Beautiful Creatures Discussion – Week 4

This week’s post is by the lovely One Pushy Fox and uhyesplease, AKA The Lemon Sisters. Thanks so much ladies!!

So first off, we just want to say a very big, “THANK YOU!!!” to fragilelittlehuman and erikasbuddy for hosting this wonderful book discussion!  And you let us post on Valentine’s Day!!!!  You know how much we love the romance!!!  We hope we do you proud!

Before we delve into our chapters, here’s the standard disclaimer:

SPOILER WARNING: This post details the plot of the book Beautiful Creatures. If you have not read the book and don’t want to know what happens, don’t read any further.

10.09 A Crack in the Plaster

Millions of thanks to Betti
for making a plaster crack heart
for this discussion!!

So, wow!  Ethan has just met the family and was attacked by Lena’s crazy, Siren cousin.  Awkward!  But in the midst of the room careening crazily and the wind vortex sweeping out the trash and the impending unconsciousness, Ethan does hear one important word in the last chapter:  boyfriend.  Even as he comes to in the beginning of this chapter, he’s still not sure Lena really said it, though, or if she even feels for him what he feels for her.  What he does know, however, is that Lena has some explaining to do, which she does in short order, telling Ethan about her powers as a Caster, her inability to control them and about the other Casters in her family.  It’s a lot to take in and Ethan finds himself wishing there was a Casters 101 class he could take.  He seems to have a hard time adjusting to the idea that everything around him is being supernaturally influenced, even going so far as to assure Lena that sometimes a hurricane is just a hurricane.  She quickly lets him know that’s not the case anymore:

“As long as I’m around, I am hurricane season in Gatlin County.” – Lena, page 182 (emphasis ours)

But while Lena’s coming clean about the supernatural nature of her family, she and Ethan are still skirting the question of their feelings for one another.  This chapter gives us blushes, hand holding and loopy, heart-shaped plaster cracks but no full on confession from either party.  The closest we get is when Ethan tries to convince Lena that Ridley wouldn’t be able to enthrall him.

“You can’t jump off a cliff when you’ve already fallen off a bigger one.” – Ethan, page 183

But just when you think they’ll confess their feelings for one another, it gets awkward and Ethan changes the subject.  *sigh*  And, to make matters worse, Lena starts to back away from the emotional connection they share, pointing out that Ethan barely knows her; he doesn’t even know her name because neither does she.  The reason for this distance becomes clear when Lena confesses the most difficult part of her family’s situation:  they don’t get to choose their paths, for Light or Dark, as other Casters do; they are Claimed.  Lena points out that she has no idea whether she’ll be Claimed for Light or Dark but she does know that Ridley, the same girl who almost killed Ethan earlier that evening, used to be like a sister to her.  But all of that was before…before Ridley turned sixteen, before she was Claimed, before she went Dark.  With no choice in the matter, Lena lives in constant fear that she’ll be claimed for Dark and not Light and as the days wind down to her sixteenth birthday, her fears grow along with her powers.

As Lena worries over what her fate will be Ethan becomes even more convinced that everything will work out alright.  He believes he has a sort of unconscious, sixth-sense for how things will turn out and it’s telling him that as long as he and Lena are together, everything will be fine.  When he can’t convince her of his belief with his words, he decides to finally stop hiding his feelings behind the Jackson basketball playbook and let her see just what he feels.  And then he kisses her.

Fireworks may be common for first kisses, but Lena and Ethan’s first kiss turns electric.  Literally.  Ethan likens it to the time he shoved a pen into an electrical outlet on a dare when he was eight.  But just like before, as soon as Lena opens herself up to him, she just as quickly slams the door shut, pushing Ethan away and scrambling to rebuild the continually crumbling wall between them.  But, as Ethan succinctly puts it, she’s too late.

I’d heard every word she had said, but I only knew one thing.

I was all in. – Ethan, page 193

10.09 The Greats

Ethan returns home and the idea of Casters and magic and looming fate begins to seem outlandish.  Then of course there’s the fact that he kissed his dream girl.  And she kissed him back.

It was too unbelievable, even for me. – Ethan, page 195

The next thing we see is Ethan immersed in another of his reoccurring dreams where Lena is being ripped away from him, this time by wind instead of mud, and he wakes to find his normally locked door wide open.  Before he can give this much thought, he hears footsteps and heads down to the kitchen, hoping to for a chance to talk to his father.  Instead, Ethan finds Amma sneaking out of the house and into the cab of a 1950s Studebaker.  Unwilling to let her go in the face of all that’s been going on, Ethan borrows the car his mother was driving when she had her still unexplained “accident” and sets off to follow Amma.  He drives behind the Studebaker, his headlights off despite the darkness of the night, to Amma’s home in the backwaters of Wader’s Creek.  Her home is in the middle of the swamp and if that isn’t a creepy enough local to be in on a dark night, Ethan smells the distinct scent of Confederate jasmine, a flower that doesn’t bloom in the fall or in the swamp, and likens the scent to that of lemons and rosemary.  We know something supernatural is about to go down.

