Beautiful Creatures Book Discussion – Week 5

This week’s awesome guest post is by Heather @ Call of Duty Widow – thanks so much Heather!!  Without further ado, on to her awesome post!

Thanks to Fragile and Erikasbuddy for letting me add my two cents. I’ve really enjoyed reading Beautiful Creatures and hearing what everyone else thought of it. I don’t have much time for graphics or to find videos, so enjoy a bunch of rambling wordy sentences! 🙂

SPOILER WARNING: I’m giving away all of the secrets for my assigned chapters of Beautiful Creatures. Don’t blame me if I spoil you and all of your fun, you’ve been warned!

10.31 Hallow E’en

At the end of the previous chapter, we learn that Marian the Librarian (I always think of Conan the Librarian from UHF when I say that) is in charge of the Gatlin County Library (For the regular folks) as well as the Caster Library (for the extraordinary folks). The Caster Library is only open during county holidays like Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, and Easter with open hours from 9 pm until 6 am. Poor Marian never gets a real day off. They better compensate her very handsomely for her devotion to books!

Lena and Ethan want to check out The Book of Moons which might hold the answers they’ve been seeking. Since the next holiday was still weeks away, Marian gives them the box of research materials that she and Ethan’s mother have collected on Genevieve and Civil War Ethan (aka CW Ethan from here on out). The cardboard box contains letters between Genevieve and CW Ethan along with other documents. Lena loves reading the letters, but Ethan sums their content up as “a love story with a really bad and really Black ending.”

For the next two weeks Lena and Ethan focus on the Locket papers, as they call the documents. The deeper they get into them, the more it becomes clear that Genevieve and CW Ethan’s story mirrors their own. The hardships of being a Mortal and a Caster in love are the same during the Civil War Era as they are in present day.

The eight hours they spend at school during the week get harder and harder to bear, but Halloween is especially hard. Lena and Ethan stop at the Stop & Steal before school and the entire basketball team is there dressed as cheerleaders.

When Lena, Ethan, and Link arrive at school most of the students are dressed up. The cheerleading squad came dressed as their version of Lena: short black dresses, pointy black shoes, witches hats, and brooms. The thing that made it clear the popular girls were meant to be dressed as Lena was the addition of eye liner crescent moons drawn right below their right eyes.

While Lena internally seethes, Ethan and Link decide to call the cheerleaders out for their hateful choice of costume. Lena silently tells Ethan to just drop it, he’s only making things worse for himself but he doesn’t listen. Once class is getting ready to start, they all head their separate ways. The cheerleaders have lockers right by Lena’s and she takes the opportunity to get revenge. The crescent moons the girls had drawn on their faces change from eye liner to Sharpie and they can’t scrub it off. The more the girls rub the spot, the larger it becomes until their cheek is covered in black permanent marker. Ethan sees this and comments that he thought Lena couldn’t control her powers. Lena chalks it up to Beginners Luck but we’re seeing the increasing power and control that Lena has over her magical powers. Ethan also is amused that the marker will take several days to wear off the girls’ faces (You can actually use fingernail polish remover, the acetone will take it right off. In my lab we label all of our glassware with Sharpie markers. We use pure Methanol to remove the marks, any alcohol will work).

Later that night, Ethan is at home with his father. Amma has gone home to read cards for people, which is a booming business on Halloween. Lena is expected at the mansion since the day is a High Holiday. For all intents and purposes, Ethan is all alone at home and decides to spend the time watching horror movies. After falling asleep for a while, a knock on the door awakens him. On the front porch is Mrs. Lincoln, Link’s mother, with a plate of brownies. Ethan can’t unlatch and open the front door to let her in. He finally rips the door open, but Mrs. Lincoln becomes increasingly irate when Ethan won’t let her cross the threshold. She tries to push the brownies through the open door where they bounce off an invisible force field, falling onto the porch. She leaves, defeated since the house won’t let her in.

After falling asleep on the couch, Ethan is jolted awake by Lena’s screams for help. He races to Ravenwood in his family’s Volvo, hearing her screams and experiencing the same pain that she is feeling. He arrives to find many ghostly visitors dancing throughout the mansion, which has been transformed into a medieval castle for the holiday. Boo Radley leads him to Lena, who is in a room that has transformed into a conservatory with only the blackest sky over head. Lena is lying in the fetal position on a stone slab, surrounded by her family who are holding hands and chanting in Latin.

