Beautiful Creatures Discussion Recap – Week 6

SPOILER WARNING: This post details the plot of the book Beautiful Creatures. If you have not read the book and don’t want to know what happens, don’t read any further.

Hello everyone! Did you all have a fabulous week of reading? I know I did.

Fragile and I would like to give a big thankaroos to our guest host this week – Mrs. Vanquish – You did an awesome job!

Everyone make sure to go by Mrs. V’s blog where this week she discusses her love for those Beautiful Creatures and not one but two awesome Beautiful Creatures giveaways.

Now, lets take a look at what all of you had to say about this week’s assigned chapters.

1. So I know that in Heather’s post she posed the question of what’s up with Mrs. Lincoln, but it bears asking again. Why do you think she fights so hard and cruel against Lena?

At this point in the book, I’m even more convinced that Link’s mom is some sort of demon in disguise. I’m still thrown by the fact that she can’t enter the house and she’s just SO DARN EVIL?????? Seriously, all that effort over a teenage girl? If Mrs. Lincoln was a human adult you’d think she’d have better things to do. Unfortunately, reality doesn’t always prove that to be the case.
-One Pushy Fox

I’m starting to think that it is possible that Link’s mom might be supernatural and whatever she is is in war with that Casters. It’s either THAT or she is just a big southern soccer mom type SNOB!! You know the kind… if your house isn’t painted properly then they think of you as trash. I’m not too sure which one but I bet its an uber shocker and she’s some sort of SUPE.

What’s up with Mrs. Lincoln? She’s just mean? I don’t know – from comments Ethan makes, it sounds as though she’s always been a little difficult – with the book banning and what all. Very small town/small minded. But her hatred of Lena does seem to take it up a notch – especially given that on the surface, Lena really hasn’t done anything that can be attributed to her – it’s not like she’s knifing people in the hallways. We know some of the town residents know about the Casters and assist them, like Marian – could there be an opposite group that’s aware of them and opposes them?-sophiaanne04

I believe she is just a typical small town mom who is stuck in her ways and afraid of change and anyone who may “screw up” her perfect little world. I actually felt sorry for her (when I wasn’t wanting to punch her in the face). I imagine she has always been that way, very snooty and full of herself. I imagine she always thinks she is right. Not the first person on your list of who to hang out with on the weekend.

At this point in the book I just think that she’s a nosy busy body controlling bitch. This is her town and she wants to get rid of anything that she thinks doesn’t belong. That’s why she sees Lena as such a threat.
-Heather (Call of Duty Widow)

2. Why did Genevieve choose Ethan to speak to when they were digging out the book and not Lena?

This is a GREAT question? I think Genevieve choose Ethan because he’s the link to HER Ethan. Also, I think it’s interesting that she points out that Ethan’s there to right a wrong, but she doesn’t specify which one. We’re given to believe that the wrong is Genevieve’s Ethan being murdered, and it would make sense that she’d want to help him with that. But lately I’ve been wondering if it might be something else. Again, I’ll hold the rest of that thought for the end of the discussion!
-One Pushy Fox

I think Genevieve chose to talk to Ethan rather than Lena because Lena was just worried about getting the Book of Moons and Ethan was actually the one wanting to return the locket. I also feel that she chose to speak to Ethan because it’s HIS kin folk that deserves the locket, not Lena’s.

Why Ethan? My theory is that it’s because Ethan is the key, somehow, to “righting the wrong” that occurred when Genevieve first tried to cast CW Ethan back to life. Somehow his connection with Lena that mirrors the earlier relationship so strongly is at the center of what Lena’s about to face on her 16th birthday, and Genevieve wants Ethan to know that.

I think because he is connected through blood to her Ethan from long ago. I also think it may have had something to do with the fact that she knew Ethan was bound and determined to right the wrong she created so long ago. Maybe she wanted him to know she approved?

I think Genevieve picked Ethan since he is much more likely to believe what she has to say. Lena has a distrust for everyone in the Caster world after several chapters of lies by her family have been brought to light.-Heather (Call of Duty Widow)

3. Why do you think that Ethan doesn’t feel so comfortable about Lena’s increased magical abilities?

I think as a Mortal he’s bound to have some uneasiness about Lena’s Caster abilities, but I think it’s also that she’s showing a somewhat cavalier attitude about using them. She’s even shown she’s not above using them against those she loves (smashing the vase by Macon’s head and altering her cousin’s and aunt’s memories). She’s not showing the moral center required to use her Caster powers for Light. She’s more like a child with a weapon she doesn’t fully understand how to use. And we all know how dangerous that is.
-One Pushy Fox

In all the dreams that Ethan has about Lena he keeps trying to KEEP ahold of her. He doesn’t want to let her go. I think this is symbolism not just saying “something bad is gonna happen” but also that he doesn’t want her to loose all her humanity and become all witchy witch. Does that make any sense? I think he wants to keep the “normal” girl and hopes that if he works hard enough he can keep her from getting all bibbity bobbity booo on us. He’s in for a rude awakening when he learns that you can’t mess with what’s going to happen… naturally.

Lena’s increased magical abilities – Well, erasing people’s memories is getting pretty big time – and has a lot of potential for abuse. For all his reassurances to her that Lena won’t go Dark, Ethan knows it’s a possibility and seeing her do things that might be questionable perhaps raises that fear. And well, I’m guessing it’s pretty freaky to watch a viola play itself!