Amma emerges from her home, dressed in her Sunday best, and heads to a mist enshrouded clearing where she pulls chicken bones out of her white patent leather hand bag and begins to whisper over them.  Ethan continues to watch her, when suddenly she calls out to someone, telling them to show themselves as she knows they’re out there.  Ethan panics for a second, thinking he’s been caught when who should emerge from the mist but Lena’s uncle, Macon.  Amma’s clearly not happy to see Macon, but it becomes obvious that he’s the reason she’s out there.  He fills Amma in on the fact that Ethan did not bury the locket as she instructed him to and that Ethan and Lena are continuing to see each other despite her discouragement.  Amma and Macon bicker a bit more until Macon makes the mistake of insulting Amma’s powers and her ancestors.  She quickly chastises him and then begins to placate the Greats, pointing out that she’s brought them their favorite dishes.  After Macon apologizes, he tells Amma about the events of earlier that evening and how Ridley was able to enter Ravenswood with Ethan’s help.

Amma is extremely unsettled by the news.  She tries to consult the Greats but they won’t respond, a fact Amma blames on Macon’s insolence.  He continues to push her for answers, pointing out that Ethan appears to have hereto undetected powers of his own, but Amma refuses to believe.  They learn nothing from the Greats that Ethan can see, but Amma does give Macon a charm for him to give to Lena to protect her from Dark Casters.

10.10 Red Sweater

The next day finds Ethan, bone tired and starving, waiting on the corner to catch a ride to school from Link.  With no sleep the night before and no breakfast because he wasn’t able to face Amma at the kitchen table, Ethan’s not firing on all cylinders and he just can’t seem to wrap his head around all he’s learned in the last twelve hours.  All he can think about is Lena and who should drive up but the girl in the hearse herself.  And like every dream girl she has everything Ethan needs:  a bag of doughnuts and a car to drive them off, not to school but to Summerville to go parking.

What?  Something normal for our young lovers?  Well, not so fast, because before they even get going, Ethan notices the charm on Lena’s wrist, the one he saw Amma give Macon the night before.  Ethan knows it will kill the mood but he has to fill Lena in on what he saw last night when he followed Amma into the swamp.  He expects Lena to be upset, as he was, when she finds out that Macon and Amma have been lying to them but Lena takes it all in stride.  At least she does until Ethan insults her uncle.  What was supposed to be a lighthearted morning of ditching and parking devolves into a screaming match where Ethan’s distrust of Macon and Lena’s hurt over Amma’s disapproval come pouring out.  And in the end it all comes back to one thing:  Lena’s fear that she’s the biggest danger to them both.

Ethan refuses to go along with that premise, stating instead that it’s all about the locket.  He pulls it out of his pocket and they try to go to where ever, or whenever, it takes them, but the spell is broken with a jolt.  Ethan accuses Lena of blocking the locket’s power which causes another round of bickering, until he realizes it must be Amma’s charm blocking the locket’s power.  As soon as Lena removes the bracelet, they close their hands around the locket and are back in the late nineteenth century.

The vision, like others before, is dark.  Genevieve tries desperately to hold on to Ethan, but with a parting vow of love, he slips away and her powers won’t bring him back.  Ethan and Lena return to the present to find the weeds around them stained with blood which was shed over a century ago.  Lena realizes Ethan was right about the charm and it brings her right back to her belief that she’s going to go Dark in a few months.  She tells Ethan she just wants to try and enjoy the time they have left.  The thought of loosing her makes Ethan realize just how much he needs Lena in his life.

10.13 Marian the Librarian

Our Marian is Thandie Newton

Three days have past and Ethan is still obsessed with the death of his great-great-great-great-uncle and namesake.  He finds himself wishing he could go to his mother with his problems and when passing by his father’s study something weird happens.  Compelled to try the always-locked office, he reaches out and the door unlocks before he can even touch the handle.  He gives the door a nudge, contemplating going in and looking through his mother’s books, knowing she was the only one who knew more about Gatlin County history than the Sisters but before he can even take one step inside, he’s stopped by Amma.  But it’s Amma who reminds him there’s one other person, someone alive, who can help him:  Marian.

Ethan heads to the library, where Lena is waiting for him, and they find Marian the Librarian shelving fiction and quoting Antigone.  Marian takes to Lena immediately and leads Ethan and Lena back to the private archive, a place, as far as Ethan knew, was off-limits to everyone except Marian and his mom.  In this sanctuary of knowledge, Ethan discovers that his mother’s last project had been about Genevieve; that she and Marian had been tracing the Duchannes family tree with the help of Lena’s uncle.  Marian tells them the Ethan’s mom had also been researching the love story behind a locket, the very locket that Ethan and Lena found in Greenbriar, the very locket that is in Ethan’s pocket.  She shows them the love letters between Ethan Carter Wate and Genevieve Duchannes; letters about love and the pain of being kept apart by Genevieve’s family.  She goes on to say that the locket was supposedly given to mark a secret engagement between the two lovers and that when Ethan died and Genevieve was forced to marry another it became a thing of power.