Sanguis sanguinis mei, tutela tua est (Blood of my blood, protection is thine)

When Ethan can no longer hear Lena inside of his head and that the family’s chanting is not helping, he bravely breaks through their circle to get to Lena. Some invisible force is pushing him back, but he makes it to Lena. The sky begins to swirl in the circle and the air is sucked up into the black sky, causing an explosion and knocking everyone down. The room has reverted back to normal and the family talk over Ethan and Lena, who are still on the floor. Some family members think that Ethan has power, otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to break the Sanguinis circle to get to Lena.

Finally, Macon’s mother Arelia realizes that their entire family of Casters cannot protect Lena. Only Ethan can protect her and she whispers in his ear “Cruor pectoris mei, tutela tua est” (Blood of my heart, protection is thine).

11.01 The Writing on the Wall

The next morning, Ethan wakes up in Lena’s bedroom after sleeping on the floor. His cell phone’s alarm clock goes off, but instead of playing Bohemian Rhapsody (Cue Wayne and Garth) it is playing the song Sixteen Moons. Lena wakes up and hears the next verse of the song:

Sixteen moons, sixteen years,
Sixteen times you dreamed my fears,
Sixteen will try to Bind the spheres,
Sixteen screams but just one hears …

Lena has understandably had all that she could handle ending with the attack last night and she snaps at Ethan. He decides to be bold and crawls onto the bed and pulled Lena into him, even though he thinks he must smell. “I must reek like a wild possum by now” he thinks while Lena buries her face into his sweatshirt. I snorted out loud when I read that line and got weird looks from my fellow train commuters.

We finally have a name for the telepathy that goes on between Ethan and Lena. It is called Kelting and it is very unusual for it to happen between a Mortal and a Caster. As they discuss how Ethan can interact with Lena in this way, Ethan remarks that he’s not a Caster so none of this should be possible. Lena ponders that someone can have power without being a Caster, but Ethan has an entirely different idea. “Maybe you just have to fall for one.”

After Ethan’s spoken declaration, Lena unconsciously makes one of her own. “You’re not the only one falling” appears in black handwriting on her wall. Ethan and Lena have their first kiss and she wants him to tell her all about how he saved her last night. They discuss the Binding of the house for the New Year and what Lena remembers. A Dark Caster named Sarafine is behind the attack on Lena.

Ethan reassures Lena that she will go Light when she turns sixteen. Then the make out session begins! Every touch between them jolts Ethan with electricity like lightning strikes. Lena starts to get worried, yelling “Ethan” urgently and silently. The bed lifted into the air and Ethan went cold, the lights seeming to turn off in the room.

The next thing Ethan feels after the bed crashes to the ground and the windows shatter was a small, warm hand on his chest. Ryan has come to his rescue and resuscitated him with one touch of her hand. Lena now knows that Ryan is a Thaumaturge, a healer.

11.27 Just Your Average American Holiday

For the next several weeks, Lena and Ethan have settled into a routine. They spent all of their time together, and only 3 people would ever dare eat lunch with them at school. One of those people was Ethan’s best friend Link. When they weren’t in school, they were holed up at the library rereading the Locket Papers and hoping Marian would slip up and reveal some information she wasn’t supposed to reveal.

Their calm and routine changed when Amma invited Lena to Thanksgiving dinner at Ethan’s house. He warned her about most of the eccentricities of his family, but he couldn’t totally prepare her. When they arrive, Amma is cooking up a storm, the Aunts are playing scrabble (Itchin ain’t a word?), his mother’s sister Caroline pulls Ethan into a hug, and Marian arrived with more food.

Once the food is all laid out and the table is set, everyone sits down to enjoy a nice meal. Lena is enjoying it, never having experienced a Thanksgiving dinner before. After uncomfortable slights about the Civil War with the Aunts and about the novels that Ethan’s father has written, the room and its occupants suddenly become frozen.

Amma has received a favor from the Greats to get some time alone with Lena. What Amma doesn’t know is that Ethan can hear everything that is said. Amma grills Lena about the bracelet and how she wasn’t wearing it. Lena tells her that it was blocking the visions from the locket. Amma remarks that Lena’s family isn’t going to tell her the truth so she has to be the one to do it. The person who is after Lena is her not-so-dead mother, Sarafine. Her mother is the darkest living Caster.

