her forever. *sigh*

Ethan asks about her birthday again and Lena quickly changes the topic back to the locket. Ethan relays the information he learned from the Sisters about the initials on the locket. He suggests that Lena ask her uncle about the locket, and she totally brushes him off and drives away from the school. Ethan was relieved that he wouldn’t have to worry about her and deal with what was coming his way today too.

As he walked into the school Mrs. Lincoln asked him who he was talking to so intently. She then told him that Principal Harper was going to offer Lena an occupation transfer to another school.

“I’m sure you understand my meanin’. After all, you’re one of us. Your daddy was born here and your mamma was buried here. You belong here. Not everyone does.”

Mrs. Lincoln was out for more than banning books. She wanted to keep the outsiders out as well.

After the confrontation with Mrs. Lincoln in the parking lot, Ethan’s day became abnormally normal…until he got home to find Amma standing out on the front porch. She wanted to know if he had seen the girl again. Technically Lena hadn’t been at school. As he ran up the stairs he hatched a plan for after dinner. Ethan hated lying to Amma, but he had to find out more about the locket, about Genevieve, about Lena. He told Amma that Link was picking him up after dinner to work on a history project at the library. And just to make sure that Amma bought it, he ate 3 helpings of pulled pork before leaving the house even though his stomach was tied in knots. His mom’s best friend Marian Ashcroft was the head librarian and the second smartest historian in Gatlin. Ethan hadn’t set foot in the library since his mother died, and he knew that Amma wouldn’t even bother to check up on him there. Link honked the horn and Ethan fled the kitchen feeling guilty for lying to Amma.

Standing in front of the door to Ravenwood, Ethan was starting to have second thoughts about coming over uninvited. Lena opened the door and looked like she was ready to have dinner at a fancy restaurant…but she wasn’t happy to see him. She urged him down the front steps and told him that her uncle doesn’t like strangers. His guise of bringing by her homework was transparent. The jig was up, and then he heard the clearing of a throat…Macon Ravenwood’s to be exact. And there standing in front of Ethan was the elusive Macon Ravenwood…Gatlin’s own Boo Radley. He looked like a movie star from the 1940s, and his eyes…they looked like they were looking right through Ethan. Macon invited Ethan for dinner and wouldn’t take no for an answer. As Ethan stepped over the threshold he was taken aback by the transformation of the house, like he had stepped back in time…no longer was it modern and sleek. Boo Radley, the dog, wasn’t too happy about Ethan’s arrival.

Walking around, Ethan noticed a package from the library. Apparently Macon Ravenwood was a fan of Ethan’s mother. While Ethan was snooping looking around, apparently dinner had been served. When he walked into the dining room there was a feast that could have fed hundreds. As Macon Ravenwood was pouring his third glass of Scotch, Ethan decided it was time to ask about the locket. When he pulled the locket out of his pocket the lights went out, even the piano stopped playing. In the candlelight Macon Ravenwood looked sinister. Ethan put the locket away and decided it was time to go home. Macon wanted to know what the locket looked like. Lena piped up and said that they had found it at Greenbrier. Macon became agitated and said that Lena should not have gone there…that she was not safe.

“There’s no reason to keep anything from us because whatever it is that’s happening, it’s happening to both of us. And like it or not, it seems to be happening right now.”

As a vase of gardenias went flying across the room and shattered against the wall, gone was the movie star. Ethan was afraid of Macon Ravenwood and Ravenwood Manor. As quickly as the storm came up, it passed, however. Macon agreed with Amma and instructed Ethan to return the locket to Greenbrier. As Lena was seeing Ethan out, they froze before the painting of the woman in the entryway. She was wearing the locket…it had never been there before.

9.15: A Fork in the Road

Lena remained silent as Ethan drove the hearse back to his house. He drove past his street and kept going until he hit the “Welcome to Gatlin” sign and turned off the car. Ethan wanted answers. He wanted to know about the house, about her uncle, about anything. But the more Lena evaded his questions, the angrier Ethan became. Lena said that Ethan wouldn’t understand about her family…that he was angry because he was afraid. Ethan retorted that he wasn’t…and Lena laughed. The things she was afraid of, he couldn’t even imagine.

Ethan touched her arm and felt the electricity between them. A tear slid down Lena’s cheek. She didn’t want to tell Ethan for fear of losing his friendship, her last chance at being a normal girl. Just at that moment there was a rap on the window…Fatty. They quickly got moving and went back to Ethan’s house.

Ethan slammed the car door as he got out, knowing that if Lena drove down his street, he would never see her again. It was the fork in the road. If she didn’t pick him now, she would keep going and pass him by forever.

And then he heard her voice…she picked him! Lena and Ethan sat talking in their PJs on his front stoop. And then she came out with the truth:

She took a deep breath. Whatever she was about to say, it was hard for her. I could see her struggling to find the words. “The people in my family, and me, we have powers. We can do things that regular people can’t do. We’re born that way, we can’t helpt it. We are what we are.”