“It was said to be a powerful talisman, the broken bond of a broken heart.” – Marian, page 236

Ethan can feel the locket throbbing, wanting to be touched again, and before Lena can stop him, he grabs Marian’s hand and the locket, taking them all into another vision from the past.  The vision picks up with Genevieve staring at the burning rubble of her home with the fierce determination not to loose her one true love as well.  Ivy, a woman who was apparently Genevieve’s nanny although it seems she played many roles at Greenbriar, takes Genevieve to a place of power on the Greenbriar plantation.  A place Genevieve’s mother knew and used.  A place that opens by touching a crescent moon on the lintel, just like Ravenswood Manor.  There Genevieve finds what she’s seeking:  The Book of Moons.  Inside that book she finds a spell, one that will bind Ethan to life, one that will give Genevieve what she wants most in the world. But when the natural order of things is disturbed there’s always a price.

“Miss Genevieve, you need to understand.  Those words are more than a Cast.  They’re a bargain.  You can’t use The Book a Moons, without givin’ somthin’ in return.”

“I don’t care about the price.  We’re talkin’ about Ethan’s life.  I’ve lost everything else.” – Ivy and Genevieve, page 241

Lena is the one to break the connection with the locket, pulling them back to the present.  She’s hysterical, convinced that the locket’s message is that as Genevieve went Dark to save her love, so too would she go Dark, Claimed as such without any choice in the matter.  Nothing Ethan says can calm her down but it’s Marian who cuts through the dramatics with the cold knife of logic and experience.

“You are not Claimed, Lena.  You’re neither good nor bad.  This is just what it feels like to be fifteen and a half, in the Duchannes family.  I’ve known a lot of Casters in my day and a whole lot of Duchannes, both Dark and Light.” – Marian, page 242

Ethan is stunned.  Marian, his mother’s friend and research partner, a woman he considers his aunt, knows about Casters in general and Duchannes in specific?  While Ethan is processing that tidbit, Marian asks to see the locket and Ethan is forced to ask the horrible question, how do they know they can trust her?  Marian explains that she’s neutral, the something in between Mortal and Caster; she’s the Librarian.  But while that means she’s in the know and be of use to Ethan and Lena, it also means, as she sadly explains, that she can’t help them.  Neutral means neutral.  And as the Keeper, she’s bound to maintaining the balance.  And she can’t even take Ethan to the Caster Library, since he’s not a Caster.  But she can take Lena.  However…

“The Caster Library doesn’t operate on the same schedule as the Gatlin County Library.  It’s a bit more irregular.”

Of course it was. – Marian and Ethan, page 245


1) We LOVE Marian the Librarian!!!  Not only is she smart and sexy, she’s IN THE KNOW on the whole Caster world.  She’s even an important part of it!  Our Marian is Thandie Newton but we’re dying to see who she looks like in your mind. Share!

2) Lena explains that in her family, the Duchannes women don’t know their first names before they’re claimed.  Do you think the names they are given, in and of themselves, have something to do with their being chosen for Light or Dark?  Who do you think chooses their name for them?

3) In this section, we’ve seen that while Amma obviously knows Macon Ravenswood and has interacted with him in the past, she doesn’t trust or particularly like him.  Do you think Amma sees something in Macon that Ethan hasn’t because Ethan has only interacted with Macon around Lena?  Do you think Macon is Light or Dark?

4) Despite Amma’s reticence to be around Macon, she still gives him a charm to protect Lena, one that she says the Greats want Lena to have.  If the charm is supposed to protect Lena, what significance do you draw from the fact that it thwarts the locket’s powers?  Are Amma and the Greats doing more than protecting Lena, perhaps even trying to block Lena’s powers, or is there something dark about the locket that Lena needs protecting from?

5) Valentine’s Day bonus question:  We all love a great love story.  It’s why where here, right?  And what is more romantic than when Ethan proclaims that despite the craziness and the danger, he can’t help falling for Lena?  It’s made us wonder, despite crazy circumstances, despite possibly knowing it wasn’t the smart decision, have YOU ever gone “all in” for someone?

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9 Responses to “Beautiful Creatures Discussion – Week 4”

  1. Good post Pushy and Uhyesplease! It was awesome!! Love your Marian!

    Here are my views on the chappies (cuz I’m obsessive that way lol)

    *A Crack in the Plaster 10-09*

    Oh how cute!! Were you thinking BACK TO THE FUTURE when Ethan woke up in Lena’s room? I was 😉 I was actually picturing the same room.

    OMG! How freaking cool!! Lena can write on things just by thinking it and make cool ass heart cracks in the ceiling! I love it!!! She wants him!! She sooooo wants him!!

