Beautiful Creatures Discussion Recap – Week 7

SPOILER WARNING: This post discusses the plot of the bookBeautiful Creatures. If you have not read the book and don’t want to know what happens, don’t read any further.

Can you believe we only have two weeks left?!  That’s right – the final wrap-up post is two week from tomorrow *sniffle* Well, onto this week’s recap *sob*

Greta’s Magic 8 Ball Predictions

WOW! My 8 Ball was way off last week! Like way off! First off, Ethan didn’t even dress up in some awesome swoontastic Civil War Garb like I thought he would. Second, I totally didn’t expect Ridley to pop up and go all “jump jump jump Daddy”. Who’da thunk that?

So, here are my predictions for this week.

I still think that LENA is going to have to save ETHAN somehow.

And I think that RIDLEY is going to change sides one day (this might be a prediction for a later book).

I feel that there is more to Macon. I think right now… I think I think… he might be Lena’s real Dad. Has she ever met her Dad? She didn’t know who her MOM was.

I’m hoping to BOB… I’m hoping to BOB!! that we find out what ETHAN’S supernatural power is.

Sarafine is going to crash the party.

I don’t think we’ll learn if LENA goes light or dark. I think the authors are going to leave us hanging till the next installment.

And as for CW Ethan and Genevieve? Well, their story is going to be figured out. I think we are going to learn that those two are really ETHAN and LENA in a past life.

Fragile’s (Very Late) Recap

I was supposed to post this on Thursday, but RL was in my way. Please forgive me? *sad puppy dog eyes that burn into your soul*

First off all, thank you Ruby for the great post! I know you were all nervous since you were a book discussion guest post virgin, but you were great!

So, to refresh our memories, Ruby’s discussion question was:

What would you do if you were in Lena’s shoes? Or reverse…. what if you were in Ethan’s shoes? How do you decide what’s wrong or right?

What do I think about Lena? While Lena pushing Ethan away drives me NUTS, I can also understand why she’s doing it. She’s convinced she’s going to turn dark and that she will be a danger to him. She loves him (you know she does!), and she doesn’t want to be with him if it will protect him. Just like Greta said:

This week was just a freaking NEW Moon rollercoaster if you ask me.

What did y’all think you’d do in Lena’s shoes? (And don’t even pretend that you haven’t imagined yourself in Lena’s shoes! *wink*)

If I was Lena I would be looking more and more into what CLAIM YOURSELF means. I’d also be trying to find out as much information about my mother (Sarafiine) as possible, and probably trying to steer clear of Boo.
~ Greta

If I were Lena…this is tough. As an adult, I would want to let Ethan go, especially if I had all the fears she does about going Dark. But much like Lena I think I would want to hold on to the few good things I had in life, for however long I could, despite knowing it wasn’t necessarily the best thing to do.
~ One Pushy Fox

OK – This is hard. If i was Lena I would try my damnedest to stay out of the dark. I would demand answers from Macon and work my tail off trying to figure it out.
~ uhyesplease

I think Lena’s thought from the beginning that it’s inevitable that she’ll go dark – her closest friend and cousin has just gone dark, she has unusual gifts that manifested early, even for a Caster, there’s Sarafine trying to come after her – it’s almost as though she’s created a self-fulfilling prophesy in her mind that dark is the only way she can be claimed, even if she doesn’t want to.

But the mysterious message that Ethan’s mom has communicated seems to give some hope, and if I were Lena, I’d tried to grab on to that – I’d try to claim myself. The Book of Moons, in all its mysterious talk of light needing dark and dark needing light, and what seems to be one may be the other, seems to suggest that there’s a certain symbiotic nature in the Caster world – what’s dark and what’s light may not be the way mortals view it and may not be synonymous with good or bad. So maybe there’s a way for Lena – by trying to embrace the dark and the light potential in herself, can claim herself and defeat the curse that’s been haunting her family for so long.
~ SophiaAnne