When Lena questions Amma about why she is helping her, Amma simply tells her she’s protecting Ethan and the whole situation is bigger than Lena and Ethan. When time resumed, Ethan said “What the hell was that?” Amma was caught off guard but quickly recovered, chastising him for his language.

After dinner, Ethan drove Lena home. He followed her in after a few minutes when he heard her yelling at her Uncle Macon. He opens his bedroom door looking disheveled, but steps through and is dressed and clean. She confronts him about her mother and while she gets angrier, objects in the house start to rattle and light bulbs blow out. He finally admits that her mother is alive and evil, but he won’t give her any more information than that. She uses her powers to shatter a vase close to Macon’s face, proving that she can control some of her powers.

My favorite lines of the chapter came at the end when Macon remarks that Marian can help them find a book about Lena coming into her powers. “Yeah, right. Choices and Changes. A Modern Girl’s Guide to Casting. My Mom Wants to Kill Me: A Self-Help Book for Teens.” Those book titles are pure comic genius!

11.28 Domus Lunae Libri

On Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, Marian arrives at Ethan’s house to take him and Lena to the Caster Library. The library is underneath the Gatlin Historical Society, also home to the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) headquarters. They entered through a hidden and cloaked entrance in the foundation at the rear of the building. Marian warned them about the powerful books housed underground and that only Lena should handle them. When Ethan asks Marian how she got the job as Caster Librarian, she drops the bombshell that Ethan’s mother gave her the job.

Marian cannot help Ethan and Lena, she must remain neutral. They don’t know where to start looking for The Book of Moons and they decide to use the locket to show them the way. He could tell that Marian really wanted to see the vision, so all three held hands and he touched the locket. In the vision they see Genevieve using the book to bring CW Ethan back to life. It works long enough for him to give her the locket before dying for a final time. Suddenly she felt as if she was struck by lightning and she passed out. When she came to, Genevieve had yellow eyes with cat’s eye pupils.

Ivy consults with the Spirits to find out what has happened. They tell her that Genevieve has cursed herself and the fate of every Duchannes child born after her. On the person’s sixteenth birthday, the book will decide if that person goes Light or Dark (meat).

When the vision ended by Ethan dropping it, Macon and Amma were in the library and they were very angry. Lena didn’t regain consciousness when the vision ended however. Macon realizes that Lena is drifting and he thinks he is the only one who can travel to bring her back. Marian remarks that casting doesn’t work in the library, but Amma tells her that only Macon’s kind can go where Lena has gone. So obviously Uncle Macon is not a Caster like Lena and the rest of her family that we have met so far.

Sarafine was holding Lena and Macon can’t bring her back. Tiring of watching helplessly, Ethan grabs Lena and kisses her hard. He kelts to her “Wake up, L. You can’t leave me now. Not like this. I need you more than she does.” Lena immediately wakes up and has an intimate moment with Ethan before she realizes her uncle is there.

Marian, Amma, Macon, Lena, and Ethan go further into the tunnels and argue about the entire situation. Ethan and Lena explain the vision, but Lena is convinced she will go Dark. Ethan and Macon try to convince her that Sarafine just wants her to think that she will turn, but she will definitely be Light when she is claimed on her birthday. The book that cursed Genevieve is brought up along with the need to find it to somehow break the curse. When Ethan straight out asks Marian where The Book of Moons is, she has to tell him that it isn’t in the Caster Library.

When asked “How do you know?”, Macon replies that the library was named for that book. It is the most powerful book and it has been missing for over a hundred years.

Food for thought for this week’s chapters:

1. Who or what do you think kept the front door closed when Mrs. Lincoln comes for a visit? Why do you think it was a bad idea for Mrs. Lincoln to come inside?

2. What do you think is going on with the dog, Boo Radley? Why does he seem to have human eyes and follows Lena everywhere she goes?

3. We learn the next verse of the song Sixteen Moons. What do you think the lyrics represent?

4. Uncle Macon believes Ethan has power. Ethan can protect Lena and break through protection circles, he and Lena can Kelt, and Ridley was able to get into Ravenwood using him. Do you think Ethan is more than your average human? If so, what do you think he is?

5. Ethan finds out that Marian got the Caster Librarian job from his mother. Do you think that his mother was the previous librarian or does she have connections that would allow her to pick the new librarian?

