Happy Belated Birthday Fragile !


All right all my girly gils!! Hide!! She’s coming!! Pushy get behind the lamp! Bex you go get in the closet, Anna! I’ll need you to you to get the lights…. and everyone else….


Because here she comes!!!


Did you think we forgot? Oh hells no!! Since I wasn’t able to come to your real birthday party I decided to throw one fo ya TGIF style. And since BIRTHDAY PARTIES celebrated on your BIRTHDAY or so last decade and expectant I thought a nice BELATED PARTY would be way more posh.

Turn on the pary music Mrs. V!!



Are you ready for your presents? We all got you something extra special and homemade (cuz we’re cheap), but we did wrap everything 😉 So, sit back and use your teeth! Its time to see what you got!



Happy Belated Birthday Fragile!
I wish you a wonderful year filled with smiles.



To my sweet Beta Queen, Fragile!
Happy Belated Birthday!
I hope you had an awesome day
Lots & lots of Love
Bexy (@Becky_Boodles)




Hope you had an absolutely lust-cious Edward-filled birthday, Fragile!
We all love you lots and hope more people find out about your wonderful blog.
xoxo, Anna (Peace. Love. Twilight!)



Happy Belated Birthday Fragile!
We hope you had a wonderful day full of laughs, presents and no papercuts 🙂
Leigh and marie from Our Twilight Bubble



I wish for you space heaters and most especially a marble cold, smooth vamp to make your day magical.
This is an amazing Twi-world that’s brought so many together across the world, and I’m glad to be in it with you!
Happy birthday; sparkle on, chick!
Kim aka PB aka twi-moonlighter



Happy Belated Birthday Fragile!
Hope you have a Robtastic day 🙂




Dearest Fragile,
Happy, happy, happy Birthday!
It’s not belated…we’re just celebrating all weekend!



Roses are nice
& violet are great.
Sorry this Birthday wish
Is late.
You can blame her
or you can thank Me!
It doesn’t matter we’ll still love you,
you see!
Your writing skills are top notch
& your lemons are hot!
It makes me wanna lick Edward a lot!
So keep it up, don’t stop now,
just because you are older,
don’t have cow.
You’re at the top on my list,
you’re one of my favs!
When I see u in March,
I’ll find out if you shave.
So I hope this post makes you smile,
& when there are times I dont chat with u for a while,
It doesnt matter where I am, the grocery, the shower, or on Twitter,
I’ll carry you around in my BlackBerry – even to the shitter!

Much love ,

AKA Mrs.Robward



Happy Belated Birthday Fragile!
Wishing you all the Rob fantasies you can handle!




Happy Belated Birthday, fragile!!!

A simple wish, I send to thee,
The day after your jubilee.
I hope you went on a shoppin’ spree
for things that made your heart go weeee.
Maybe wrote a lemon or three
or swoon over Mr. P’s sweet booty.
All these thing I wish for thee.
With all my heart, your cutie.



Dear fragile, Happy (belated) Birthday, girl!! I couldn’t think of anything special to wish you for your birthday, but then Bella and Edward mentioned they had a few words for you, so I’ll just let them say it for me:



I hope you had a great day, sweetie!!
-One Pushy Fox



Dearest Frag…

I hope your birthday was the best ever and that you got everything twi-related that your heart could have dreamed of. I come bringing Rpattz and birthday cake. Hope you enjoy both. I’d buy you diamonds if I could.. ((Hugs))
Happy Belated Birthday..

With Love,




Happy Belated Birthday Fragile!!!

I hope you had a wonderful birthday and most of all I hope you are feeling well! It has been fabulous getting to know you, and I can’t wait to meet you in June!

Love, Becky (bierbeck)



Happy Belated Birthday Fragile!

I’m so happy we met last year and I can call you friend by now. I’m excited to meet you in June and for your birthday I wish you all the Best and much more!

We shared some exciting moments last year, like the WA discussion where we got to know each other, the fabulous Breathe Me interview we did together or when I organized this French Premiere mag… Hope you had a wonderful Birthday ( maybe got some Kindle books hu? ) and I hope we will get even closer the next time.

Stay as you are!

Danny (aka MrsV)






ok I know smack me I am late!!!! Here is my wish and you have to sing it to enjoy it!!!

Happy Belated Birthday to you….CHA CHA CHA(moves arms up and down)
Happy Belated Birthday to you….ChA ChA ChA(moves arms up and down)
Happy Birthday Dear Fragile……….
Happy Belated Birthday to YOU….CHA CHA CHA(moves arms up and down)

Hope you had a wonderful day and wish you many more birthdays to come!!
-Erika (mypetpet/ @efisch726)



Happy Birthday Fragile! And many more to come. Heather (Call of Duty Widow, hmmille)





Happy Belated Birthday Fragile!
I hope you had a lovely birthday and best wishes for the year that’s to come. May everything you wish for come true – even if that’s Rob landing in your lap 🙂

@evieeden (Tali)






Happy Birthday Fragile!!!!!!!!
I hope you have a wonderful day, and all your characters give you lots of love too!
Especially Blindward…….*drool*
Oh – where was I….
Happy Birthday!!!!