It took Ethan some time to register what Lena had just told him. So, was Lena like a witch? No she was a Caster. Part of Ethan wanted to hide in his bed, but a bigger part of him wanted to stay with Lena. He felt as if he had known all along. His silence made her nervous. And just like the tit for tat we all love so much, he showed her his crazy family. He pointed to his father’s study and explained how ever since his mother died he works all night and sleeps all day…how he never leaves the house. It broke the tension, and as Ethan looked at Lena smiling in the mooonlight, he imagined what it would be like to kiss her (do it!). Alas, he pushed himself up another step on the porch (boo 😦 !).

And then they laid there on the steps talking for hours. As Lena pulled away at sunrise, he watched Boo Radley follow her home. He put his hand on the doorknob, but amost couldn’t bring himself to open it. Ethan was scared…he had lied to her about not being afraid.

9.24: The Last Three Rows

Ethan had been hit by a ton of bricks. There were two places he wanted to be: with Lena or alone so he could think about her. Their relationship wasn’t defined, but at least he knew she thought of him as a friend. He thought about her every second. Better get the saddle out because this boy was whipped!

While spending time with Lena in Greenbrier, which he now thought of as their special place, Ethan asked Lena about her writing in the notebook. She wasn’t willing to share, but said that she was writing poetry. Perhaps one day she would let him read some of it. After the notebook thing didn’t go so well, Ethan then decided to man up and ask her on an actual date. After he asked her he stuck his dirty spoon in his book, a bad habit he picked up from his mother. Lena showed him one of the charms from her necklace that her mother had given her.

Lena explained more charms on her necklace…that they are little pieces of herself that she could keep even though the rest of her life was so tumultuous. While Ethan wishes he could have lived in one of the many places she has, Lena wishes she could have had more stability in her life.

Leading up to the date-non-date on Friday night, Ethan was going crazy. All he could think about was Lena and whether or not she had the same feelings for him that he had for her. I kind of like how he’s the girl in this relationship, heh.

Every day was like a day out of someone else’s life. Nothing had ever appened to me, and now everything was jappening to me—and by everthing, I really meant Lena.

Ethan was excited for the date. He had done lousy in his classes…great on the basketball court. Lena was waiting for him at the theater when he arrived. He should have known better since the entire basketball team was also going to the movies. Lena had had to face the entire high school on her own and when he reached for her hand he was hit with a confusion of the senses. They bought popcorn…extra salt, no butter, and Milk Duds, and headed into the theater. Lena had relaxed and he was feeling better already.

Ethan let Lena choose the seats and he headed to the back row. The only reason to sit in the back rows of the theater was for hooking up…and no matter how much he wanted to he wouldn’t do it in a place like this. He knew why she chose it. You couldn’t get any farther from Emily Asher than the last row.

Ethan knew within the first 10 minutes who the murderer in the movie was. Lena wanted to know how they would end. “Happy. Very, very happy.” She laughed him off and reached in his pocket for the Milk Duds, only it was the wrong pocket and she found the locket. The couple in front of them shushed them and Lena dropped the locket. They both reached for it and were transported back in time.

Genevieve raced into the burning house hoping to find her mother and Evangeline. Two Federals were pouring silver into their government issued rucksack and they tried to catch her. She struggled to get away and then she heard the gunshot. The hand gripping her wrist relaxed. She heard two more shots and as she heard the third body drop she looked around to see Ethan’s gray wool jacked sprayed with blood. The smell of blood mixed with gunpowder and burning lemons.

The credits were rolling and Lena and Ethan just sat there trying to catch their breath. Lena was shaking and he held her. They had just watched a man die.

10.09: Gathering Days

After the movies, word spread like wildfire that Macon Ravenwood’s niece was hanging around with Ethan. He had been avoiding the lunchroom for days and finally decided to get it over with. The first time they entered the cafeteria together, Lena almost turned around and left. They walked over to the lunch line and got food. If Ethan would eat some carrots and celery, then Lena would sit anywhere he wanted.

In the movies they would have sat with the guys, but Gatlin wasn’t like the movies. By the time Ethan turned around to find Lena, she had already bolted.

That day after practice Earl was nominated to have a talk to with Ethan. He told Ethan not to head down this road. Ethan slammed his locker shut and left before he could tell him what he thought of his dead end of a road.

Link wouldn’t desert Ethan. They stopped at the Shop and Steal on their way home, and that’s when they met her…the second prettiest girl in Gatlin…and she knew Ethan. Turns out her name was Ridley…Lena’s cousin and had been sent to pick Ethan up for the Gathering, the High Holidays, family dinner. Even though he knew Lena would have invited him to come had she wanted him there, he knew he was going to do whatever Ridley asked.

