Beautiful Creatures Discussion Recap – Week 9

SPOILER WARNING: This post discusses the plot of the bookBeautiful Creatures. If you have not read the book and don’t want to know what happens, don’t read any further.

I can’t believe we’re here! Nine weeks went by SO FAST! Well, no more tears – let’s get to it.

1. Do you think anything that Sarafine tells Lena is true? Is she just telling Lena what she must to get her to turn Dark?

Well, it’s unanimous: none of us like Sarafine. Most of us think she’s an outright liar or not exactly or even close to truthful.

I think she is a LIAR LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE! Which makes her a good super evil bad guy.
~ uhyesplease

I don’t know if I would believe anything Sarafine says. I think she is just telling her what she thinks Lena wants to hear to make her go dark.
~ Michelle

Honestly, I wouldn’t trust her – at all!! She would say anything to get Lena on her site! Although I think part of it might be true but I’m also pretty sure that there will be some possibilities to get around it!
~ Mrs. Vanquish

I think Serafine was only telling part of the truth to get Lena to join her side. I wouldn’t be surprised if she left some important details or a workaround out.
~ Lauren

First of all I would not trust her…ever. She wants Lena on her side no matter what the cost. I did think some of what she was saying was true…like about there being a way for Lena and Ethan to be together, but I don’t believe becoming dark is the only way.
~ MyTwilife

I don’t think anyone can trust a word that Sarafine says, do you? Besides the fact that she’s Dark and trying to save her skin, she’s DARK!!!! Of course she’d say anything to get her way. She killed her own husband, people! She has ZERO credibility!
~ One Pushy Fox

I think that Sarafine, like most truly evil characters, is telling the truth. She is however, only giving away the little truths that can manipulate Lena into doing what Sarafine wants.
~ Heather (Call of Duty Widow)

The best con-mans always stick to the truth as best they can as they weave their lies. But of course, their truths are often edited, leaving some of the most important information out. I believe Sarafine is walking the line of truth, siding heavily on the lying side.
~ Cutie

Grr Sarafine pisses me off to no end! Can someone kill her, please?
~ Ruby

Sarafine – Liar, liar pants on fire? I actually don’t think Sarafine’s lying about everything, although I think she’s probably puts her spin on things. Macon confirms what Sarafine is saying when he shows up, about her having the chance to choose, although at a high price. I do think there may be some seed of truth that they’ve found some way Lena and Ethan can be together, although I’m sure there’s a price for that. Book 2 maybe?
~ SophiaAnne

2. What do you think the consequences of the Lena’s cast will be?

Amma tells Lena that there will be consequences of her cast to bring Ethan back, but somehow I don’t think that Macon’s death is the only consequence she’s talking about. What do you think?

I have no idea!
~ Lauren

I have no idea what kind of consequences Lena’s cast will have on them.
~ Michelle

Are we talking about getting Ethan back? If so I believe like it is said you can’t get something from the book without giving it something in return (even if you don’t know what that something is) and in this case Lena gets Ethan back and the book takes Macon. I couldn’t believe it when it happened and I wonder if he is really gone.
~ MyTwilife

I think she payed already the price here with Macons death and I have to say I’m shocked!!!! Why must he die!! Not fair, I loved him. But on the other hand I totally appreciate that the lovely authors made also popular characters die. I guess it was a hard decision! I have to ask them at some point…
~ Mrs. Vanquish

Consequences – Oh, I think there’s going to be bigger price still to pay for Lena’s cast – more than just the loss of Macon. Genevieve’s cast has impacted generations – it’s hard to think Lena’s won’t have weighty consequences. The green and gold seem to signal that Lena’s going to be warring within for some time to come.
~ SophiaAnne

Oooohhh…good one. And I have to say that I see ripple of this going farther than just the second novel. Hmm…..I guess, immediately, the result is pushing back the decision for Dark or Light for another year (I know, lame and obvious, but…). Long term? I think we’re going to see that Lena wishes she had Macon around more and more. Not that she doesn’t love Ethan! And not that she regrets her decision to save him. But Macon was the voice of reason and experience in her world. To lose that is devastating on a whole other level.
~ One Pushy Fox

Book 2. hehe I know I’m a funny one. But honestly, I think book 2 will be dealing heavily with the consequences of Lena’s cast and what it meant to the future of everyone involved.
~ Cutie

The immediate consequence was Ethan’s restored life in exchange for Uncle Macon’s life. The longer term consequences will be explored in the next books I’m sure, like Lena missing her uncle and blaming Ethan for his death.
~ Heather (Call of Duty Widow)

I think we’ll have to just find out in the next book. Tho losing Macon was pretty big. But I’m wondering if it was enough…
~ uhyesplease

And now, let’s have a moment of silence for Macon. *hat off head and over heart*

3. Do you believe, like Ethan, that Macon isn’t really gone?

The people we love aren’t gone as long as we don’t forget them.
~ Lauren

I think Macon isn’t really gone. He’ll still be around to help them figure things out like Ethan’s mom.
~ Michelle

As sad as it is: I think Macon is dead. He’s not coming back, he died so that Ethan can live… Maybe he can appear in dreams?
~ Mrs. Vanquish

I cried so hard over this part…. Truly I don’t want to believe he’s gone. I have the hugest soft spot for the Sandman… *sniffles* But yes… I do think Macon is gone. Poor Marian and he will never be together…
~ Cutie

