Beautiful Creatures Book Discussion – Week 7

This week we are thrilled to have Ruby/@RubyGeorgAnn as our guest poster this week! We met the lovely Ruby on Twitter during our early Beautiful Creatures pimping, and we are so happy to have her participate in our discussion! Thanks Ruby! *big hug*

Well, I was beyond excited when Fragile asked me to guest blog for the BC discussion! I absolutely LOVED and devoured this book. This is my first blog discussion ever, so please bare with me if mine post is not as fancy as all of the other lovely guest’s bloggers. Thank you Greta & Fragile for inviting me to be a part of this 🙂

SPOILER WARNING: This post details the plot of the book Beautiful Creatures. If you have not read the book and don’t want to know what happens, don’t read any further.

12.13 Melting

This chapter kicks off with Ethan getting dressed for the Winter Formal. I loved this because instead of being nervous from having The Book of Moons, Ethan is nervous about taking Lena to the dance. Alma helps Ethan straighten up and places a corsage with a tiny bone behind the ribbon on him. LOL! The beginning of the chapter really gives you a sense of love that Ethan and Amma have for each other.

“As much as I knew that Amma wasn’t crazy about my relationship with Lena, she had done this anyway. She’d done it for me. It was something my mom would have done.”

Ethan arrives at Lena’s and is amazed at how gorgeous Lena looks! I was so glad to read that she didn’t look like any of the other Gatlin whores, I mean girls. Ravenwood reflected the wintry theme of the formal. Once Macon greeted Ethan, he too placed a corsage on Lena, only instead of a bone hidden, there was a silver ring hidden in it. “Every possible precaution.”

On the way to the dance Lena explains to Ethan that last year her and Ridley were suppose to go to the school dance together, but Ridley turned 16 and was gone by then.

Upon arriving to the Winter Formal, Lena was in awe at how magical it all seemed, after all, this was her first school dance! Her awe was quickly turned to horror when a familiar voice calls out “Hey Short Staw, Hey Cuz!” Yep, you guessed it, Ridley. And not alone either, with Link! Oh, snap! Link explains how he and Ridley came to going to the dance together; she was “coincidentally” at the Stop and Steal with a dress on. Of course, Link, a male, doesn’t realize how weird that is.

Sadly the drama has only begun for Ethan and Lena. After a few words with the cream puffs, Emily & Savannah, they go to have their picture taken. During the picture, what should have been snow falling on them, turned out to be a white, pancakey, substance. Pretty much a “Carrie” moment during picture time. Ethan ends up punching Earl(because he is an idiot and opened his mouth when it shouldn’t have been open). Have no fear; Ridley comes to the rescue, cruel as ever. She lifts her shades and BAM; we got a girl in her undies, record scratching, lights shorting out, and sprinklers going off. That was Ethan & Lena’s cue to exit.

“See ya later, Cuz. This was even better than a prom.”

Once they got back to Ravenwood, Macon was furious. So furious, that he let’s slip that he knew Lena & Ethan didn’t dance. This then brings out the secret that Boo is a caster dog and for lack of better words, are Macon’s eyes. It all makes sense now. In Boo’s mouth is the crumpled Polaroid of Ethan & Lena at the dance, only Lena was already fading from the waist down, “as if she had already begun to dissolve into some kind of ghostly apparition.”

“I didn’t need the picture to know we were running out of time.”

12.16 When the Saints Go Marching In

“It had only been three days since the dance, and the DAR hadn’t wasted any time.”

Of course the Jackson Disciplinary Committee was blaming Lena for this dance incident. Why wouldn’t they? Awkwardly enough, Mrs. Lincoln (Link’s mom), was at the head of this witch hunt. Ethan comes to the realization on the way to the “hearing” that if the shoes were on his feet, he would never of had to go through what Lena is. “Maybe Lena was going to be Claimed on her sixteenth birthday, but I had been claimed since birth.” Ethan tries to talk Lena into just going home, but she wants to fight, she ran from her last school. As Lena get’s out of the car, the rain begins.

As they walked into the school, the bleachers were filled with all of those who hated Lena Duchannes. Ethan hands Lena the silver button from Lena’s vest that he had found the night they had met. “I could see how hard Lena was trying not to crack.”

Mr. Harper reads the grounds for expulsion: Assault & Destruction of school property, all while on probation. Apparently they all were not at the same dance. Mrs.Lincoln takes the stand and accuses Lena of busting out the window and harming others, pulling the fire alarm at the dance, and states that Lena was in an institution at her last school for “bi-polar” disorder. The rain begins to pour even harder. As if that were not enough, she brings up Lena’s mother. “In fact, her mother murdered her father fourteen years ago.”

Ethan begins to wonder why Mrs.Lincoln hated Lena so much. With perfect timing, along strolls in Macon Ravenwood with Marian on his arm! He lays out that he knows more than one should for being at home all of the time. He hints that he knows of adultery to drinking to lies. Macon Ravenwood has dirt on the people of Gatlin. In fact, he lets out just enough of that “dirt” for the committee to suddenly have a change of heart. They will “investigate” the accusations against Lena. HAHA! But the show’s not over yet folks, not without Mrs. Lincoln jumping out of her seat and yelling “Her mother is a murderer!” Macon gives Mrs. Lincoln “the look” and something silent definitely passes between them!