Somehow they had made it to Ravenwood and Ethan had told Ridley things he had only ever told Lena. He told Ridley about his mother, his father, how he and Lena met in the rain…it took all his strength not to tell her about the locket and the visions. Upon entering the house Ethan felt that something was wrong. Ridley’s greeting from her mother wasn’t exactly the normal mother-daughter exchange. Her sister was prevented from jumping on her by some kind of force field. And Macon was surprised to see her. Ethan couldn’t seem to control his mouth or his feet as Ridley led him into the formal dining room. When Lena saw her cousin with Ethan, she dropped the tray she was carrying.

And so commenced a lovely meal with the family. Or not. Ridley came to push everyone’s buttons. She clung to Ethan and at some point he began to freeze. He thought he was going to die. Ridley was going on and on about Lena’s 16th birthday and how she was going to be claimed by the Dark and not the Light…how just a year ago Ridley was just like Lena. All of this information was going over Ethan’s head. He couldn’t absorb it all. The storm was upon them…Lena’s storm. And just before he blacked out he could have sworn he heard Lena shout, “Get the hell away from my boyfriend, witch.”

A chick pea is neither a chick nor a pea…please discuss…or discuss these:

1. Ethan and Lena have some pretty realistic dreams. What do you think of the drowning dream in particular?

2. Do you think Lena was afraid of telling Ethan her secret or do you think she was more afraid of not telling him the truth? The story is from Ethan’s POV, so how do you think she is really feeling?

3. The vision of Genevieve seeing Ethan shot…what do you think the significance is?

4. Who or what do you think Ridley is? What do you think she means about the Dark and the Light?

Thanks again to FireCrotch for her AWESOME discussion post! And don’t forget to enter Mrs. Vanquish’s awesome Beautiful Creatures giveaway in honor of our discussion!

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  1. Freaking cool post Firecrotch!! LOLZ! You are soo right! I’m really digging that Ethan is getting to play the ‘girl’ in this story. I guess he’s more of a Bella, huh?

    And since you’ve done this a jillion times and really all I’ve done is what I’ve done last week… I basically am working the same way I did back when you met me through the WA Discussions. What does this mean? — why I’ll tell you — It means that I don’t shut up. SO, in hornor of my big mouth, each day I read a chapter and wrote down my thoughts just so I could keep everything fresh inside my head.

    *The Real Boo Radley 9-14*

    I am now realizing that I am a Link of the world. THe faithful sidekick with the one line zingers. I’m curious to wonder who out there relates with what characters in the book. I know in Twilight everyone knows and Alice, a Rose, and a couple of Bellas but in that book I relate more to Renee. The crazy mom who has a couple of good lines but is the voice of reason a time or two. I think we’re going to see that from Link. Also… I had MTV banned from my house too haha! Erika (mypetpet) had to record it for me and then I would bring the vcr tape home from school, stuff a towel under my door crack so that no light would seep through and watch it in the dark 😉

    Hmmm… So, I don’t get the fascination with the book Catcher in the Rye. I’ve read it and it seems to be uber popular in this book but I just don’t get it. I like what Rose O’Donnell said about it “I thought it was a spoiled rich kid complaining about life.” She said this on January 28th on Craig Ferguson. BUT!! Then … and this is just so bizarre… they start talking about “To Kill a Mockingbird” and how good a book that was. Hmmmm… such a Beautiful Creatures moment.

    NOW! DId we notice that there was a tiny little dream in the book? YES!! Can you say foreshadowing people? I sooo think so!! Ethan is having a dream and Lena is having her birthday and …. It’s HAPPENING ETHAN! LET ME GO!! Oh my!! Perhaps… this is how the book ends? I have no clue but I’m mighty curious…. And what’s happening? WHAT?! Let me go? Uhhhh… hmmmm…. THere’s got to be more to that.

    WOW! So, I uber wasn’t expecting Macon Ravenwood to look like that? Were you? I pictured him kinda like a modern Uncle Fester when I guess he looks like a suave George Clooney.

    And what is up with this dog? It’s like everywhere! AND THE HOUSE! IT totally changed from being all IKEA/Ethan Allen to something out of Gone With the WInd which is probably around the time the house was in its prime. INTERESTING.

    OH OH OH!! And then… Macon has something up his sleeve… the table is set for THREE people and they are having PULLED PORK… again?!! Yeah… I smells a mystery with that one. He’s all scared of the locket, his eyes are changing when he talks about the locket AND when he talked about Ethan’s mom (I smell love conflict or something), and what?!! he lit some candles with his fingers. WOAH!! And what happened to all the food when the lights went out and how was Macon clearing his plate so fast!!

    BUT!! He is sooo gung ho with protecting LENA until she turns 16!! Hmmmm…. why? There has to be mega more to this…..

    And the painting! That was awesome! First it has golden eyes which is mega cool… and now it’s wearing the locket. Do you think that is Genevieve?

    *A Fork In the Road 9-15*

    The date on this really threw me off. It’s still today. I guess since this chapter ends in the morning that’s why it’s labeled as the next day. SO! I finally got my oogady boogadies!! Ethan is all like “what are you?” and Lena is like “I’m Batman”… wait… no that’s not right… she’s a witch. Oh scratch that too… she’s a caster… which is probably just a fancy way of saying WITCH, but since she doesn’t like stereotypes (I’m a dork haha!) then she likes to be called a caster.