    Excellent! Now we know most of everyone’s powers. AHH!! And Reese can see who you looked at. Ok… last week I figured that when she touched RIDLEY that that person was a past life… BUT NOW!! oooow!! We know that the person REESE showed us was someone that Ridley saw. Ok!! This has to be foreshadowing to the uber max. Are we thinking someone like Lord Voldemort? Maybes? Are we thinking like Darth Sideous? WHO IS IT!! OH! maybe just maybe!! Since everyone is all like “Lena! Your parents are dead!” Maybe they really aren’t and who Ridley saw was actually Lena’s MOM and she’s like the Wicked Witch of the West!! You think?!!!!!!!!!

    So, you hot then you’re cold- you’re in that you’re out — la la la la la! YOu like my song? So, The Duchannes can’t decide which team they are going to play for. I wonder how you get claimed. How does the universe decide? I’m assuming it’s the universe that decides since they don’t get to decide themselves. Somehow or another you get drafted. OH! I wonder if that’s going to be the last chapter. I wonder if Lena will somehow save Ethan from falling off a cliff cuz Ridley is going to like persuade him to do that… Lean saves Ethan… then somehow she slips and Ethan is holding on to her… then BOOM!! Because of the stress her body starts to change then == da da da ==== to be continued. Wouldn’t that be evil?????!!!!!

    And now Ethan is all in! He’s all like “hey baby! check out how I really feel and read my mind! (do I have a killers song for everything? HELLS YEAH!!)

    Puts down all his SHIELDS (gasp!!!) and pulls open the curtain and BOOM!! — swoon diggity!! He goes in for the kill…. he is READY to taste her… and you know what?… even though we can hear her… Lena digs him too…

    AND THEN!! And this is brilliant!! ok… she doesn’t jump across the room and slam into the bedroom wall… but its there… THIS IS FORBIDDEN!! How Romeo and Juliet?!! And wasn’t it ROMEO who was all in before Juliet? Swoon me baby!!!! Swoon!

    *The Greats 10-09*

    Another dream!! And this time its WINDY!! Well, hellos!! Of course it has to be a Lena dream! She’s screaming for him to drop her and he doesn’t want to… Always holding on to her wrist. I can’t WAIT to see where this leads.

    And what about the bedroom door? How did that get open? I wonder if RIDLEY opened it since Ethan swears the he locked it.

    I can’t believe that Ethan followed Amma! That’s nuts. And what happened to his mom in that volvo? car wreck? I hope we find out.

    Now, first off… CREEPY! There is no way in the world that I would sneak around in a swamp full of al-der-gaders just to go spy on Amma. But Ethan did woah!! Did he get more than he bargained for because there stands MACON!!

    How do you figure he kept the dirt off of him? I bet he materialized!!

    Now, what on earth? Amma’s GREATS were suppose to have seen this relationship with Ethan and Lena? Amma’s fam has been helping Macon’s for hundreds of years? They know each others secrets? Is someone going to DISH or am I going to have to keep biting my nails in suspense?

    So, the thought of the day is somehow — Ethan let a dark caster cross the threshold of Ravenwood. So, here’s what I’m thinking… Ethan is somehow like a shield. He has to be. He was able to let Ripley come into a house that clearly had to have been PROTECTED from Dark Casters (probably those moons he kept touching above the door. Do you think that’s why the door opened?). But how did he get like that?

    And who is Saref—- ? I wonder if that is the person that Reese saw in Ridley’s face. And she must be some bad mother clucker because HELLO KITTY!! They are treating her like Lord Voldermont. Don’t say her name!! SHHH SHHH!!

    I’m still leaning towards HOODOO with AMMA. Everything is lining up with her. Talking to the dead and leaving offerings (I bet she does dumb suppers too), reading bones, reading cards…. charms, dolls, powders and stuff that she keeps in jars.

    So!! Where on earth is this leading to? I can’t wait to find out!

    *Red Sweater 10-10*

    OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! This chapter was AWESEOME!!! Ok… so the bracelet is sooooooo sooooooo soooo much a blocker type thing and kinda like Lena’s own personal wearable paxil accessory. The sky is nice and clear and she has no clue what the french toast Ethan is talking about and no “countdown to my birthday” on her hand. AND THEN!! Hello NURSE!! “tell me about it stuf” hahaha!!! What? I like musicals 😉

    So, they go park and ummm wait… Lena crawls into Ethan’s lap. OK! Dude’s POV!! Should he ummm… you know… be thinking a bit more about hockey and baseball and “omg!! There’s a hawt girl sitting on my -you dare me to say it?- weasel!!! OMG!!!” LMAO!!!

    But then!! He’s all like “BABY! What’s that on your arm!! Oh noes! That’s uber wrong and totally blocking our locket time. Take it off!”