6. The four chapters that I have recapped are dark and serious, with bursts of humor painted in. What are your favorite lines from these chapters? I’ve given my favorites in the recap above.

One final item of note. Guess who is planning on going to the authors of Beautiful Creatures book signing this Wednesday? Well duh, me and onepushyfox! No one lives anywhere near me but her! Anyone jealous?

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  2. I will definitely be back later to answer the questions but how SQUEE worthy is it that we’ll be MEETING Margi and Kami IN PERSON in THREE DAYS!!!!!!!!!! ARG!

  3. Party on Call of Duty Widow!!! I’m not worthy!!

    That was a fabulous review!! Loved it!! And extra super bonus score for telling us how to remove laundry pen (haha!! My hubz hates it when i call Sharpie that) from off the skin! Awesome!

    *Hallow E’en 10-31*

    Oh dear oh dear oh dear! Today’s the day that the veil between the living and the dead are so thin that you can reach out and touch a gouley.

    I really think that the whole locked door and dropping of the brownies was due to Ethan’s mom. Just like last week when the dad’s locked office became mysteriously unlocked.

    I thought it was mondo funny that Lena was able to transform the cresent moons on the cheerleaders from eyeliner to sharpie maker. That was awesome!! How many times would you have loved to do that in high school? ok… maybe just me… I would have LOVED to have been able to do that a time or two in my high school life.

    It sounds like Sarafine is really really the one that is causing Lena all that trouble. I’m still curious whether or not that’s Genevieve’s Magick name. And she’s just gung ho to get to Lena because that would have been her in the past… or something like that… maybe somehow they line up and Lena is the gateway to the real world.

    And see!! Ethan is like a shield!! He made that black cloudy thing leave and Macon’s mom Arelia totally sees it too. He’s got something in him that makes him special and only HE can protect Lena from it. COOL! He’s her champion… but I’m sorta kinda wondering if maybe Ethan’s mom had some caster blood in her or maybe mortals can just sorta become like casters like Hermione Granger in Harry Potter.

    *The Writing on the Wall 11-01*

    OMG! Finally! I dig ya baby! and you know what? I dig ya back!! But what the french toast? That song is back!! And who is it for? Na… it’s for Lena… has to be… I think.

    And awws at this:
    “Maybe you don’t have to be a Caser to have power.”
    “Maybe you just have to fall for one.” — page 273

    and now omg now!! we’re getting on my level!! Lena is acting like it’s some sort of fairytale and Ethan is her white night coming up on his steed to rescue her from the evil spirits. Awwws!!

    But what was up with the ending? I don’t get it! Ethan goes in for the kiss… the bed starts shaking, then rises up, and all the windows are blasted out, and then… Ryan has her hand on Ethan’s chest after the bed falls, Lena pulls a piece of mirror from somewhere???… and they say that Ryan is a healer? HOW? Was the mirror piercing Ethan? Was Lena sucking the life out of Ethan with the kiss? I just don’t feel like I know what’s going on at the very end.

    *Just Your Average American Holiday 11-27*

    OMG!! I was soooo right!!! i was i was i was!! Sarafine IS Lena’s mom!! OMG!! Oh shut up! I know I was gung ho on her being Gene but I also said she might be Lena’s mom 😉 And eekles!! She’s the baddest bitch out there!! LOVES IT!! Oh yeah baby!!

    That was awesome how Amma stopped time… or her aunt did…. and she had words with Lena. Super cool!! Super awesome!!

    And now Lena is all like “what the french toast uncle Macon?” Oh squees to the max!! The story just got BETTER!!

    And did you catch that? Ethan has to participate in a reenactment of the civil was and he just HAPPENS to be dressing like a confederate… in… FEBRUARY!!!!

    So looky…. Ethan dresses up like a confederate (like UNCLE ETHAN) around Lena’s bday…. and I can only assume that LENA has to dress up also… then HELLO DARLIN’! I think that’s how the book is going to end. Its going to end on that day. At least I think that Ethan is going to be dressed up like UNCLe ETHAN.

    *Domus Lunae Libri 12-28*

    Ok… so now we get to check out the library and check out the ton of stuff we just learned. The mailman who drove AMMA home is in on it, Ethan’s mom gave Marian the job (does this mean she was the previous librarian?), and some of the customers can only come when the sun is down (are you smelling more supes like who there just aren’t vampires in Sookie Stackhouse?).