Well…would you? I mean think about it, if you were dating someone who could make drastic weather changes, erase people’s memories, do things with their mind etc etc wouldn’t you be a little freaked out? Plus he is seeing first hand how powerful she is becoming and he knows that power will ultimately be used for good or evil, light or dark. Not to mention the fact that he loves her and wants to save her from turning dark. It is all a lot to take in!

I think Ethan is worried that Lena will use magic on him to change how he feels or make him behave a certain way. She’s been trying to push him away while he wants to help and protect her. He is scared that she will use her magic to keep him at a distance.
-Heather (Call of Duty Widow)

4. Ethan cannot touch the Book of Moons, which speaks against the theory that Ethan is a Caster himself. We asked this again and again but What. Is. Ethan?

Seriously??? What is going on with this boy? I agree, he’s not a Caster, but then neither was his mother and she was a part of the Caster world. I think we’ll find there’s more than one source of mystical power in this world. And I think Ethan has power of a primal nature.
-One Pushy Fox

I seriously think that Ethan’s mamma was some sort of supe. I don’t know if she was full blooded or not but she was definately something if she worked at the caster library. So, in my opinion Ethan has some kind of SUPE blood in him … I really think he needs to talk to Marrian about all that.

What. Is. Ethan? I don’t think he’s full Caster – though I still wonder if he could have a smidge of Caster in him somewhere. But I think maybe, to quote Huey Lewis, it’s the power of love that’s makes him able to do things a mortal ordinarily wouldn’t be able to with regards to Lena. There’s something between them, mirroring something from the past, and perhaps it the combined force of the thwarted and potential loves that’s making Ethan what he is.

I always felt he is just a regular boy with a extremely special & powerful connection with Lena who happens to be a very powerful caster. I think that their connection to each other makes it possible for him to break through some of the things in the caster world that other humans cannot. I did and maybe still do toy with the idea that his mother might have had some kind of special power of some sort…not that she was a caster herself, but that maybe there is something there……

I’m starting to think that Ethan is at least part Caster. Maybe only full blooded Casters can touch the book. Maybe we’ll find out in the sequel that Ethan’s mom or some other relative was a Caster?
-Heather (Call of Duty Widow)

(catption: What? This IS our Ethan. Were you expecting a more thought out pic? LOL... you should know me better than that by now. HEHE)

5. What I don’t get is why Lena and Ethan don’t talk about the song. I mean apparently this song is full of meanings and it’s about the two of them, why do you think that don’t they talk about it?

This is an interesting observation. It never occurred to me while reading this book but I suppose that there’s so much else going on and they already know the song is supernatural that it just slides into the back of their minds.
-One Pushy Fox

I think that is more of the author’s choosing. I think that they want the reader to try to figure it out throughout the whole book rather than let the characters figure it out. Its the big mystery of the book. Those would be our clues.

Lena does talk about it in I believe the chapter after Halloween when Ethan’s cellphone alarm goes off and she tells Ethan that he’s the only 16 year old in the room. So, that’s why I think those little songs are just for us. It keeps us on our toes throughout the book.

I think Lena’s the reason they aren’t talking about it – she’s very, very afraid of the reality of her 16th birthday and what it will bring, and that song is just too much for her to handle and try to parse out.

I think it is kind of the pink elephant in the room…they know her Birthday is fast approaching and they are terrified about what will happen to her, and to their relationship as a result of it. It seems like one of those things that you think if you don’t talk about it it isn’t real…that it won’t happen if you don’t think about it. I have done that before and I think they are just avoiding it for those reasons.

Classic avoidance is at play here. If you don’t talk about it and the fact that the song is totally pointing the way to the truth, it’s not real right?
-Heather (Call of Duty Widow)

6. Obvious last question: In Waist Deep we learn yet another verse of the song. What do you think the new verse tells us?

So for me, the most telling line of this verse of the song is the last one, “Power binds what fire sears.” What’s the fire in these chapters? My vote is the way the Book of Moons burns Ethan. And it’s BURNING ETHAN! So power binds Ethan….interesting, no?
-One Pushy Fox

Lena’s birthday is getting close and the moon is starting to light up the night (the darkness clears) which just means like I said… Lena’s birthday is getting closer. The last line I believe means she will be branded… she’s going to be light or dark… it doesn’t say which, just that when she gets her powers… that’s it… game over.

The next verse seems to be saying that time’s running out and D-day’s getting closer. “In these pages Darkness clears” seems to refer to the Books of Moons – perhaps that the Book is the answer to what they’re seeking? Though darkness has a different connotation for Casters, so I’m not sure that’s quite right. The last line, “Powers Bind what fire sears” – is that a reference back to the night of the fire in the Civil War that burned the plantations, when everything got started with this Choosing? Apparently I’m as bad as Lena and Ethan at making any sense of what Sixteen Moons is trying to say!

The hour nears is obviously that her Birthday is fast approaching. “In these pages Darkness clears” I feel means that within the pages of the book of moons lies the answer they want, which I feel is to break the “dark” spell. I am not quite sure what the last verse is meaning…I am sure it has something to do with the power binding Lena either dark or light…

The reference to “in these pages” obviously refers to the Book of Moons. I think that the book will clear some of the darkness of the situation in their minds and replace it with knowlege.
-Heather (Call of Duty Widow)

Thanks to everyone who participated in this weeks discussion!

~ One Pushy Fox, Call of Duty Widow, sophiaanne04, and MyTwilife ~

Can’t wait to see next week’s discussion when Just the Librarian will be taking the wheel. See you girlies on Sunday!

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