Who is fragile little human, aka fragile?

I never had any intention of reading the Twilight series. The only vampire I ever liked was Mick St. John on Moonlight, and that had nothing to do with his being a vampire ifyouknowwhatimean. My husband, temporarily possessed by Satan, rented Twilight from the local video store. My questions to him: “Isn’t that a kid movie? And what’s this vampire crap?” I watched with him, fully expecting to fall asleep after a few minutes.

Then those damn Cullens walked into the cafeteria. That was all she wrote.

Fuck you and fuck that crooked smile...aww, hell, I can't resist that beautiful face...

I’ve read all the books, and I’ve already seen New Moon four times. When I’m not watching New Moon, I’m writing or reading fanfic.

No, really, I’m a fanfic addict. If I don’t have one of my storylines running through my head, I have someone else’s there (lambcullen and hunterhunting, y’all are killing me…seriously).

I’m a devoted ExB shipper – I may put them through Hell and let them have sexy times with other people, but they’ll always end up together.

I’ve got enough Rob backgrounds that I’ll never have to have anyone else staring at me from my laptop at 3am when I can’t stop researching my next story. I finally discovered DH will stop complaining about it as long as I make him Anna Torv and Evangeline Lilly backgrounds.

Bio: Married, geek, Twi-Hard and Moonlight fan (really?). I live in Alabama with my DH, two dogs, and an overplayed Twilight Blu-ray disc.

Twitter: @fragilehuman (bastards won’t let me have enough characters for the entire name)

Email: fragilelittlehuman[at]gmail[dot]com (Hey, Twitter, see what you can do with a larger data column?!)

FanFiction.net: afragilelittlehuman (without the “a” was already taken 😦 )

Twilighted: afragilelittlehuman (I might as well be consistent)

I also write collaborative projects with onepushyfox – our penname is fragilefoxes.

fragilefoxes blog

fragilefoxes FanFiction.net

fragilefoxes Twilighted

Oh, and the blog name? I didn’t pick it because of what James says to Bella in the movie. I picked it because of this:

11 Responses to “Who is fragile little human, aka fragile?”

  1. Great blog! I just read a few posts and I love it. Thanks for following us!

  2. Hi! I couldn’t find your email, so I’m thanking you via a comment instead! So, thank you for linking up my lil ‘ol blog! I really appreciate it. We Twi bloggers gotta stick together! I’ll link you up on Undercover Twilighter too. Thanks again for the link up!

    Your blog is hilarious! I have no idea how I missed it for so long!! But I will fix that. 🙂

  3. Ok. So now I’ve been rummaging around your blog. Very cool!! I love your captions (is that the right word at all? Captions? I mean the little notes you put under the images. Sometimes struggling with English…) I will leave now, going to muse about how to make your animated mini-banner. CU – Betti 😉

    • Thanks for stopping by! Yeah, I’m a big fan of captions 🙂 I just LOVE your Precious graphic, btw – it’s genius!! I added a link to your blog on my sidebar, too =============>

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  5. OMG!! I love it!! That’s soo awesome!!

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  7. […] know more about my lovely beta? Check out her About Me page. Oh, and I updated my page, […]

  8. I just could not depart your web site prior to suggesting that I actually enjoyed the standard information a person provide for your visitors? Is going to be back often to check up on new posts

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