    So, then then then then!! (don’t worry I’m going to come back to that) They touch the locket and the Jasper Ethan (what?) isn’t dead but he’s wounded real bad and GENE (I’m lazy and don’t know how to spell it) is thinking happy thoughts. WHAT?!! Holy Cheese Whiz Batman!! She has done this before!??!! O-M-G!! And and and has rattled things around in the kitchen and OMG OMG OMG Why isn’t it working?

    KIDS!! Does this mean that GENE might be LENA… oh waits!! Now here’s what I think… I THINK that GENE is that chick that RIDLEY saw!! YES! I think she ends up selling her soul to the darkside to save her HELLO DARLIN and then becomes uber evil and WHAM!! WE have a story. And since who RIDELY saw (I think her name was Saraf—) and in THEIR family they don’t know their real names then what if that is GENE before she got CLAIMED?!! I mean HELLOS!! Its the 18th century… or would that be the 19th (I was raised in the south and I’m actually questioning myself) … ok.. it was the 19th century 😉 and back in those days you grew up uber fast and I don’t think we know how old Gene was so what is she was like 15 and hadn’t been CLAIMED yet!! O-M-G!!!!

    So, here’s the beef… she sells her soul and blah de blah and I’m still thinking that ETHAN becomes Boo Radely.. or something. I dont know… maybe a ghost of girlfriend’s past? He’s going to become something.

    Ok then… and back to where I left off. ETHAN!! He has something going for him. THEM 2 get together and the whole world will be damned. WHAT?!! Are you kidding me? Are they going to form their own robot army (sorry… too much Craig Ferguson) and try to rule the world? WOuld it be like Darkwing Duck teaming up with Mega Duck?!! FABULOUS!!!!!!! I soooo want to know where this is going!! I can’t wait!!

    Squee ala squees!!!!

    *Marian the Librarian 10-13*

    WOAH! Now we are getting somewhere!! We know who Gene is!! OMG!! And guess what ladies!?! It sounds like she did make a deal with someone!! OMG!! I needs to know more!! This mystery is just killing me.

    Ivy sounds like Gene’s Amma… well, sorta kinda but more in a Mammy sorta way. You think? I wonder if they are related (Amma and IVy)? I mean she knew where the BOOK OF MOONS was (and creepy cool!! In a tomb? AWESOMENESS!!)

    So, what luck of lucks was it just to run into the CASTER Librarian of Gatlin County. I mean could we been any luckier? OH! And then Lena and Ethan find out that Marian and Mom were trying to find the locket that GENE was wearing in the portrait that just happens to be a secret kind of love me ring. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEES!! Ok, kids.. what was it that Romeo gave Juliet when those 2 got engaged? I can’t remember. Wasn’t it something hush hush ‘don’t show your daddy’ like that?

    So, I’m really thinking that the PAINTING is also in the WATE household. It has to be.

    AND OMG! The door to the study opened up when Ethan touched the knob! Squees!! You think MOM really is there trying to guide Ethan to the right answer? WOAH! I wonder if we’ll hook up with her soon?!!!

    This is getting sooo interesting.

    BTW! Mine and ERIKA’s school also had FFA 😉 I wasn’t in it (mainly boys were) but I was a member of FHA. I thought that was funny that they mentioned it 😉 Only in the south and the rural north 😉

    Discussion questions

    1) We LOVE Marian the Librarian!!! Not only is she smart and sexy, she’s IN THE KNOW on the whole Caster world. She’s even an important part of it! Our Marian is Thandie Newton but we’re dying to see who she looks like in your mind. Share!

    My Marian at first was Velma from Scooby Doo lmao!

    But since I should pic a real life person I chose Halle Berry:

    2) Lena explains that in her family, the Duchannes women don’t know their first names before they’re claimed. Do you think the names they are given, in and of themselves, have something to do with their being chosen for Light or Dark? Who do you think chooses their name for them?

    I know many Wiccan and Pagan women and I have learned there are two names that you are given in life. The one that you are born with and the one you give yourself. You magickal name is who you are. It represents everything you believe you stand for. Since I think we are going for a MAGICAL turn in the story I believe that the name that has been chosen for the Duchannes women represents who they will become. Since I find it odd that they don’t chose their own name then I believe that whatever is out there that CLAIMS you is who or what chooses your name.

    3) In this section, we’ve seen that while Amma obviously knows Macon Ravenswood and has interacted with him in the past, she doesn’t trust or particularly like him. Do you think Amma sees something in Macon that Ethan hasn’t because Ethan has only interacted with Macon around Lena? Do you think Macon is Light or Dark?

    I think that AMMA KNOWS WAY more than Ethan does about MACON. It sounds like those 2 families have interacted a lot with each other and I’m curious if they bang heads because of what each one is. Like maybe Casters and Seers don’t get along too well with each other but when something threatens both of them (vampires/werewolves? lol) then they help each other out but they never let their gaurd around each other. Amma is definately more skittish around Macon than he is around her but that might also be their personalities.