    WOAH! So, I liked how the window rattled and how Ethan made sure he locked it. Remind you of anything? Rattle Rattle!

    Oh and then squees up they have that longing little “I want to kiss you” talk on the porch. How cute!!! I mean that is soo high school! I loves it! All innocent and sweet. It reminded me of the first WA gazebo scene. Awwws!!

    But yes sir re bob!! I have the supernatural noms to look forward to. I wonder what all Lena can do. Let’s see — she can break a window, move clouds, I’m guessing START RAIN and THUNDER and LIGHTENING, and stop it, rattle windows, and talk to Ethan without words. Now, do you think this requires SPELLS or do you think it is something that just happens like Rogue and her ability to suck the powers out of people or STORM being able to change the weather?

    And what about BOO RADILLY? I think there is more to that dog. There has to be. I wonder if the dog is going to wind up being that dude that wound up missing back when all of Gatlin burnt and Ravenwood stood. OR!!!!! Do you think the dog is Ethan? (the uncle) Wait a sec… why would the dog be Ethan? I dunno… that just popped into my head.

    OH, so if the dog was Ethan and the painting was Genevieve then that would make sense. I’m rather leaning towards the idea that it could be the brother that came up missing.

    *The Last Three Rows 9-24*

    So, it looks like Greenbrier has become Ethan and Lena’s meadow where they can be all sparkly around each other. Awesome.

    I love it that Lena is explaining the charms on her necklace. I think the RAVEN is going to hold some major significance later on in the story. That animal seems to be her spirit guide or maybe power animal. The way it’s explained is the animal basically has the same power as X-men’s Rogue (no… I will not get off my X-men high horse haha) .

    Did you see our first (or maybe 2nd) SWOON moment?!!!

    I can measure you on my doorjamb if you want. Upi cam ne immortalized for all time at Wate’s Landing. -p. 147

    See… it was with that smooth move that Ethan so landed his date with Lena. She was all like ‘hey… keep talking big boy and maybe we’ll see where this goes.’ -shoe touch (which you know really means – I like you)

    Now, he snags his date, gets harassed by his buds (all normal), is coolsvile with Lena’s popcorn concoction (CUTENESS!), and lets her pick the back row to sit in (HUBBA HUBBA – but he’s gonna be a gentleman). NOWS! They touch hands in the popcorn and BOOM – he has to think of basketball plays. Is this possible because he’s really thinking of Lena in her undies and other sexy thoughts? I’m just sayin’ *wink wink — Gimme those milk duds.

    So, what the hells bells? We go back into OZ and Genevieve is captured by a Federal named Emmett (lol!) and THEN she hears the gunshots and BOOM she sees Ethan’s bloody grey jacket. DAH DAH DAH!!! (dramatic music) BUT! They never say anything about the body… just the jacket! I guess it might be possible that he could still be alive — and this is what I think — I think that he is still alive and he like sells his soul or something supernaturally -to be with G forever and turns into the Boo Radilly dog. (I’m really trying to figure this dog out)

    And haha at Link!! *Fist bump brother!! Oh how Teenage boy is that?!!!

    *Gathering Days 10-9*

    WOW! We mega jumped!! What is that? Like 2 weeks?

    So, Ethan is finally feeling the fuzzy! REmember what it felt like to first fall in love? Remember the first time you read Twilight? Wide Awake? Blindward? That’s what Ethan is feeling. He has a case of the fuzzies and he’s ready to shout it from the rooftop! Now, in my opinion he really had a “What were you thinking moment?” I mean I get it… He wants to show the school that he’s buds with Lena and doesn’t care what people say but… he wants to sit with the guys at lunch with her? Umm,…. no dude! You need to take a little lesson from Wide Awake and do it right. K… thank you my pet. You uber messed it up!

    OH! And let’s talk about RIDLEY! Hello DARLIN! I mean is she not all hot to trot with her little pink streak and her black skirt! If was mondo turned on!! Loves it!! Yeah baby! I’ll let you lick my lolly pop. (Don’t look at me that way! hahaha)

    So, now the story is taking a MEGA supernatural turn. Apparently Ridley should SO not be there and her fam is ticked!

    Hmmm… so I’m thinking POWERs here

    Macon – Fire

    Ridley – Makes you spill your guts (TRUTH)

    Lena – weather and makes things go smash?

    Larkin- Illusions with animals eith his body

    Reece – hmmm … she did that thing with Ridley’s face turning it into something else. I wonder if she shows you your true self?

    Aunt Del – I wonder if Aunt Del can do like little Earthquakes. She stamped the floor when Ridley was basically turning Ethan cold and smothering him. I think it was her way to throw Ridley off of Ethan.