Are you ready for cake?

I’m real sorry how your real life birthday cake turned out. I mean uhh… Fragiel HUBZ? Really? You sign Fragile’s cake “FROM EDWARD”? uhhhhhh… hmmmm… Not “LOVE”, not “With all my heart”, but “FROM EDWARD”.

Fragile — it was supposed to look like this


The Fragile Hubz even asked for my help (oh yeah… there were other pictures but he vetoed them)


First I hope your dentist trip wasn’t too bad.
Fragile told me you were going today… she gave me your email addy. (I hate dentists! ask fragile)

Now she wants a “Twilight” birthday cake and I need a pic for it.
Problem is she wants a Edward without Bella pic.

Ok so I googled and binged images and couldn’t find one without Bella. Or one I knew she would like for sure.

I guess you know her twi-part better than I so if you could help me I would really appreciate it.
I know she will.

-The Fragile Hubz

This is what he came up with!!!



So, because of his screw up I went out and bought you a REAL birthday cake (Belated cakes are always the best)



It prettier, huh?

So, I’d like to thank everyone for coming out to help me celebrate Fragile’s Belate Birthday!! Also, I’d like to thank Cutie for helping me send out invitations to all of you because I seriously didn’t have many e-mail addresses.

See you girls next year!!



NO NO NO NO!! Now wait a sec, Belated Birthday Girl!! I’m not done with you yet. You haven’t had you belated birthday spanks yet. Bend over 😉 We might be here for a while muhahahaha


~ by erikasbuddy on 19 February 2010.

5 Responses to “Happy Belated Birthday Fragile !”

  1. Hope you like your prezzies! Have a wonderful birthday darlin!!!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday fragile!!! I hope it was full of awesome!!!

  3. @robmusement – Thank you for my Rob pic – he’s awesome *swoon* *hug*

    @Bex – Awww, thoughtful Rob – thank you!! I’m glad my slow-ass beta skills can be of some help 😉

    @anna – Thanks sweetie!! The friends I’ve made in the fandom are all awesome!

    @leigh & marie – Thank y’all! Nope, no papercuts, so no Jasper attack…although I’m not sure I’d have complained about that 😉

    @twi-moonlighter – Thank you!! *shhhh* DH thinks I have the space heater because it’s cold in the house 😉

    @justhelibrarian – Thank you! So glad Beautiful Creatures led us to meet!

    @donnersun – Thanks! A weekend full of party sounds good 🙂

    @Mrs.Robward – I love my poem – thank you!! I am so not reading it in the bathroom, though 😉

    @MyTwilife – Ohohohoh, is that Oscar Rob? Or Cannes Rob? Does it matter? He’s swoonworthy – thank you!!!

    @Cutie – You know I love you, girl! Thank you so much for my poem!!

    @One Pushy Fox – Heeheehee, I woke DH up with my laughter at the BDB & EmoE picks (btw, EmoE is looking particularly hot today). Thank you so much, my wonderful co-authoress!!

    @sjAimee – Thank you for VF Rob and the cake!! That’s one of my fav VF Rob pics *swoon*

    @bierbeck – Thank you!! It’s been awesome getting to know you and all the rest of our motley crew. My new mantra? “Gotta get well by June”

    @mrsvanquish – Thank you! You are full of awesome, you know that, right? Can’t wait to meet you and everyone in June!!

    @Susie – Dear God, you really know how to make a girl smile – thank you!!

    @efisch726 – Thank you!! Is it wrong that I’m imagining some strange Erika/Greta interpretive dance? 😉

    @hmmille – Thank you for my graphic!! You can’t go wrong with the Rob/Alex combo!

    @zoomage – Love the Rob graphic *swoon* – thank you!! *hug*

    @evieeden – Thank you!! Now, we just need to make sure Rob falls in my lap when DH isn’t around 😉

    @kg – VF Rob, don’t be sad, I forgive you *swoon* Thank you so much for the awesome graphic!!

    @uhyesplease – Thank you!! Although, if you want Blindward, you’ll have to beat Greta back with a stick first 😉

    @Smutty – Thank you for the graphic!! I’ve got a weakness for B&W Rob *sigh*

    Saving the best for last: Greta, you are the bestest buddy a neurotic girl can have! You are also sneakysneakysneaky 😉 Thanks for doing so much to make my b’day a good one *hug* *sniffle* You rock, seriously seriously rock.

    P.S. Thanks for helping DH with cake. Even though he couldn’t find a Publix to agree to put the pic on (yeah, I’m a cake snob *shrug*), he did try. And I loved my cake!! Oh, he did give me a printout of the pic that didn’t make it on the cake. It’s so going on the Wall-O-Rob at work.

    BTW, this was the convo between my in-laws when the cake was revealed:

    FIL: Who’s Edward?!

    MIL: Some guy in a book.

    Both SILs: *shaking head in disbelief*

    • LMAO! I still think the cake should have said LOVE EDWARD haha… FROM EDWARD lol… that’s so guy!! I’m glad you liked your pressy! That was a very hard secret to keep!!

      Happy Belated Birthday!

  4. Happy Belated Birthday beautiful!! ❤

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