The Swoontacular Valentine’s Day Special


It’s almost Valentine’s Day!!! And do you know what that means?  That I have a special place in my heart for this holiday, like I say about every other holiday?  NOES!! It means we have to whip our men into sensitive little Broody Broos by Sunday so we can get swooned in a proper way.

First off…. I swear to this… In order to have a sensitive Broody we must dress him in leather.  All other synthetic fibers just will NOT do! Oh hells to the NO!!  Let me lead you into the pasture and help you pick out a cow… cuz baby — Leather is the way to go this year 😉  IT will be swoontastic!
Second step — we gotta make that boy smell right.  Ladies, how many times have you come up to your man, crinkled your nose, and smelled a hint of your body wash on him.  We don’t want our Broodys to smell like flowers now do we?  I suggest that you invest in a little man scent!  You’ll thank me later ;P
And thrid and final step — we must teach our man how to swoon us in just the right way.
Hmmm… that might be a problem.  Only fictional men know how to swoon properly.
Well, maybe you can curl up on the couch with the hubbles and watch the Daytona 500 while pretending to pay attention and reading something swoontacular 😉  After said race and reading of fics are done .. HUbz will think you’ve bonded with him, you’ll be turned on, and Valentine’s Day swoon can commence.
And since it’s Valentine’s Day weekend I thought that I would rec one of my favorite Crackfic love stories. It was first introduced to me by One Pushy Fox a while back and every time I read it I always end up in tears from laughing so hard.  It’s cute, romantic, full of potential swooning, and told from Mike’s POV.
Give it a whirl!
by: crackbabby

Vampires?! Are you kidding me?”

“I’m not kidding you. Now shut up and let me finish. Something you probably didn’t know is that certain vampires are gifted with supernatural powers. Your classmate Edward, for instance, can read minds.” Hah, I always knew that kid was a freak. “I have the boring, but useful ability to sense the powers of others. When I first saw you last week, I knew right away that you would be something extraordinary as a vampire. So I talked to my brother here, and we both decided that you were worth more to the world as a vampire than you were as a human. And boy, was I right.”


I frowned, trying to figure out what this meant. Not the vampire stuff because… whoa, talk about a mindfuck. But if I was worth something as a vampire… “Does that mean I have a power?”



Happy Valentine’s Day kids! Hope its swoontastic for ya!


~ by erikasbuddy on 12 February 2010.

One Response to “The Swoontacular Valentine’s Day Special”

  1. Oh I loved this crackfic! Great choice, Greta!! And I hope you have a very ROMANTIC Valentine’s Day.

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