Who Let the Balls Out?

Hello to all my Girly Girls!!! This week’s bloggy post is all about the dongs!! Schlong a dong dong dong!!!

And I have good reason!!! I actually have a little story that goes with this schlong a dong dong dong post.

A story you say?

YES YES!! A story!!

So come ’round my little monkeys and let me tell you the story that inspired this post.

One night a few weeks ago my hubbles and I had a date night. Our son is 12 years old and we can finally leave him home alone for a couple hours without fear that he might torch the house. This is the first time we have been out together in a long long long long time!!

The first thing we did together was went out for some fine dining

While we were dining on Nanners and Buggies (I know… we’re odd people), we started a deep and intellectual conversation that is totally adult-like.

Now ladies, you must understand that my hubz is kinda odd, and weird, and a bit creepy. He loves knowing our little secrets. And this one is a major secret, if you ask me.

So, I told him

I’m not lying, man!! He had no freaking clue what I was talking about. So, I had to explain it to him

I compared it to dudes like sweater puppies that weren’t harnessed in

He totally understood after that moment… but he did want to know if he should stick a broomstick down his pants just to see if that would get him any looks from the ladies. He had it in his head if chicks thought his dong was so long that he couldn’t bend his leg that they’d think he was cute or something.

So, there you have it… the whole story behind this post. I was actually told to ask my friends if they dug Free Ballin’ or not. Granted I was told not to say “My Husband Wants to Know” but he’s at work and apparently by the love of Bob has no clue what TGIF is 😉

So ladies…. do you dig it?

So there you have it !! What do you say ladies? You like?

Now, just as promised!  I present to you my the conclusion of Trailer Parkward.


I took out the contents of the box and assembled the pieces with such ease you would have reckoned I had done this before. Plugging its cord into the wall socket I flipped the switch and it roared to life. The vibrations it made tingled through my body like a hummingbird’s wings fluttering on the front porch in front of a nectar feeder.

Standing in the middle of my kitchen with the electric knife that I used only at Thanksgivin’ and Christmas I felt a sudden twinge of female empowerment wash over my body. This must be how Lorena Bobbit felt when she cut that dick off.

“I am not backin down,” I told myself out loud just to give myself the bit of reassurance needed to go through with the thought I had up in my head.





Running my fingers through my luscious mane of raw manliness I headed to the door to ravage the woman who was going to kill me in her electric blue high heels. That had to be the reasoning why all the rednecks were outside waiting on me. I’m sure they just wanted to listen to Bella scream my name from the top of her lungs while I plowed my dragon wang into her. Why wouldn’t anyone want to listen to us going at it? I would want to listen to that. I should really think about recording myself soon. I bet I look dead sexy with sweat rolling off my rippling back and my hard ass pumping.



Eye for an Eye


 Want to end with this week with a game?  Well, I hope you read the whole post or you”re gonna miss out.  Here we go. GAME TIME GIRLIES!

~ by erikasbuddy on 5 March 2010.

4 Responses to “Who Let the Balls Out?”

  1. Ahh your TGIF’s always crack me up!!

    Gotta say, I do love some free ballin’ action… unless they are wearing trackpants (wait! I don’t think you yanks have that term over there.. maybe you call them sweats?!) Whatevs, I don’t approve of the weird bulge that forms in them!

    Any other time (i.e. Rob in suit pants)going commando is HOT stuff. In my opinion.

    P.S. My guess.. well not really a guess cuz I spent 10 mins staring at that pic the other day is the package belong to one Mr. Pattinson, up and out in New York. Am I right??

    • HAHA! We have MESH track pants (or gym pants or yoga pants or whatever you want to calls them) and sweat pants too. I’m rather fond of looking at the bulgy bulge that’s cradled inside as it bounces around in a long lengthy enduring run.. trotting and panting and.. what was I talking about? haha!

      And yes yes yes! you are so right! We have a WEINER! Do ou remember that schlong? of course you do!

      Your prize? I promised no prizes lolz. Go bake yourself a cake and sign it from me 😉 That be your prize

  2. I love this post – I’m such a bad bad girl 😉 So excited that the end of Trailerpark Edward got posted, too…off to review now!!

  3. Let me see that Schlongggggg!!! LOL Willum always gives us good stories to talk about!!!

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