Give those Underdogs a chance to shine

Did you miss the Grammys?

Did you not get a chance to go to Sundance?

Are you on pins and needles just to see who will win the Oscar?

Are you forgetting about the most important award out there?

The Golden Globes?

Uhhh…. NO!!!

!!!! The Indie Twific Awards !!!!

The Indie TwiFic Awards were designed to highlight the wonderful stories out there that deserve attention.

They are focused on recognizing the best in up and coming or under recognized Twilight Fan Fiction.

First round of voting: 2/20 – 3/2
Final round story announcement: 3/4
Round of Voting: 3/15 to 3/24
Winners announced: 3/28

And guess what?!!!

I know of three kick ass ladies who got nominated!!!




Our Fragile has done it again! Just check out all her nominations


Breathe Me 


Best New Moon Story Complete

Best Use of a Parent

Canon or AU Story that knocks you off your feet Complete



Spell My Heart

Love Conquers All Novella


Our dear little One Pushy Fox got nominated for


Love Conquers All – one shot category



Pushy and Fagile together as FragileFoxes got nominated together

In The Blood

Best Love Triangle WIP

Canon or AU Story that knocks you off your feet WIP


And the fabulous Betti got a nod with

Your True Colors

AH story that knocks you off your feet (WIP)


Most of these fics would not have been made possible without the help of a beta of some sort. A beta is someone who you go to when you need guidance. Someone who will tell you the truth about what you wrote and who will take the time out of their day to double check everything you have written just to make sure it all lines up. A beta is an author’s best friend and confidant and Uhyesplease is a pure miracle worker! She is beta to “In the Blood”, “Dazzling”, and “Your True Colors”. I would like to recognize her for all her freaktastic beta work with an award of her very own.


So, get out there kids and let’s make these underdog fics sparkle with Indie Twific Awards!!


~ by erikasbuddy on 22 February 2010.

7 Responses to “Give those Underdogs a chance to shine”

  1. SQUEEEE!!!! An award for the incomparable Uhyesplease!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I soooo appeove!! Well done!

    • HERE HERE!! Uhyesplease so deserves it!! Its rough at times being a beta and when their boss ladies word gets nominated I believe that the beta should to. SO YAYS to uhyesplease for all her hard work!!

  2. Seriously Greta – you are the cutest. 🙂 I am such a fan of all of these fics, that I honestly didn’t even put it together that I beta them! LOL! how lame am I?

    And I feel so honored that I get to beta and preread – so really, that’s all I love I need.

    But I’m totally grabbing that award and putting it on TLS – Just sayin’. 😉

    THANK YOU!!!!

    • LOL! That was the first thing that I noticed!! I decided that I was going to give praise to all the good little betas out there for all these stories and low and behold… they all belonged to you!! Way to go you busy little bee!!!

  3. We I know that uhyesplease deserves mad props for putting up with my ramshackle writing. If you all saw what I wrote before she got her hands on it and slapped me into place you’d laugh your butts off and I certainly wouldn’t get rec’ed for anything.

    HOORAY FOR UHYESPLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • OOPS! That should read “Well, I know…” See, I need a beta for my comments even! LOL!

      • LMAO!! You should have read what this post said a couple of hours ago haha!! I left out a TON of words hehe! So, I hear ya 🙂

        and yes yes!! HOORAYS for the winner or the prestigious (I never said I could spell haha) Beta Bowl Award!!! YAYS!!

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