I <3 y'all hard

Hugs to all my peeps, 'cause y'all are the only thing keeping me sane.

I was so incredibly surprised and happy to see the wonderful birthday post Greta put together and so many awesome friends contributed to. Y’all all just don’t know how much you made my day!!

Beyond that,  I wanted to take an opportunity to thank everyone who has been so patient and understanding with me lately:

Greta has been reading my extended pity party emails for a while now, and she still hasn’t told me to fuck off 🙂 She’s a great friend, and I don’t know what I do without her to cheer me up every day.

Pushy, Cutie, and Bex (and Greta, too) have each been patient as I consistently have trouble meeting my deadlines. I worry that y’all think I’m a lazy slacker, but instead you seem to have the patience of Job.

Everyone on Twitter and the blog have been so great. I’ve been lurking a lot lately, but I do try to keep up with things because y’all can just be damn entertaining 😉 You are always ready with a kind word and vows of violence toward my enemies (yeah, I’m taking to you Nurse Ratched at the ER!), and I love you for it.

Last, but not least, I want to thank DH. These last few months have been rough on him, too. He hates to see me sick, and he tries his best to keep my spirits up…and I’ve been thwarting him at every turn lately. When a grown man goes to three different Publix bakeries, Edward pic in hand, begging them to make his wife an Edward cake, you know he loves you. I love you, baby, and next year you’re totally getting a Anna Torv cake.

To say this year so far has sucked balls is a huge understatement. Every few years or so, my Crohn’s, either directly or through treatment side-effects or (like now) both, tries to massively fuck up my life. It’s currently doing a pretty good job of it, but it better watch its back. Once I get a little rest and a handle on my immune system, Crohn’s is getting a big steel-toed boot to the fucking teeth.

Fuck you Crohn's disease, fuck you very much

~ by fragile little human on 20 February 2010.

2 Responses to “I <3 y'all hard”

  1. Awwws!!! That’s so nice that we can all make you smile!! Super fab! that uber sucks that your Chrohn’s (look!! I spelled it right!! Take that HH!!) is make you feel all puny (a word that the northerners will scratch their heads at) but it is my high hopes that everything will pan out and become gravy (i hope. You northerners still scratching your heads at me?)

    LOL! I still thinkg DH could have done better with your FROM EDWARD cake lmao!! Next year I demand to be the beta for your cake haha!! Cuz it won’t say FROM 😉

    Hope you get healthy real soon!!

  2. holy shite!! LOOK!! My youtube video showed up!! That’s freaking sweetness!!! I didn’t know it would do that!! I love that!!

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