    So, Gene is the one that mucked it up for all the Duchannes girls. BUT!! She did bring Ethan back to like for a teeny tiny moment and OMG how JASPER was that? EEE!! I know he’s on his deathbed and all but I freaking squealed!! I mean swoonish! He was all like “You’re Daddy warned me.” and then… you think about it…. Who’s been trying to warn our Ethan. You think that Macon might be Lena’s Dad? Maybe? I’m a tad bit curious.

    OH!! And what do they mean… only Macon’s kind can travel and how that’s not the caster side of him that’s doing that. Does that mean’s he’s a mix breed? Like he has something else in him that makes him travel while others can’t? I hope they go more into that.

    But gapsity!! They can’t find the Book of Moons. It went missing…. I bet you its at Greenbrier! I bet ya!!

    And that whole drowning/kissing/ let’s pour some water into Lena’s mouth… I don’t know how to explain that. I guess its a bit like the dream… how Lena was being taken away from Lena… but I think Ethan is right…. That’s just the beginning.

    2 more months!!
    1. Who or what do you think kept the front door closed when Mrs. Lincoln comes for a visit? Why do you think it was a bad idea for Mrs. Lincoln to come inside?

    I think that Ethan’s mom is the one that kept the front door closed when Mrs. Lincoln came over. I think it was her also that opened up Dad’s office door when Amma caught Ethan in there.

    I think it would have been a bad idea for Mrs. Lincoln to go into Ethan’s house because she’s just a grade A snoop and you really don’t want to give her any more ammo to play with in terms of gossip. Plus if it was GHOST MOM that was keeping Mrs. L out that really would have ticked her (ghost mom) off.

    2. What do you think is going on with the dog, Boo Radley? Why does he seem to have human eyes and follows Lena everywhere she goes?

    I have been wondering about this dog since we first met him. I thought that he might have been Abraham’s brother that wound up missing during the civil war when Gatlin burned and Ravenwood didn’t. And then I thought that Boo might be CW Ethan because I really think there’s something fishy going on there.

    I think that Boo follows Lena everywhere because it HAS to deal with either past life ETHAN or her UNCLE is just mondo protective of her.

    Someone in that family got turned into a dog. I mean the thing screams like a person!! That’s creepy!!

    3. We learn the next verse of the song Sixteen Moons. What do you think the lyrics represent?
    The moons represent YEARS… so therefore SIXTEEN MOONS is 16 years

    Sixteen moons, sixteen years,
    Sixteen times you dreamed my fears,
    Sixteen will try to Bind the spheres,
    Sixteen screams but just one hears …

    So, I’m guessing that Ethan has been dreaming about LEna all his life and he’s the one that dreams her fears and he’s going to try like heckles to keep her with him. When you bind something you try to make it safe and the spheres… well…. that might be a clever rhyme or it might also represent dreams… like maybe your dreams are represented as bubbles? But then it can also mean the ritual circle. Like you’re trying to make everything safe from evil spirits but still… something is going to break through. And then… I think the last sentence or verse or whatever that’s called means… at the very end… it’s just going to be Lena and Ethan… no one else will be around to hear WHOEVER screams ;).. or maybe there will be some more matrix woosh woosh let’s slow down time but Lena and Ethan are still moving

    4. Uncle Macon believes Ethan has power. Ethan can protect Lena and break through protection circles, he and Lena can Kelt, and Ridley was able to get into Ravenwood using him. Do you think Ethan is more than your average human? If so, what do you think he is?

    I think that Ethan is a half breed. I think there is more to mom than we know. Mom worked at the Caster Library and gave the job to Mariain but we don’t know HOW Marian got the job. Did Marian get it after Mom’s death? Well, no, because Mom GAVE it to Marian. AND!! Marian says that there are OTHER things that go to the library that can only go out at night. This makes me think that the world is becoming more Sookie Stackhouse because there has to be more than one supernatural being in Gatlin (or the world). Plus, MOM is NOT from GATLIN so maybe she’s from a town that was populated by something else. I think that Ethan has that blood and that’s why he can connect with Lena so much. ALSO… he has that swoony CW Ethan blood in him that just matches up so well with his Mamma’s blood and HELLO PERFECT MATCH!!