12.19 White Christmas

The day after the meeting Lena showed up to school, but that was the day Lena became a ghost. No one looked at her or talked to her. Ethan ends up turning in his basketball jersey because he feels like they weren’t all on the same team anymore. The numbers on Lena’s wall became smaller and smaller.

“Alone, in the cold. More and more, it was like that; she hadn’t even looked me in the eye since the Disciplinary Committee meeting, almost as if I were one of them.”

Lena doesn’t show up to any of the classes, so Ethan tries to communicate with her through his mind. Only, he gets no answer. In Chemistry class; nothing. History; nothing. ASL: nothing. That’s when Ethan realized Lena could shut him out. He waits for her after lunch and pulls her face into his hands and kisses her. It was then that Lena tells Ethan that they are too different. A mortal and a caster cannot be together, she says. So Lena breaks up with Ethan. OMG!!

“She was gone, and that wasn’t something I would have been ready for, not in fifty-three days, not in fifty-three years, not in fifty-three centuries.”

53 minutes later, Ethan runs into Link and finds out that Link and Ridley are still seeing each other. Ethan tries, yet again, to warn Link that Ridley is bad news, but of course, Link’s hormone’s(and Ridley’s mind control) has taken over.

As expected, with the break up fresh on his mind, Ethan finds himself really missing his mom, so he goes where he feels the most at home; the Library. Marian is there, lost in her books, who would have thought? Strangely, she had locked the library up the night before and when she came in, there were books piled on the floor, all with a message about the current happenings in the town. Marian even states that some of the messages are about Lena and Ethan. “I’m just the librarian. I can only give you the books. I can’t give you the answers.” As if that’s not weird enough, Ethan finds fresh rosemary bookmarking his mom’s favorite recipe.

The snow begins to fall, as a peace offering by Lena. She was waiting for Ethan, on his porch!!! Lena & Ethan make up over crappy hot cocoa & kisses. When Lena brings up how Ethan’s dad is doing, Ethan brings Lena to his dad’s study and wa-la, the door opens by itself! Sadly, what they find inside the room isn’t what they had expected. Pages upon pages of scribbles, doodles, but no writings, no book, nothing. Rage fills Ethan’s heart, but before he can fully unleash his rage, the books begin to open and a code is left for Ethan & Lena to decipher: CLAIM YOURSELF.

How sad is it when Ethan confronts his dad about his imaginary novel. “I can still smell her. Fried tomatoes….”

1.12 Promise

After winter break, the school lockers were all tagged with unusual graffiti; words that could have possibly came out of The Book of Moons because it sure didn’t look like English. A week later, every window in Ethan’s English classroom busted out. One day after P.E. Ethan’s backpack was stolen (which had The Book of Moons), after hours of searching, Link found it in the trash can. From then on, the book was kept in his closet.

As the weeks went by, Lena & Ethan try to decipher what the words in the Book mean. “Claim Yourself. That doesn’t mean anything.” One night on the phone Lena tells Ethan how a part of her wishes they had never met because now she has a lot more to lose. Ethan makes a promise to her that she will never lose him.

“It was a promise she knew I might not be able to keep. But I made it anyway because I was going to find a way to make it true.”


So, my question to you is: What would you do if you were in Lena’s shoes? Or reverse…. what if you were in Ethan’s shoes? How do you decide what’s wrong or right?

~ by fragile little human on 7 March 2010.

9 Responses to “Beautiful Creatures Book Discussion – Week 7”

  1. […] 3/7/2010: Week 7 12.13 Melting (p 368-386) 12.16 When the Saints Go Marching In (p 387-406) 12.19 White Christmas (p 407-434) 1.12 Promise (p 435-437) Guest post by JustheLibrarian […]

  2. Good Post RUBY!! Loves it.

    This week was just a freaking NEW MOOn rollercoaster if you ask me.

    Let’s see.

    What would I do if i was Lena?
    If I was Lena I would be looking more and more into what CLAIM YOURSELF means. I’d also be trying to find out as much information about my mother (Sarafiine) as possible, and probably trying to steer clear of Boo.

    What would I be doing if I was Ethan?
    Well, that’s a toughy. In my opinion Ethan is trying way to mega hard. The boy’s got a nice healthy swoon factor going and all with making snow angels with Lena and keeping the silver button in his pocket. Bonus Super Score. But he’s just trying to keep LENA human… and while I suppose Lena is human (hey its not like she doesn’t look like a person) she’s also… not. Ethan is trying to (in my opinion) stop her from casting. That’s what all the dreams point to in my opinion. Ethan doesn’t want to let her go. So, this is what I would do if I was Ethan. I’d be going to Marian and trying to get information about my MOM and the caster world. I’d want to know how my Mom got involved with the casters. Then I would be trying to find CW Ethan’s grave so I can give him back the locket. But most of all… I’d just let Lena go with the flow. If I really meant the whole “I’ll be there for ya Lena” then I wouldn’t try stopping her from progressing on in her change. But then again… what does CLAIM YOURSELF mean? I’d be trying to figure that out, too 😉

  3. Ruby, GREAT POST!!!!!! I have to say, you got some super amazing chapters here. Macon’s show-down of the school board is one of the BEST scenes in the book. I loved the drama and the way Macon plays it smooth and cool. What a complete badass!!!!

