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When Alice’s secret is discovered, it threatens every relationship in her life, especially those with her parents, her older brother Edward, and her best friend Bella. Will they forgive her? AU/AH. Rated M for lemons and language.

Spell My Heart will be five chapters long. I will post chapters each Tuesday of December 2009, with the final chapter being posted on December 29th. Also, this story will most likely only be posted on FFn.


Instead of a playlist of songs for each chapter, Spell My Heart has one song. I asked my Twitter buddies for song recommendations, and hmmille @ Call Of Duty Widow recommended “Follow the Lady” by Carbon Leaf.

The Math

Charlie and Renee had Bella right after high school, so Charlie was 19 when she was born. Bella has been out of college for a year, which makes her 23.

19 + 23 = 42

Charlie is 42 at the beginning of the story.

Alice’s Outfit for Chapter 5 (Spoilery)

Alice’s wedding dress is the Greta designed by Stephanie James.

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