    OH!! And dig this! Uber forgots about the pic in Dad’s office!! I Wonder if that’s the same portrait that hangs in Ravenwood that now has a locket around its neck? Ya think? There has to be more to that.

    SO! Now we know that Ridley is DARK and has been CLAIMED. SO, that’s gotta be like DARK (BLACK) Magic, right? And she said that ABRAHAM (dude that was living at Ravenwood during Civil war) was also dark. I wonder if this means he had to do something to his BROTHER who disappeared when the Federals burnt down Gatlin? I’m still thinking the missing brother is the dog…. THere has to be more to this DOG’s story!! I mean he screams like a PERSON! Hello!!!

    Looks like everything is starting to appear like an episode of X-Files. WOWZERS! Tornado in the house!!

    And we have to wonder — what is Catacylst and what is a Natural? Ridley said a Catacylst was a Natural gone bad (like Two Face, maybe? She compared it with coins) and that her and Macon were one (WHAT?!… can Macon control himself now, or something?)

    Macon thinks that Ridley is a Naturalist.

    I’m curious if a Naturalist is like Aang of Avatar (not the blue people!!) -The Last Airbender. An Avatar is a person that can work with all 4 elements (earth, wind, fire, water) equally. Most people can only control one element. I wonder if that is what a Naturalist is.

    But then I also wonder if we should be comparing this to the Force (OMG! CAn I get any geekier?) and say Lena is Luke Skywalker while Ridley is Darth Vadar. Hmmmss… something to think about.

    And what about that last line? “Get the hell away from my boyfriend, witch” YES!!! Let the akward sexual tension chapters begin!!

    *Discussion Questions*

    Cheese and Crackers!! You asked some tougheys!! I guess you want to get my old brain working, huh? Well, I’m not as uber duper smart as most of the girlies but I’ll try my bestest to answer these

    1. Ethan and Lena have some pretty realistic dreams. What do you think of the drowning dream in particular?

    I think the DROWNING DREAM represents LENA and the anxieties of what is to happen. Everyone keeps calling her “THE STORM” (omg! where have I heard this before?) and what is the most overwhelming bit of weather that our planet has to offer? Why a storm of course! I think the STORM is there to represent that whatever is going to happen WILL! YOu can’t change NATURE and you can’t change THIS.

    2. Do you think Lena was afraid of telling Ethan her secret or do you think she was more afraid of not telling him the truth? The story is from Ethan’s POV, so how do you think she is really feeling?

    I think LENNA was afraid of telling ETHAN her secret. I don’t think she KNEW how big a part Ethan would play in her life so maybe she just thought ‘hey! this boy really digs me and I kinda don’t want to scare him off with my Samantha powers so, I’m just gonna keep it on the down-low’. NOW, that she knows that Ethan is more than likely going to play an important role in her life – I don’t think she’s afraid to let him know the truth… I think she was just nervous.

    3. The vision of Genevieve seeing Ethan shot…what do you think the significance is?
    I think the significance of watching Ethan get shot is like watching your heart break… watching a piece of you die… feeling you blood run out but you’re still breathing. It represents the worse piece of heart ache imaginable. And since I THINK that G and E are Lena and Ethan’s past lives… then I think the significance is— Ethan is somehow going to get hurt further on down the line. I think I think that’s a clever foreshadowing. Just like with last week’s “Hello Darlin’ ” Well, G found her Ethan just like Lena found hers… something BAD is gonna happen.

    4. Who or what do you think Ridley is? What do you think she means about the Dark and the Light?

    HAHA! I so explained that lolz… but I’ll do it again. First off! I am sooooooooo jealous that you got to tackle Ridley. I mean how cool is that chick? I always root for the bad guy (this shocks you? — What if I’m— the bad guy? — HAHAS!) as I’m sure Fragile or Erika will tell you so, I really really dig this chick! She’s the Black Sheep of the family in awesome mortorcycle boots!!

    As for DARK and LIGHT – I’m pretty sure that’s good and evil. Dark is for people who are sinister and vindictive while LIGHT is pure and ummm… rainbowish. It’s basically — Dark is the Joker and Light is ummm….. uhhhhh… Sailor Moon (I was going to say Batman but he’s kinda dark too)

    As for Chick Pea not being a chick or a pea … well, I don’t have an answer for that… it’s kinda like — what’s peanut (think about that one hahahs!!)

    Excellent post! Loves it! Super duper excited about the Beautiful Creatures Giveway. hoorays for free swag!!!

  2. HAHA!! ok.. just so everyone is clear– i don’t look at my hands when I type…

    This is what this should say:

    I can measure you on my doorjamb if you want. Upi cam ne immortalized for all time at Wate’s Landing. -p. 147

    I can measure you on my doorjamb if you want. You can be immortalized for all time at Wate’s Landing. -p. 147

    LMAO!! If you ever doubt what I’m trying to say just look at the keys that surround the letter that I typed. That should make it easier 😉 to understand me 😉

  3. Ok… messed another thing up lolz! Macon thinks that LENA (not RIdley) is a Naturalist — I really should read these before I post … Oops!

