TGIF’s Olympic Extravaganza of Hawtness

Has everyone caught the Madness? Are you suffering from the Olympic Fever? Well, let me just spike it up a tad but… cuz ladies… it’s that time of year where I pay my respects to the great athletes of the world! Here at TGIF we (and when I say ‘WE’ I guess I can only mean ‘ME’ haha) don’t discriminate against countries. I love em all!! All those fine fine men who have snow boarded and breast-stroked their ways into my heart. Go Earth!!

Enjoy Girlies!!!

I was instructed that I would get my ass kicked if I didn't caption this pic like this lmao! Love you too ERIKA! hehe

~ by erikasbuddy on 26 February 2010.

5 Responses to “TGIF’s Olympic Extravaganza of Hawtness”

  1. I think there’s some speedo padding going on in that last pic! LOL

  2. Wow…*gulp* uh… yeah… *fans self* NICE!!!!

  3. Dude I want Mikey to pull his black man thongs down a little more so I can see his Olympic Rings and is that a Michigan fan? We need to change that to an A for Alabama…Then he will be “OWNED”!!!!!!!!!! Oh dont you love love to look at cantalope man about to make a splashless entry into the water after jumping off of a platform!!! How sexy!!!

  4. You are TOTALLY crazy!!! But I love it!

  5. HA HA HA HA Awesome!! Criss Cross Applesauce Baby!!!!

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