Hello Darlin, Jasper, Jackson, and Recs

On Monday my husband and I were watching the show House. Do you watch it? Did you see that this week had Hot Donna from That 70s Show as a guest star? Well, if you watched you would know that Hot Donna’s character was really into blogging. This started a conversation (and when I say started I mean my hubz was griping) about how blogging takes over your life and wastes your time and how it’s just down right stupid. He then kept poking me and pushing on me whenever Hot Donna realized this or her own hubz was telling her this.

Ummmm….. hmmmmm… SO does that mean that I should stop? Am I wasting my time?


Let’s kick it!! Cuz dangs it!! It’S FRIDAY!!!!!

Oh my my my my my!! You won’t believe what I have done. I have just made a discovery and struck gold!! I – had – no – idea – how – hawt – Jacksper – is!!!!

Squee diddily dee!!!

I know I know! This probably schockles the living toffee out of you all… but I really had no clue. But then one day my Robporn Pusher (cough cough cough Fragile) sent me a pic. OMG! A gorgeous lovely nomtastic pic of these green eyes staring at me and hair that just screams ‘PET ME!’ and Ahhhhhhhh!! this eclectic bohemian look that just says RAWR BABY!

So, I thought this wee on TGIF we would so something a tad bit different. I want to give all my tweeter tweety buddies a big ol’ shout-out and introduce you to some of their fantastic Jasper stories.

Hope you enjoy ūüėČ

Take What You Need    by afragilelittlehuman

Jasper, weighed down by the emotions of the other Cullens, discovers a source of peace and happiness in an unexpected place. Will he give up life with the Cullens to keep what he’s found? New Moon/Breaking Dawn. Rated M for language and lemon.

Rosalie ran to the outer perimeter of the area patrolled by Seth and Leah, stopping in the woods near the edge of a clearing where one of wolves was sleeping. In the moonlight, wearing a long, simple dress with shiny buttons down the entire length, her wavy hair blowing in the breeze, she was exquisite. Jasper gasped.

Rosalie spun to face him. “Why are you following me?”

Jasper winced at the bitter tone of her voice. “I wanted to make sure you were okay; I’m worried about you.”

“What’s to worry about?” she screeched. “Everyone knows I don’t have any feelings! Good ol’ Rose, that’s me: can’t be hurt ’cause I’m just ice inside. Isn’t that right, Jasper?”

“You know me better than that, Rose,” he said, slowly walking toward her. “Talk to me.”

Rosalie hesitated, then she began to speak in a torrent. “It’s not fair! She was willing to give up everything, and she gets to have it all anyway! I had everything taken from me!” She fell to her

knees, burying her face in her hands. “Everything. They just took it all away.”

Jasper expected to feel her pulsating rage, but, instead, he felt abject sadness.


A Broken Triangle  by sjAimee 

The relationship is purely physical for Bella, but Edward wants more. When Bella meets his roommate Jasper, everything changes. Can Bella overcome a past that left her broken,Jake dead,and Charlie in jail and have a real relationship with either of them?

I was feeling a little smug by the time I had made it to the living room. Ignoring my fight or flight instincts and knowing that with my luck, stopping inside Edwards apartment for anything would likely cause me to run into his roommate. I stopped just inside the door to put my coat on. It was just too chilly outside not to and the heat in the hallway sucked for lack of better words.

Picking my bag up off the floor where I’d set it, I opened the door. Never looking up from my bag I went to step out into the hallway and ran smack dab into what felt like a brick wall. Lacking grace, I lost my footing and silently began cursing the heels on my boots, but before I could hit the ground I felt solid arms snake around me and pull me back up.

Suddenly I found myself pulled hard against the brick wall that I’d yet to look up and see. Something inside me screamed that I didn’t really want to look at the brick wall, that doing so would be a dangerous thing to do. Something screamed at me to apologize and run as fast as I could.

“Whoa there darlin’, wouldn’t want you to fall, now would we?” His voice was music; a rough, calming baritone that stoked the fire burning inside me. I could feel it moving through my veins, liquid amber igniting every inch it touched. I’d never reacted like this to anyone before and damn sure not to their voice alone. I hadn’t even found the guts to look up yet! His voice; that sexy southern drawl, left me swimming in a sea of want and desire and the fire seemed to just keep burning higher. I couldn’t even form coherent thoughts much less find the words to mutter an apology.

A throat clearing from somewhere behind me brought me quickly out of the fog I was lost in and only then did it strike me that I was still wrapped securely in the brick wall’s arms. I’d been so lost in his voice that I hadn’t realized I was still being held against him.