  4. 1. Ethan and Lena have some pretty realistic dreams. What do you think of the drowning dream in particular?
    –is it wrong that the dreams are some of my fav parts! I love using that as a huge indicator of how REAL this stuff is! The intensity of that dream was awesome as well as his reaction when he woke up to find his door unlocked. CREEPY!

    2. Do you think Lena was afraid of telling Ethan her secret or do you think she was more afraid of not telling him the truth? The story is from Ethan’s POV, so how do you think she is really feeling?
    Like she said – she hasn’t really interacted with Mortals -so she’s not sure how to act and what to share. She really doesn’t want to hurt him and she likes him. Like…likes him, likes him.

    3. The vision of Genevieve seeing Ethan shot…what do you think the significance is?
    –Well that totally explains why Lena ia freaked about this. I know she’s thinking she’s Genevieve and Ethan is – uh Ethan. And so she’s freaked out she’d going to end up killing him too.

    4. Who or what do you think Ridley is? What do you think she means about the Dark and the Light?
    Ridley is Bad. Bad with a Capital B. The reaction she had with the family was awesome. The Dark/Light thing starts to make more sense, except it doesn’t seem like the family all fits into one category quite yet. Macon is a big scary….Larkin is a snake dude, and last time i checked snakes didn’t represent Light magic. But hey, who knows.

    I loved the party scene – just awesome! And when Lena dropped the boyfriend word. WOOT!

    Great job FireCrotch!!! All your little funnies totally cracked me up! And chickpeas? All I know is they are delicious – especially in hummus…..Yummmmmmmm.

  5. Firecrotch!!! Excellent recap, girl! Ok, so I’m going to jump right in here.

    1. Oh, the drowning dream. I love that the water is green, like Lena’s eyes, and endless too. There’s a sense of inevitability in that dream, don’t you think? For all it’s horror and hopelessness, it’s as if there’s no way to stop this anymore. Maybe there never was. But one things for certain in my mind: whatever else the dreams are about, they’re also a metaphor for how our young lovers are falling for one another. Deeply. Dare I say irrevocably?

    2. I think what is most interesting about Lena is how she operates so much out of fear. She’s erudite, eloquent and pretty as all get out, but she has no faith in herself. And consequently she has no faith in Ethan’s ability to stand by her. I think Ethan picks up on this even as he’s fighting against it. And I think part of his attraction to her is that she pushes him away. Let’s face it, guys love a chase.

    3. It’s clear that the locket is wrapped up in a tragedy. Genevieve and Ethan clearly are connected but we’re not led to believe the union ends happily. Plus, if it had, it would mean Lena and Ethan are related and that would just introduce too big of an ick factor. But I agree with uhyesplease that the echos between the relationships (G & E and L & E) are strong. The question becomes: how closely will they mirror each other. And at this point in the story, I’m hoping the similarities are only on the surface because I don’t want to see our Ethan shot!

    4. Ridley is clearly what she presents herself as: Lena’s cousin. That however is no simple thing as we learn more and more about the unusual nature of Lena’s family. She definitely oozes power. From her Lolita-esque lollipop, to her doesn’t-take-no-for-an-answer attitude, to the crazy encounter with her family and Lena, Ridley is not a person to mess with. As for Light or Dark, she’s definitely looking Dark, isn’t she. But I’m not ready to buy that she doesn’t have a consciousness.

  6. Great job FireCrotch! Wow, so many great comments on here and I’m not sure what I can really add by posting so late. So I guess I’ll just answer the questions.

    1. Ethan and Lena have some pretty realistic dreams. What do you think of the drowning dream in particular?

    Their dreams are very realistic, down to being soaking wet, dirty, etc. I think the drowning dream signifies how powerless they are, whether they choose to acknowledge it or not. says that the “Dreams of drowning or struggling in treacherous waters may represent your fear of being swallowed by forces hidden in the depths of your unconscious. You may be proceeding too quickly with your opening of the unconscious. It may be helpful to talk your problems and fears through with a friend. They may be able to throw you a lifeline and help you ‘keep your head above water’. The dream also shows how you are being overwhelmed by your emotions.” Ethan’s unconscious is quickly awakening to his first love as well as the possibility of the supernatural. He is also dealing with his growing feelings for Lena and feels that he has jumped right in and can’t go back to his pre-Lena life.

    2. Do you think Lena was afraid of telling Ethan her secret or do you think she was more afraid of not telling him the truth? The story is from Ethan’s POV, so how do you think she is really feeling?

    I think that Lena was more afraid of telling Ethan her secret at first when he seemed like he just had a fascination with her. When it becomes more clear to her that Ethan wants to be her boyfriend and he isn’t backing down, that fear is replaced by the fear of not telling him the truth. Lies, especially big ones like being a caster, would doom their relationship from the start. No relationship can be healthy when it is partly based on lies.