If I was in Lena’s shoes I would probably try to push Ethan away too. She’s just trying to make it hurt less for her when she is claimed. I would definitely pay more attention to the signs that are showing her she can “Claim Herself.” Someone has to be able to provide her more information about that.
~ Heather (Call of Duty Widow)

Well even though I really like Lena she is kind of getting on my nerves. I know that what could happen to her is horrible and terrible, but she had gotten really whiny about it. Wow that makes me sound like a bitch! But she has gotten all “whoa is me” She needs to embrace the time she has left since she has no idea what is coming. I think she needs to involve her family more instead of trying to do it all on her own with some help from Ethan, they obviously know way more about it then she does.
~ bierbeck

Now onto Ethan. Ethan’s doing what anyone in love would do…he’s totally holding on for dear life. When you’re in that deep, you think that love will conquer all and you can get through anything together. And you know, if people just concentrated on the love, they probably could.

But what did you think of Ethan? What would do if you were him?

Well, that’s a toughy. In my opinion Ethan is trying way to mega hard. The boy’s got a nice healthy swoon factor going and all with making snow angels with Lena and keeping the silver button in his pocket. Bonus Super Score. But he’s just trying to keep LENA human… and while I suppose Lena is human (hey its not like she doesn’t look like a person) she’s also… not. Ethan is trying to (in my opinion) stop her from casting. That’s what all the dreams point to in my opinion. Ethan doesn’t want to let her go. So, this is what I would do if I was Ethan. I’d be going to Marian and trying to get information about my MOM and the caster world. I’d want to know how my Mom got involved with the casters. Then I would be trying to find CW Ethan’s grave so I can give him back the locket. But most of all… I’d just let Lena go with the flow. If I really meant the whole “I’ll be there for ya Lena” then I wouldn’t try stopping her from progressing on in her change. But then again… what does CLAIM YOURSELF mean? I’d be trying to figure that out, too.
~ Greta

I have to admit that I am EXTREMELY stubborn. If I were Ethan, there’s no way I would let go at this point. He’s already stated that he’s all in. Once I make that kind of commitment, there’s no turning back. So like Ethan I would be doing anything I could to help Lena figure a way out of being claimed for the Dark.
~ One Pushy Fox

I would stick to Lena like glue and start digging. to find anything to help.
~ uhyesplease

Now poor Ethan? I have no idea what I’d do, except what’s he already trying – being supportive and encouraging and trying to keep her from slipping into total depression and resignation. Ethan’s in that difficult position where you love someone and want to protect them, and there’s nothing you can actually do – you’re powerless. It’s like the culmination of all those dreams where Lena slips through his fingers again and again.
~ SophiaAnne

If I was Ethan and was unbreakably hooked on Lena, I would want to spend as much time with her as possible before she turns 16. Could this be smothering, of course it could. But would you let your first love isolate themselves just because they are convinced that everything is already decided for her?
~ Heather (Call of Duty Widow)

I really like Ethan. I think most teenagers would have thought it was all just a bit too much and took off so he clearly loves her. I know Lena loves him too, but I just get the same deep feelings from here that I get from Ethan. He has been shunned by all of his friends and basically his whole town but he does not care and keeps trying to help Lena, and she just keeps trying to push him away. Although I do understand why she is doing it.
~ bierbeck

I think One Pushy Fox sums up everything about his week nicely:

I think that’s one of the reasons I enjoy this book so much. Despite the fact that I’m no where near 16 (LOL!!), I feel like Lena and Ethan are so easy to relate to. They’re smart and funny and have real emotional depth. And I can completely see why they do what they do and that I might do the same in their place.

Again, thank you Ruby for the awesome guest post this week. Next week, the awesometastic Cutie will be our guest poster! 🙂

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And, as always, thank you so much to this week’s wonderful commenters!

One Pushy Fox ~ uhyesplease ~ SophiaAnne
Heather (Call of Duty Widow) ~ bierbeck

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