    I think that MACON started out as dark. Last week RIDLEY said that they were the same (her and him) and I think down the line he learned how to control it. I’m still thinking Avitar the Last Airbender here… how maybe he can play for both sides and that’s why he’s so gung ho with Lena. Everyone is thinking that LENA is going to go dark but maybe Macon is going to take Lena under his wing and train her to become all AIRBENDERY like him.

    4) Despite Amma’s reticence to be around Macon, she still gives him a charm to protect Lena, one that she says the Greats want Lena to have. If the charm is supposed to protect Lena, what significance do you draw from the fact that it thwarts the locket’s powers? Are Amma and the Greats doing more than protecting Lena, perhaps even trying to block Lena’s powers, or is there something dark about the locket that Lena needs protecting from?

    Like i said before I think it revolves around Genevieve. I think SHE’s DARK and I think that’s the person the Reese saw in Ridley’s face and somehow she (GENE) is going to meet up with Lena later and THAT’S what the locket is trying to block.

    5) Valentine’s Day bonus question: We all love a great love story. It’s why where here, right? And what is more romantic than when Ethan proclaims that despite the craziness and the danger, he can’t help falling for Lena? It’s made us wonder, despite crazy circumstances, despite possibly knowing it wasn’t the smart decision, have YOU ever gone “all in” for someone?

    I can’t answer this with a boyfriend because I’ve really only ever had 2 and if I think about it maybe I’ve only had one.

    BUT!! I have gone all in with my best friend ERIKA. Her mom was completely odd. Never letting her do things that a normal kid would be allowed to do, always trying to seperate us (for example: Dropping her off at school as late as possible so she wouldn’t have any free time with me before the bell ran), and just always telling her that I was a bad influence (lol! I think we both were on each other). But as much as her mom tried to break us apart we still remain friends to this day. Its been 22 years this October (yea, I know when we met haha). I would do anything for her. She’s the sister that I never had and if I had to I would do whatever it took to keep her around. She stole my heart back in 5th grade and I never asked for it back.

    HAHA! Our husbands have both realized (even though it took mine longer to figure this out) that when you marry one of us you get us both.

  2. I mucked up again lol! In question 4 – I said that’s what I think the LOCKET is blocking… it should say that’s what I think the BRACELET is blocking.

    I’m curious if this locket is something like hmmm…. Dorthy’s ruby slippers. Whoever has it pocesses those powers. What do you think?

    or maybe its even more than that. Maybe the locket is a gateway and Gene (who i think went dark) can go through the locket and into whoever is holding it. Like she would be able to control them. There has to be more to this 😉 Can’t wait to find out

  3. 1.)I love Marian too, she is awesome I love how her character is described: the crazy scientist but super beautiful and full aware of everything what’s going on. I will look for my Marian and come back ..

    2.) The Name question is difficult hue? I didn’t get it really.. I think it has all to do with the Claming thing. So when someone goes dark he also has a different family then , something like that. The Dark ones stick to the Dark ones, so the Light ones. And they don’t talk about each other. The real name is giving or revealed as soon as you pick sites.

    3.) First : I love Macon he is my favorite character!! Amma pretty much knows exactly what or who Macon is, which doesn’t mean that she will tell us or Ethan. Why? Might be too frightened ? They seem to know each other since quite some time. I think she dislikes Macon for being a Caster? Because she also doesn’t like Lena which makes not sense apart from the fact that Lena is a Caster. I guess Macon is Light although he is a bit of a Weirdo never going out and stuff, but I think he is a good Person. Did I say how much I love Macon ??? Like a lot!?!!?!
    4.) I think the charm is not for blocking the powers, Macon would have known and refused to give it to her, right? Both ,Amma and Macon are totally afraid of this locket and would do everything to keep Ethan and Lena away from it. The more I got into the story the more I think it’s the history of Genivieve which is somehow important for Lena. Why then not telling her? It might be not what we want for her. All I want for Lena at this point is that she’s going Light and be with Ethan. Something happened to G and the old Ethan that could change all this Happy Ending. All Amma wants is to protect Ethan and maybe by giving this charm to Lena (to block the visions) she thinks this is helping and since Macon apparently wants the same for Lena they are on the same site. But what is also clear is that the upcoming events are related to Lena’s and Ethan’s future and that it might not be just candies and fun! And that Amma and Macon know pretty much what this is…

    5.) OOooOoo what a question!!! I guess I did that when I was young and a teenager. There was a boy who happened to be my “first” and he was all not really good for me to be honest. My parents saw that and wanted me to break up. But hey, I was young and had my own head! I ditched school for him ( and my mother found us… at home… together… poor Mom…) and lied to my parents just because I wanted to be with him . Looking back: I was stupid, really stupid but back then it was all exciting and I was just so heavily in Love that all, so that nothing logically get through me. Well, I figured it finally out by myself and made my parents quiet happy loll! But yes, when you are in Love you do stupid things. In Germany we say we have pink glasses on, which means that all you see are the good and fun sites.