    3. The vision of Genevieve seeing Ethan shot…what do you think the significance is?

    At this point in the book, it seems like Ethan and Lena reincarnations of Genevieve and Ethan. Lena thinks that Ethan is doomed to death if he sticks around and finds out her secret. She’s sure that she will be the one to kill her since she is convinced that she will turn dark when she turns 16.

    4. Who or what do you think Ridley is? What do you think she means about the Dark and the Light?

    Ridley is clearly Lena’s bad seed cousin and the family is not happy with her using Lena’s boyfriend to gain entry to the mansion. When she speaks of the light and the dark, she’s talking about good and evil. She doesn’t think there can be a grey area where one can be neither entirely good or entirely evil.

  7. Great Recap FireCrotch! 🙂 As I have said before I am loving this discussion and I tried to stop reading and follow the chapter guidelines but I failed and devoured the book! Ooops…

    Anywho…not much time today to really do this so sorry if I make no sense in my answers, I am fighting off two kids as I type…

    1. Ethan and Lena have some pretty realistic dreams. What do you think of the drowning dream in particular?

    His dreams are crazy freaky if you ask me. I would totally crap my pants if I woke up soaking wet after having a dream about drowning. But I felt it resembled either Lena and her power with the elements and how she is always able to make it rain…That crossed my mind, then I thought the drowning part could be something to do with feeling so overwhelmed with the turn of his life and the crazy stuff that is happening to him & between him and Lena.

    2. Do you think Lena was afraid of telling Ethan her secret or do you think she was more afraid of not telling him the truth? The story is from Ethan’s POV, so how do you think she is really feeling?

    Yeah I think she is freaked out about the prospect of Ethan finding out who she really is. I know I would be! You find someone that you really like (and he likes you) and you know or think you can never really be with him or share everything for fear of losing him. I like that the story is from Ethan’s point of view, it is a nice change. But I think if it were written in Lena’s POV we would see how much she really is trying to push him away in order to keep her secret even though that is the last thing she really wants to do.

    3. The vision of Genevieve seeing Ethan shot…what do you think the significance is?

    It is obvious that the locket has some weird voodoo attached to it! Amma and Macon freaked out about it and touching it causes them to have visions of the past. I think the visions are showing them actual events from the past. I think the visions are there in order for them to somehow change what will or could happen to them. Kind of like a “here is all the facts about what happened in the past” so don’t let history repeat itself. I think it is all about righting a wrong somehow.

    4. Who or what do you think Ridley is? What do you think she means about the Dark and the Light?

    I did read ahead so I know more than I will say. But when I first read about Ridley I thought she was Lena’s cousin and they did really send her to get Ethan to come to the party. I was suprised to learn that wasn’t the truth. It was obvious to me right away by the way the family acted toward her that she was not light, that she was not welcome around them because she was dark.

    By the way I totally shouted “YEAH BABY” when Lena said to Ridley “Get the hell away from my boyfriend, witch.” Awesomeness!

    Great job! Thanks for the great place to come together and do this! Loves it!

    Whew – I’d have blacked out long before Ethan did – talk about in over your
     head!  Great summary – I think the setup is done and we’re definitely into
     the action now.
    1. Dreaming the night away – I thought at first the falling dreams that Ethan and Lena had, where he can’t catch and save her, might be actual precursors of events.  Now with the drowning dream, which seems to mirror the same scenario (unsuccessful rescue) but in a different location, I’m not as sure.  I  hauled out my dreams dictionary to consult the Freudian meaning of falling vs. drowning dreams.  Falling dreams relate to insecurity, while drowning dreams indicate feeling overwhelmed by emotions or repressed issues.  Seeing someone else drowning, as Ethan does Lena, means you’re too deeply involved in something beyond your control. (Glances back at last chapter). Yep, I think that’s about where Ethan’s at right now, and with the family confrontation about Lena’s upcoming birthday and this claiming thing, it’s no wonder she’d feel overwhelmed. 
    2. Where’s Lena’s head at?  I think Lena’s still afraid of telling him her secret, because she’s frightened of scaring Ethan off – despite her warnings to him that he should stay away from her.  From what she’s shared with Ethan, she’s incredibly lonely – she doesn’t seem to have friends, she’s moved frequently, she’s always been the odd man out who never, ever fits – and yet she very much wants to.  The fact that she’s envious that Ethan’s lived his whole life in tiny little Gatlin, with the same best friend, the same bedroom with a door jamb marking his growth spurts, speaks volumes.  Being that lonely, being from this unique family, she seems desperate for someone to talk to.
    But there’s the other layer beyond just wanting a sounding board – she seems to feel the same connection to Ethan than he does to her, and the facade she presents is rapidly cracking with him, especially given his persistence.  Lena may not simper and bat her eyes like say, an Emily Archer would when she has a crush, but, “Get the hell away from my boyfriend, witch,” is a pretty clear sign she’s feeling more than a little proprietary towards Ethan – she doesn’t just see him as a buddy. When she comes back to his house that night and shares with him that her family are Castors this seems to be a huge step for her – but she’s still whitewashing things.  As the final family dinner indicates, there’s more going on than Ethan’s even begun to comprehend, and I think Lena really does worry that, as much as Ethan protests he’s going nowhere, he’ll run for the hills if he knows everything.
    3.  The Vision – Well, Genevieve seems to be connected to Lena somehow, especially now that the locket’s mysteriously appeared in the portrait of the golden-eyed lady, so I still think the visions that activate for Ethan and Lena are showing them something that will impact them.  I’d though initially that the original Ethan showing up meant he was there to try to rescue Genevieve, like in the dreams – but now with Civil War Ethan’s death, I’m wondering if it’s another warning to current Ethan about how much at risk he may be.
    4.  Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? Ridley – Ridley scares me.  Seriously.  The gold cat eyes, the freaky lollipops, she sounds like a tarty Britney Spears. (Is that redundant?)  The family seems frightened of her presence, and yet sorrowful at the same time – and Ridley herself seems to veer between petulant child and malevolent woman.  She’s clearly a member of the family, and yet it’s as though she’s being shunned – cut out of the family tree as surely as the original Ethan was lopped off the Wate family tree.  (Guess even Castor families in the South like to revise).  Whatever will happen to Lena at 16 seems to have already happened to her, and it didn’t turn out so well.  The Dark and Light seem to be the 2 paths a Castor can take – although what all that implies isn’t clear, we haven’t seen exactly what practicing Castor magic involves, and what the rules are.  In the end, I almost felt sorry for Ridley – for all her using of Ethan and sly digs at the family, she seems like a little girl lost.

