Blind Me with a Lemony Kiss

Alright my girly girls!!!  I need your help!!
WHAT?!! It’s not Friday?!! Who the hell let you out ?
Omg!! I just broke free from my cage but I have a good reason!! Girly girls!! Follow me down the yellow brick road and help sign the ballet!! I’m not letting that Angstgoddess win this!!
Win what?!!
Why the Golden Lemon for BEST  KISS  of course!!
She’s won enough!! I mean I love her, she’s great, and la de da!! But LADIES!!   How much more praise can we give her?  She’s had her time in the spotlight!! It’s time to hand it over to another cuz ladies……Blindward is going head to head with Wideawakeward!!!  And for reals I am so not gonna let that boy win!!  He’s won enough!! He’s won it all!! Let’s give BLINDWARD a shot!!
So,help me out kidderoos!!! PLEASE!!!  Take a sec outta your time and let’s get an UNDERDOG to win this one!!   Vote for “The Beauty Within” to win for Best Kiss!!  With your help we can make me a happy girl and Fragile go squee!!
Hurry before it’s too late!! Contest ends this Saturday!!
The Golden Lemon Website —————>
*brought to you by the President of Team Blindward For All.
Also, I should probably mention that Fragile’s first fic “Breathe Me” got a nod for Best Cherry Pop.  Vote for that too!! It will motivate her to thank me with a juicy Josef hubba hubba scene 😉
Well… what are you waiting for?  Don’t just stand there!! GO VOTE!!!

~ by erikasbuddy on 9 February 2010.

6 Responses to “Blind Me with a Lemony Kiss”

  1. I.Voted!
    and I keep my fingers crossed!

  2. OMG!!! I hide in my cave for a night, and I wake up to this!! Thank you SO MUCH!! *hug* *another hug for good measure* This totally made my day (yeah, I know it’s only 7am). Must. Write. More. Blindward. And. Maybe. A. Josef. One-shot. *another hug ’cause dammit I felt like it*

    • LOLZ! WEll, you had to know that I was going to do it sooner or laterz lol! Down with Wide Awakeward! Leave me your jacket and move over… there’s a new boy in town 😉

      (strokes her Wide Awakeward and sneaks him into the attic *whispers -STAY!)

      So, Happy that it made your day!! My hubz was like “Are you posting about that book again?” (Beautiful Creatures)

      Uhh… yeah… Let’s let him think that hahas!!

      Well, I hope this gets you the win cuz I’m gonna be pimping his hard ass all week til Saturday night!! WE’ve got this!!!

      Blindward for all!!

      And squees to the max!! Did you just get washed over with love and inspiration to pic up your pencil and write some Blindward noms?


  3. hehehehe
    Nice call to arms, President Greta.

    Good luck, fragile!

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