    5. Ethan finds out that Marian got the Caster Librarian job from his mother. Do you think that his mother was the previous librarian or does she have connections that would allow her to pick the new librarian?
    HAHA!! I just kinda sorta answered that in question 4!! Ok… I think that MOM is somehow supernatural, herself. She GAVE the job to Marian. That means she was LOOKING to fill the position. It never says that MOM was the librarian. I think she’s a SUPE… and the only way ETHAN is going to find out is he has to ASK Marian… he just hasn’t done it yet.

    6. The four chapters that I have recapped are dark and serious, with bursts of humor painted in. What are your favorite lines from these chapters? I’ve given my favorites in the recap above.

    “Maybe you don’t have to be a Caser to have power.”
    “Maybe you just have to fall for one.” — page 273

    “Ethan, these are our babies and they are just the sweetest things. They wouldn’t bite us. We’re their mammas.” —page 334


    Like I said… awesome review!!

    And Uber yes to the max!! Very jealous that you and Pushy are going to the BC book signing!! That’s great!! make sure to take pictures!!!

  4. Great recap, CoDW!!!! And great questions, so I’m just going to jump right in…

    1. Oh, the Mrs. Lincoln thing! Seriously at this point I’m wondering if she’s some sort of demon or evil Caster herself because she’s so freaking sinister here! And not being able to come in the house….was I the only one thinking about Vampire Diaries or Buffy? But that’s not a Caster thing as far as I could tell, so that messed with my Dark Caster theory. And then there’s no explanation after that, the scene just ends there. This definitely had me scratching my head and linking it back to the door to Ethan’s dad’s study trying to let him in. The house itself is actively trying to communicate with Ethan. What’s behind it? At this point, I still don’t know.

    2. I have a theory about Boo Radley but it’s not something I can share until the end. I’ll just say this…he’s not a normal dog. And if that’s what a normal Caster dog is like, there’s a reason why there aren’t more of them about in Gatlin.

    3. I love how this song foreshadows coming events and I think the third line is particularly telling, but I’ll leave THAT for later discussion. Here, though, I’d like to point out the last line, “Sixteen screams but just one hears.” I think that Sixteen is used as a moniker for Lena in this song and that it means that Ethan is the only one who can hear her, which of course we already know, but it’s almost as if the song is trying to tell them both that Ethan is the only one who can help Lena through this process. And I think it’s both beautiful and sad that Ethan has no moniker in the song other than “just one.” In previous chapters everyone from Macon to Amma to Lena herself have pointed out that Ethan is just another Mortal, but if you think about it, he’s not…even if he has no power (and at this point that’s debatable) he IS special…and he IS connected to Lena in a powerful, mystical way.

    4. I love this question, especially because even at the end of the book, the jury is still out on this one in my mind. Ethan is Mortal. I believe that much to be true. If he weren’t, the Greats would have told Amma SOMETHING about him, don’t you think? But SOMETHING is different about him. For the reasons you mention and for all the things that are happening at his house, there’s a power about him, almost watching over him. At this point in the story, my money was on him being a Caster, like it was possible to be one or become one by some way other than birth. That’s not my feeling by the end of the story, but we can discuss that then. *wink*

    5. When I read what Marian said, I only took it to mean that Ethan’s mother was the Librarian before Marian. It never occurred to me that it would be something else. And it COMPLETELY rocked my world. Imagine what a bombshell that was to Ethan, and he doesn’t even have time to process it! And it made me start to wonder all over again, why aren’t we being told about the “accident” that she had? Her death takes on a decidedly sinister slant in the absence of more information.

    6. For me it was this conversation from page 284:

    Marian: “What did I miss?:
    Aunt Prue: “Squirrels.”…”What do you know about ’em?”

    Ah yes, a question for the ages!