  9. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know…I’m a slacker. This last week has been hell, but I’m finally getting my crap together and answering the questions:

    1. Ethan and Lena have some pretty realistic dreams. What do you think of the drowning dream in particular?

    I think the drowning dream could be a sign that they’re in over their heads, that whatever is facing them will be overwhelming. Each time Lena slips from Ethan’s grasp, it just kills me.

    2. Do you think Lena was afraid of telling Ethan her secret or do you think she was more afraid of not telling him the truth? The story is from Ethan’s POV, so how do you think she is really feeling?

    Lena’s definitely torn. She has feelings for Ethan and wants to be with him, but she’s convinced that not only is their being together impossible but also potentially dangerous to Ethan. I think she’s afraid telling him the truth will push him away, but, at the same time, she’s afraid if she doesn’t tell him the truth she’s setting him up to be hurt. I imagine Lena having quite a few vigorous internal arguments over what do to.

    P.S. Lena POV of any scene/chapter would make an awesome fanfic 😉

    3. The vision of Genevieve seeing Ethan shot…what do you think the significance is?

    I still think the Genevieve/Ethan vision are a harbinger of things to come. Genevieve = Lena. Ethan, um, = Ethan. The vision of Ethan being shot seems to back up what Lena’s says: human-caster love is destined for failure.

    4. Who or what do you think Ridley is? What do you think she means about the Dark and the Light?

    Ridley is badbadbadbadbad news, and I was totally screaming at Ethan the entire time: “Get away from the skank!!!” I think the dark and the light is like the force in Star Wars. The good force (Obi Wan and Yoda) = the light. The bad force (Darth Vader) = the dark.

    Thanks again, FireCrotch, for the most awesome guest post – you rock!! *hug*

  10. YAY FIRE!!!! Great discussion. Soooo… Want some answers? Well here we go:

    1. At this point in the story, I was completely thrown by the drowning dreams. I wondered if it would literally happen or if it was more of a metaphor for their relationship. As in, their feelings where inescapable and would drag them under, there was no way out. And, while they might love one another, those feelings would only led to tragedy
    2. In my mind, Lena was scared of Ethan knowing what she is. She seemed not so much ashamed of her powers, but ashamed of what she personally was. There’s no way around answering this question without going all spoiler hardcore for later chapter! *bites lip thoughtfully* I think, Lena is just as taken with Ethan as Ethan is with Lena, she just knows more and realizes what’s at stake. She is trying to save him from herself, her family, and danger.
    3. Oh dear…. Foreshadowing for the win, no?
    4. From the moment Ridley showed up I thought she was trouble. Plain and simple, but not all bad. There was something deeper going on. What exactly that could be? At this point in the story I wasn’t so sure. Yet, the dark and light thing seemed pretty cut and dry to me, Lena was scared of what she was going to become and her family is trying to save her from something. I always felt so badly for Lena….

  11. Ok I suck!
    And you all are the best! Thanks Fire for doing the work for this post , it’s awesome!
    Thanks again fragile for hosting this wonderful book discussion ….

    and I promise I’ll be back in the discussion next week!

    OOoOOoO and Happy Birthday Lena!! Today is Lena’s Birthday! *signs 16 moons for her” (good that you don’t hear me)

    Love you all !!

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