  4. YAY uhyesplease and One Pushy Fox!!!! Fantastic post. Want some answers? Wellll here ya go. 😉

    1. LOL I have no clue. A cross between my friend who played Marian the Librarian from the Music Man and the person in my head. I’m lame and never picture anyone when I read.

    2. Hm… that’s a very interesting question! I had a few theories. One being that yes, they do have to do with “light or dark.” This theory really came to me after I finished the book that the claiming is so powerful, that the person will never be the same again and will become something new. Thus, their real name will be revealed to them. Not sure if it’s something that natural comes to them, is handed down from their parents, or if “magic” chooses for them.

    3. Oh Macon, I was in love with him…. I don’t know why but I was. Adored him in fact and wanted him to be with Marian. As far as the Light and Dark thing, my impressions of Macon at this point in time in the book where that Macon is hiding something, he was something more. What that more was totally escaped me, but I was pretty sure he wasn’t your average witch or wizard. As far as Ethan not “seeing” what Amma sees, I always got the impression that Ethan sensed something was up with Macon, a darkness that creeped me out, he’s just not sure what is up.

    4. The locket is bad news, no doubt. And Ethan and Lena are two young adults (love that term *winks*), who can’t keep their eyes off one another and have been through more than most people their age. Ethan is desperate to find the truth, desperate to figure out his connection to Lena, while Lena is scared out of her mind and clinging to the boy who makes her feel better, loved. Amma can see things a little more clearly but her main focus and concern is Ethan. She is trying to keep him safe. If that protection were to harm or contain Lena’s powers, I don’t think Amma would have any qualms doing so. Did I even answer your question? LOL

    5. Sure have. In fact, when I announce at 19 that I was going to get married my whole family raged against it, my grandfather disowned me, and my mother asked me why I didn’t just move in with Mr. Cutie instead of ruining my whole life. 11 years later, they have all changed their tune, and I am the luckiest… (that’s Ben Folds all the way. ;)) I’d do it all over again. If I’m honest, I’m an impulsive person. I guess I always have Mrs. V’s pink glasses on. =D

  5. 1. I usually do picture certain people in my head for characters but I can not place the Marian that is in my head. I will need to go look online and see if I can find a picture close to what I am picturing. I am still a little unsure of Marian. I think there may be more to her than she is letting on. I am not sure I trust her at this point. We shall have to wait and see.

    2. I would think the names they are given do have some special meaning based on whether they are Light or Dark because otherwise why would they have to wait until they are claimed to get their name? I really can not say yet who would be the one naming them. I am still uncertain how the whole Claiming process works and if it is by a person, or a group of people, or just some force? I am just not sure yet.

    3. I am thinking Amma does not like Macon because maybe they are opposing creatures? Not sure if creatures is the right word I am looking for. Kind of like vampires and werewolves are naturally against each other in Twilight, the Casters and whatever it is that Amma is are supposed to be enemies but (again similar to Twilight) they are drawn to work together to protect the people that they love. We just have yet to find out what Amma is, or what her powers are. Just a theory. I think Macon is Light. I think he just appears strange because he is a Caster and not entirely human.

    4. I think Amma is mainly interested in protecting Lena because of her involement with Ethan. Amma has told him to stay away from Lena but now she nows he is not listening to her so she wants to make sure he is safe by trying to keep Lena safe. I also do think that there is definitly something Dark about the locket. I think that is why it the charm blocks it from working because the charm is supposed to ward off the Dark.

    5. Yes I would say I can relate to ignoring warning signs and going all in anyway, of course not to this extent. When I met my husband in college he was drunk and stoned pretty much all the time. I initially avoided him thinking he was bad news, but something drew me in anyway. I ignored my instints to stay away and almost 15 years later we are still together.

  6. 1. What does my Marian look like?
    For some reason I can’t really picture Marian in my head.

    2. Do the names they are given make them light or dark? Who do you think choses the names?
    I think that the name the Duchannes women start out with are their birth names, given by their parents. When they are claimed, they get a new name. They go to the Big Book O’ Caster Names, close their eyes and randomly open a page. Wherever their finger lands, that’s their name. I feel sorry for the ones that pick Harriet. I really have no idea, can’t you tell?

    3. Is Macon out for himself? Is he light or dark?
    Macon seems to be hiding something big and it is clear that his loyalties are to his family. I think he’s light (man I keep thinking of fried chicken and turkey with all this light and dark talk) but definitely has some dark tendencies. So I will go with grey. Amma clearly knows exactly what Macon is, whether or not he’s really a caster seems to be an issue since he has a lot of powers that other Casters don’t have.