  5. Okay excuse me for being late to the discussion. First, I swear I’m not a tard, but I get lost on this blog. It takes me a second to figure out where I am.
    Second, I just finished the book last night…
    Sooo.. Throwing in my two cents. Call of Duty, WOW. Great recap!!
    Let me start by commenting on each chapter;
    Hallow E’en: What I loved most about this chapter, has to be hands down, Lena using her magic on the ‘mean girls’ at school. The sharpie incident was brilliant and made my heart sore, without seeing little Lena actually cause any physical harm to the girls.
    Obviously next, the importance of the bond between Ethan and Lena is felt, as he is the one that is able to pull her back from the mental clutches of her mother.
    In the next chapter The Writing On The Wall; Clues… I start to notice take notice to the words of the song, sixteen moons, and here we get a taste of what happens when Ethan kisses Lena. At this point, though, I still didn’t understand why Ryan was there and needed to heal him, but it all makes sense, once you finish the book and understand more about the nature of their relationship.
    Just your average american holiday; Okay in this chapter the importance of Amma needing to have some alone time with Lena, was evident in the Thanksgiving dinner. Amma, clearly is a source of knowledge, and as frustrating as she was in the beginning of the book, I come to love Amma. As you mentioned, we do see towards the end of the chapter, that Lena is able to control her temper and more importantly control her magic in front of her Uncle. A testament to her growing skills as a caster, and I believe because of her relationship with Ethan, quickened under his love and support. Just my thoughts.

    Last chapter discussed; Domus Lunae Libri
    All I can think of is how cool the immortal library is, and how ironic it is to be underneath the DAR. Also, the mention of no one ever reaching the end, intrigued me. For me, I have to step back and just say, that though each chapter has substance with Lena and Ethan, I am quite taken by the authors descriptiveness of the surroundings. I am in love with the Manor and it’s ability to transform, I love the underground library and its books, from Syria, Babylon, Egypt. Oh, I could go on, but I won’t. I look forward to the next posting.

  6. 1. Ok MrsLincoln is bad! Nice statement hue? But true. I think that Ethan has some kind of supernatural feeling which is also why he can talk to Lena – in their head – and all these previous things which happened before. So he sensed somehow that something is up with MrsL and maybe therefore he couldn’t open the door?
    The more I think the more stupid this sounds.
    Or, it’s the former Ethan – Civil War Ethan ? Oh yes this could be it, he’s protecting young Ethan?
    2. I guess I read a few times that this dog has eyes that look like a human, so I guess it might be Macon (did I say already how much I love Macon?) Maybe he’s a Caster shifter?
    3…. Sixteen screams but just one hears.
    Lena screams – but only Ethan can hear it! Pretty sure about that, there is something about their relation which is extremely important. Maybe later, only Ethan can safe her from becoming Dark.
    4. Hmm, I also strongly believe that Ethan is something else than a normal average boy otherwise all those things you mentioned cannot be explained. Maybe he has some Caster Blood inside? But diluted.. And I would never doubt Macon 😉
    5. If my theory about diluted Casterblood is true, well then maybe he has it from his mother? Apparently his Mom knew about the Caster world, at least it seems like from what Marian hints.
    6. Ohh no clue to be honest but the one you pointed out: “Yeah, right. Choices and Changes. A Modern Girl’s Guide to Casting. My Mom Wants to Kill Me: A Self-Help Book for Teens.” is awesome!!! Well, what shall I say I love Macon like a lot!!

    Thanks Heather for this awesome Recap and this great questions I really found myself setting up quite some theories…OOoOoOo
    As usual : Thanks fragile and Greta for the hosting :))
    And uhmmm, who’s next? 😉

  7. Great summary and questions!

    1. Mrs. Lincoln – Ya’ll, Mrs. Lincoln was seriously scary. From every description of her before she sounded mean – but small town, self-righteous mean. That thing at the door seemed downright malevolent. And since we know that some Casters can shift form, I’m wondering if that was even Mrs. Lincoln at all. As to why Ethan couldn’t open the door to start with – I think it was probably the charm bag that fell from the door than Amma had put up – she’s been known to booby trap the house with her charms before and she clearly seems to know how to ward off evil things.

    2. Boo Radley – Boo seems like he’s Macon’s “watchdog” in a very literal sense to me – the way that Macon can know where and what’s happening to Lena when she’s out and about Gatlin, since Macon doesn’t seem to venture into the town much. Who knows, maybe Macon can literally see through Boo’s eyes – he’s a Caster dog after all!

    3. Sixteen Moons – I think Lena may be right – this verse does seem to be about Ethan. Their dreams are about her fears of going dark and he’s the one who can kelt with her and hear her. The binding of the spheres line? Not sure – maybe that’s a reference to something that has to be done – perhaps something with The Book of Moons, if they can find it?