I have to say that I find it hard to believe Macon’s gone. I want to believe that he’s managed to survive, somehow, some way. My fear, however, is that all that remains of him, besides memories of him, is in Boo.
~ One Pushy Fox

I am not sure. I like to believe that he is not…that maybe somehow he will be back in the next books, but I am not sure. Macon would do anything for Lena, and maybe dying for her so she could have Ethan and the chance at being light was his gift to her.
~ MyTwilife

Macon…ughhhh *sobs* I can’t believe the choices that are put before Lena. I wouldn’t be able to choose.
~ Ruby

Where’s Macon? I hope Macon’s not gone. I really liked him, especially at the end. I understand from his perspective why he wanted to keep the choice from Lena – having to choose between killing one half of your family who you love over the other is a Hobson’s choice no one would want, and a huge burden for a 15 year old. So I can understand why Macon thought he should Lena believe she was like all the rest. We’ve learned that Macon’s a Lilum, but we don’t know much about what that means, although I was left with the impression that Macon and Hunting were born that way. Casters are apparently not immortal, but they’re also not mortal – so I think it’s possible Macon may turn back up in some way as the story continues.
~ SophiaAnne

I’m not sure…I could see it both ways. It seems a big odd that such a huge character would be killed off. Esp since he wasn’t exactly human. I guess we’ll have to just see in the next book!
~ uhyesplease

I really hope that Uncle Macon isn’t really gone. Since he was a supernatural being, maybe he can be resurrected or is conveniently spending time in the underworld.
~ Heather (Call of Duty Widow)

4. What do you make of Lena’s different colored eyes, and how does this relate to her misquote of Frost?

My father’s favorite poet is Robert Frost, and he fostered a healthy love of Frost’s poetry in me (my favorite Frost poem). Reading the Frost reference made me think of my father reciting Frost poems from memory to the captive audience of our family.

I had to look up this poem:

Nature’s first green is gold,
Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leaf’s a flower;
But only so an hour.
Then leaf subsides to leaf.
So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down to day.
Nothing gold can stay.

Gosh I love Frost. Anyway–

So how do I believe the misquote relates to Lena and her different eye colors? Lena is forever changed, just as the Spring brings rebirth, Lena has had a rebirth. I believe the reference here goes deeper than just eye color but what has changed inside of Lena. “something in me died, something in me was born…” And the green was replaced by gold never to be the same again. I agree with Pushy. Lena is in a strange gray area with a potential for evil that wasn’t there before. Either way there is no going back, and one wonders if she can ever truly be all light or all dark.
~ Cutie

Green and Gold – Lena’s evasion of the Casting Moon coupled with her casting to save Ethan have clearly put her in an unusual place. It seems like she’s split now – both Light and Dark, and as I said earlier, I suspect Lena’s going to have an internal war as to which side will win. Her reversal of the Frost quote seems to suggest that she thinks it’s a battle she can’t win.
~ SophiaAnne

Lena is now both light and dark since she isn’t claimed yet, she still can be anything. I think he will have to decide next year again since I don’t think something like “being in between” is possible, you need to be on one side.
~ Mrs. Vanquish

I think Lena’s different colored eyes mean she’s good maybe with a little bad in her.
~ Michelle

In regards to Lena ‘misinterpreting’ the lines, I think she was referring to her good side, and her green eye. She’s afraid she’ll turn completely ‘gold’ and lose the good inside herself.
~ Lauren

I think the symbolism here is that at the end of the book she’s even more intimately entwined in both Light and Dark than she was at the beginning of the book. Whereas a the beginning she merely had the potential to be Light or Dark, she is now made up of both. And I agree with Lauren that the misquote of the Frost part is about her fear. Even though she knows she has free choice next year at her claiming, she still fears she’ll wind up Dark. Which is chilling to me and makes me wonder if she feels a) by casting the spell that saved Ethan and killed Macon, she’s already chosen Dark or b) that the ability to choose is really an illusion and that she has no control over her fate still.
~ One Pushy Fox

I think it has something to do with the fact that she is teetering on the brink of light and dark. I believe her eyes will one day be the same color again depending on which way she goes…light or dark.

Like everyone else, I think Lena is definitely firmly in the grey area between Light and Dark. She now has a year before she has to decide which direction she will go, but that year is going to be very difficult.
~ Heather (Call of Duty Widow)

I dunno – that was a really interesting touch – and is such a buildup for the next book. i have to admit i was a bit disappointed that the huge buildup of light/dark didn’t happen and we have to wait.
~ uhyesplease

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Last but not least, thank you to all our wonderful commenters this week!

Lauren ~ One Pushy Fox ~ Mrs. Vanquish
MyTwilife ~ Cutie ~ Ruby ~ SophiaAnne
Heather (Call of Duty Widow) ~ uhyesplease ~ Michelle

Don’t forget to come back for Sunday’s wrap-up post and a big surprise!

~ by fragile little human on 25 March 2010.

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  2. Lena is Nuetral. One eye green and eye gold.
    Does that mean that her and Ethan can be together or not?
    If she turned Light Sarafine said that she couldn’t be with Ethan. She was telling the truth because Macon even confermed it. Sarafine said that if she turned dark she could find a way for Lena to be with Ethan without killing him. So she had to find a way, maybe do a cast, but she couldn’t be with him straight away. Either Light or Dark Lena couldn’t be with him just after she choose.
    So can she be with Ethan without killing him?

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