“Change your mind about dinner Bella?” Edward’s annoyance clearly evident in his voice.


Another Heart Calls  by evieeden 

When Bella moves to Forks she becomes not only Edward’s singer, but Jasper’s as well. As their relationships develop secrets from the past begin to be revealed.

A clang from the piano keys turned my focus back to Edward just as he turned his head back to his work. Had he been watching mine and Alice’s interaction? His emotions were all over the place, a mixture of curiosity and shame being the most prominent.

Shaking my head I settled back into reading my book, only to have a wave of lust thrown at me from the sofa. Rosalie had now crawled on top of Emmett and was sucking at his neck. If past experience was anything to go by I’d give them five seconds to run up the stairs to their bedroom and maybe another five before the sexual arousal got too much for me to bear and I had to leave the house to avoid jumping Edward.

Right. I was getting out of here now.

Emmett was already shuffling backwards towards the stairs with Rosalie clinging to him like a limpet.

Tossing my book onto a side table I stood up and stretched. As I reached upwards I arched my back and my sweatshirt rode up.

Another bolt of lust hit me, but not from upstairs this time. Instead the feeling of want was emanating from Edward and I twisted quickly around to find him staring at the sliver of exposed skin between my shirt and my pants.

When he saw me watching him he hastily turned away, his jaw clenching in embarrassment, before slamming the piano bench backwards and stalking out the front door.

I stood frozen in shock, my arms still outstretched. Had I just imagined that?

14 Days by Mrs. Robward  

What can change when you have only fourteen days before the beginning of the rest of your life?

“Jasper, meet Alice. She will be working here through the summer. I’m trying to get Jasper here to train you but it seems as though he has other things to do, so let me go ask………………….”

“No, I’ll can do it,” I interrupted. Alice pursed her lips and smiled at my sudden affirmation.

“Thank you Jasper, I look forward to working with you.” When I heard her voice speak my name, my dick immediately jumped to attention and pulsated at each syllable she spoke. I had never heard a voice so sexy as hers. It was desire and mystery all merged into a fucking glorious sound and I imagined her saying my name over and over again.

“Alice please come with me, you need to fill out some paper work.” That was the smartest damn thing Mr. McGee had said all day, I welcomed the privacy to adjust my boner. I had to control myself if I was going to be training Alice for two weeks. I wondered if I should wear my cup to work from now on to hide my raging love muscle and then I was suddenly curious, could you die from a continuous hard-on?

Forever Jane’s by sjAimee¬†¬†

Jane’s sick and twisted obsession leaves Jasper bleeding on a bathroom floor. An outtake/one shot stemming from my story A Broken Triangle. AH

This is an outtake/one-shot created from my story A Broken Triangle. If you haven’t read that yet you might want to. You see references to Jane and Jasper’s past relationship mentioned in both ch 4 (Changes and Chaos) and ch 8 (The Truth)

She felt him approach, without the need to open her eyes. All her senses were heightened and she lived for the feelings of it. The closer he got to her the more her skin tingled.

He cleared his throat, alerting her to his presence even though he was sure she was already well aware of him. “Aro’s looking for you.” His voice was thick with tension.

“I stepped out for a breather. He can keep looking.” Her hips continued to move to the pulse of the music. It was as if she could feel the beats vibrating through the bricks in the wall and it burned her skin in the most delicious of ways.

He stepped closer, covering the distance easily with his long legs. The attraction had always been there between them. She was more than a little sadistic and he was just a masochistic lamb. They could be beautiful together.

Slowly she opened her eyes and cocked her head to the side. Her wicked smirk made him shiver inside. “Jasper.”

“Jane.” He wanted her. Jane was like a firecracker waiting to go off. Always hot and ready to blow. He leaned forward and bit her lower lip, causing her to groan. Her lip ring had been taunting him all night. Just asking for him to take it between his teeth and pull, so that’s what he did.

“Aro. Wants you… Jane.” He said licking her lip before sucking it into his mouth. This time the groan that escaped was his.


Hope you all enjoyed today’s post. Are you wanting to see more delicious Jackson pics? Well, then why don’t you stalk him?

Just get on to the twitter and befriend @ JacksonStalkers 

They tweety tweet pics of him all the time. It’s where I get my daily dose of porn ūüėČ

See you girls next week!!¬†¬† If you have any Jasper ff recs you’d like to tell me about I’d lover to hear about them.¬† Just leave me a comment ūüôā

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