    4. The bracelet thwarts the lockets powers and is supposed to protect Lena? Does it block Lena’s power is the locket bad?
    For some reason The Greats don’t want Ethan and Lena to see Genevieve and Civil War Ethan’s whole story. The bracelet short circuits the visions when Lena is wearing it. This seems to point to the fact that it is Lena’s magic that allows them to see the visions. I don’t think Ethan could have the visions by himself.

    5. Have I gone all in for someone?
    After a month of dating my husband way back in the day (Okay, 1993) he wanted to be exclusive. I said “What the hell, there isn’t much to do in this small town anyway” and we’ve been together ever since. We’ll celebrate our 9 year wedding anniversary this September.

  7. Excellent recap and great questions!

    1)Marian the Librarian – I love Marian too, and I think Thandie Newton to a top notch choice – I didn’t really have a mental picture of her, but that fits perfectly to me. And wow – is everyone in Gatlin in the know about the Castors except Ethan (and maybe the ladies of the DAR)? There really do seem to be two towns functioning here – you don’t need a whole Castor library just for Macon Ravenwood, right? Are there others in the town we just don’t know about yet?

    2) Naming – I’m not sure about the naming – I looked at the names of the women we do know who have been “renamed” on their claiming – Ridley was Julia, and Reece was Annabelle – and those names don’t jump out as markers in some way – although both are less common names than what they were originally known as. Perhaps whoever or whatever claims them get to choose their name for them? Or maybe they rename themselves after the claiming when they finally know who they are. Or maybe the name itself is not so significant as the act of embracing their new persona, light or dark. Not really sure about this one – it’ll be interesting to see if there is some meaning to the name Lena gets.

    3) Amma and Macon – You could have knocked me over in with a feather when Macon Ravenwood stepped out of that mist. I never would have guessed that Amma would be meeting with him, but from their conversation, they do seem to go along way back. I think Amma does probably see and know more about Macon because of this past, which seems to stretch back even before their lifetimes – she makes the comment that her family has been cleaning up his family’s messes for more than a century. So just like Marian is the Castor librarian, Amma seems to be some sort of linkage between the Mortal and Castor world as well – only she’s clearly not neutral, she has power as a Seer, and there seems to be some sort of specific tie between her and Macon. Macon comments that Ridley, being Dark, shouldn’t have been able to come into Ravenwood – so since he lives there, I’m guessing he’s light? Though he does come off as rather creepy at times.

    4) The Locket – Amma’s frightened of the locket, Macon almost completely loses it when he sees it – it’s clear that those dabbling outside the mortal world see that locket as bad news – the reaction was so immediate. But the locket itself, and the story associated with it – a love token from a mortal boy who just wanted to marry his Castor girl, seems innocent enough. Is it because of what Genevieve does next with the Book of Moons? Does she use the locket in some way that curses it? Or is it simply that the locket represents the mortal/Castor love that everyone sees is a bad idea? I’m giving Amma the benefit of the doubt for the moment and going with the theory that she at least believes that there’s something dark about the locket that Lena needs protection from, and that’s why she gives the charm to Macon. I hope I’m not wrong.

    5) VD – Oh, the craziness of young love. Hmm, my high school boyfriend and I has one of those crazy break-ups you have in high school, but I was just devastated and upset for weeks. So my parents decided he was “bad news” and forbade me from seeing him again. Amma and Macon are right – that’s like match to gasoline for a teenager. We had all kind of crazy schemes to sneak around and meet each other – we even had a book at the public library we’d leave each other love notes in (this was way before cell phones). It all worked out in the end, thank goodness – we’ve been married for ages now!

  8. Hey, even the blog owner sometimes gets her answers in at the last minute 😉

    1) Marian is AWESOME!!! It took me a while, but I finally figured out who my Marian is: Emily Deschanel! She’s great, and she just looks smart and just a little nuts 😉

    2) I’m not sure if their names reflect their side, but I think it’s just something they KNOW once their claimed. However, Reece seems a little bitter about her name change, so maybe the names DO mean something *shrug*

    3) Amma definitely has a history with Macon, and she definitely sees more in general than Ethan does. But she also judges people unfairly, I think. Macon obviously is not all bad, if he is dark, and Amma treats Lena as if she’s already dark, even though she hasn’t be claimed. She does it all to protect Ethan, but I think she’s wrong about Macon & Lena all the same.

    4) I don’t think she’s trying to protect Lena from the locket. I think she’s trying to protect Ethan from the locket, since it only seems to work when he’s with Lena.

    5) I’ve been lucky that, except for one ill-fated, long-distance romance, I’ve never had to really do anything crazy to be with someone (unless you count meeting DH on the Internet *shrug*). I just make that stuff up for fanfic 😉

  9. […] 2/14/2010: Week 4 (Recap) 10.09 A Crack in the Plaster (p 179-193) 10.09 The Greats (p 194-206) 10.10 Red Sweater (p 207-218) 10.13 Marian the Librarian (p 219-245) Guest post by The Lemon Sisters (onepushyfox and uhyesplease) […]

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