    And when I read about the winter formal I was so afraid it was going to turn into a Carrie moment as they approached the photos and boy was I right. Sheesh….poor Lena!!!

    As to your question, I have to admit that I am EXTREMELY stubborn. If I were Ethan, there’s no way I would let go at this point. He’s already stated that he’s all in. Once I make that kind of commitment, there’s no turning back. So like Ethan I would be doing anything I could to help Lena figure a way out of being claimed for the Dark.

    If I were Lena…this is tough. As an adult, I would want to let Ethan go, especially if I had all the fears she does about going Dark. But much like Lena I think I would want to hold on to the few good things I had in life, for however long I could, despite knowing it wasn’t necessarily the best thing to do.

    I think that’s one of the reasons I enjoy this book so much. Despite the fact that I’m no where near 16 (LOL!!), I feel like Lena and Ethan are so easy to relate to. They’re smart and funny and have real emotional depth. And I can completely see why they do what they do and that I might do the same in their place.

  4. Great post – i especially LOVED your pics!

    OK – This is hard. If i was Lena I would try my damnedest to stay out of the dark. I would demand answers from Macon and work my tail off trying to figure it out.

    And with Ethan, the same – I would stick to Lena like glue and start digging. to find anything to help.

  5. Excellent recap – these were such awesome chapters.

    And what a question – what would I do in Lena’s shoes? I think Lena’s thought from the beginning that it’s inevitable that she’ll go dark – her closest friend and cousin has just gone dark, she has unusual gifts that manifested early, even for a Caster, there’s Sarafine trying to come after her – it’s almost as though she’s created a self-fulfilling prophesy in her mind that dark is the only way she can be claimed, even if she doesn’t want to.

    But the mysterious message that Ethan’s mom has communicated seems to give some hope, and if I were Lena, I’d tried to grab on to that – I’d try to claim myself. The Book of Moons, in all its mysterious talk of light needing dark and dark needing light, and what seems to be one may be the other, seems to suggest that there’s a certain symbiotic nature in the Caster world – what’s dark and what’s light may not be the way mortals view it and may not be synonymous with good or bad. So maybe there’s a way for Lena – by trying to embrace the dark and the light potential in herself, can claim herself and defeat the curse that’s been haunting her family for so long.

    Now poor Ethan? I have no idea what I’d do, except what’s he already trying – being supportive and encouraging and trying to keep her from slipping into total depression and resignation. Ethan’s in that difficult position where you love someone and want to protect them, and there’s nothing you can actually do – you’re powerless. It’s like the culmination of all those dreams where Lena slips through his fingers again and again.

    So, so good. We’ve only got a few days left, those numbers are really getting small!

  6. If I was in Lena’s shoes I would probably try to push Ethan away too. She’s just trying to make it hurt less for her when she is claimed. I would definitely pay more attention to the signs that are showing her she can “Claim Herself.” Someone has to be able to provide her more information about that.

    If I was Ethan and was unbreakably hooked on Lena, I would want to spend as much time with her as possible before she turns 16. Could this be smothering, of course it could. But would you let your first love isolate themselves just because they are convinced that everything is already decided for her?

  7. Well even though I really like Lena she is kind of getting on my nerves. I know that what could happen to her is horrible and terrible, but she had gotten really whiny about it. Wow that makes me sound like a bitch! But she has gotten all “whoa is me” She needs to embrace the time she has left since she has no idea what is coming. I think she needs to involve her family more instead of trying to do it all on her own with some help from Ethan, they obviously know way more about it then she does.

    I really like Ethan. I think most teenagers would have thought it was all just a bit too much and took off so he clearly loves her. I know Lena loves him too, but I just get the same deep feelings from here that I get from Ethan. He has been shunned by all of his friends and basically his whole town but he does not care and keeps trying to help Lena, and she just keeps trying to push him away. Although I do understand why she is doing it.

    Sorry I have been fail the last few weeks on my comments. I had fallen behind on the book but now I am finished and can comment again.

  8. i Hope u will create a movie based on this story, cuz i already had both Beautiful Creature, n Beautiful Darkness….pretty cool, i love these books…..
    i bet when the movie of a handsome, very handsome MORTAL guy met this most beautiful girl in the world, A Caster Girl…..n make it a hit juz like the twilight, newmoon, eclipse, breaking dawn n midnight sun!!

  9. I like Link I don’t know what he looks like so I want to know. I already know Lena, Ethan, Macon, and Ridley look like, but not Link.

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