    4. Ethan – more than human? I am seriously starting to wonder about Ethan. I have two theories, but the other relates to Ethan’s mom below. One theory is that CW Ethan is somehow the source of our Ethan’s power. We know Genevieve and CW Ethan were in love, and that she made an enormous sacrifice to try to restore him to life, sacrificing in essence herself and her future generations. Could somehow this Ethan’s abilities be some sort of karmic boomerang where he has abilities to enable him to save Lena from Genevieve’s curse as a result of what happened between the first set of star-crossed lovers?

    5. Ethan’s mom: I think that Ethan’s mom may have had connections that let her pick. Here’s my second theory about Ethan. Maybe Ethan’s not completely mortal. We don’t know much about his mother at first. She was a Civil War historian, from Savannah, killed in a car accident. Pretty straightforward. But there are hints that maybe there was more there than Ethan knew. She knew Macon Ravenwood. She knew about Casters. And then Marian tells Ethan that his mother hired her as the librarian. That could be because she was the prior librarian. But is could also be that Ethan’s mother was not quite human (whether Caster or something else), and that’s why Ethan seems to have unusual abilities.

    6. Favorite lines: I have to admit, I think Link gets some great lines. I laughed at this one in 10.31 when he comes up to the cheerleaders in their costumes: “Hey girls, I thought we were comin’ as bitches. Oh wait, that’s everyday.”

    And I gave a big awww at Lena’s projected line on the wall, “You’re not the only one falling.” Although for our little Romeo and Juliet, that statement just has to many layers to be totally happy.

    And the Sisters just make me laugh, (I kind of have some relatives that resemble them). So Ethan’s little aside about Aunt Prue, “That’s why we put whiskey in her tea.” made me giggle.

    And finally, poor CW Ethan’s dying words. Sniff. “I never believed your daddy when he said it was impossible for a Caster and a Mortal to be together. We would have found a way. I love you, Genevieve.” I hope Lena and Ethan can prove him true.

    And I’m totally jealous of the book signing trip – it turns out they were on my town, but I didn’t know about it until the night of and wasn’t able to make it in time. I was so disappointed!

  8. 1. Who or what do you think kept the front door closed when Mrs. Lincoln comes for a visit? Why do you think it was a bad idea for Mrs. Lincoln to come inside?

    For one, I cannot stand that woman! I wanted to punch her in the face the entire time I was reading. Anyway, I thought it was some sort of thing that Amma created to keep evil out of the house! She is always hanging wierd stuff around the house so I just figured she did it. Plus when it happened it made me wonder if there were more to Mrs. Lincoln than just a bitter old housewife….

    2. What do you think is going on with the dog, Boo Radley? Why does he seem to have human eyes and follows Lena everywhere she goes?

    I thought at first he was a human that somehow Uncle Macon changed into a dog or something…but then I just thought maybe he is just a dog with weird eyes that is suppossed to watch over Lena and “report” to Macon.

    3. We learn the next verse of the song Sixteen Moons. What do you think the lyrics represent?

    I think the song is more about Ethan this time:

    Sixteen moons, sixteen years,
    Sixteen times you dreamed my fears, (Ethan always dreams about the same thing Lena does…and her biggest fear is becoming dark)
    Sixteen will try to Bind the spheres, (Maybe how Etan is trying to find a way to make everything work out?)
    Sixteen screams but just one hears … (Ethan always hears Lean speak and scream in his mind! No one else does!)

    4. Uncle Macon believes Ethan has power. Ethan can protect Lena and break through protection circles, he and Lena can Kelt, and Ridley was able to get into Ravenwood using him. Do you think Ethan is more than your average human? If so, what do you think he is?

    I kind of thought he was more than human at first, but then I just wondered if Lena and Ethans bond was so strong that he was able to be so connected to her therefore break through a lot of the spells. It is definetly like they are destined to be together and that is a great power in itself.

    5. Ethan finds out that Marian got the Caster Librarian job from his mother. Do you think that his mother was the previous librarian or does she have connections that would allow her to pick the new librarian?

    I definetly thought she must have been the previous libraian. I wondered if she had some sort of supernatural power as well…maybe that is why Ethan seems to be more than the average teenage boy? Ethan must be really missing his mom now, wishing she were there to help him and Lena!

    6. The four chapters that I have recapped are dark and serious, with bursts of humor painted in. What are your favorite lines from these chapters? I’ve given my favorites in the recap above.

    Sorry I didn’t have time to go through and pick out my favorite lines 😦 BOO for me! :((

    Great recap!

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