Beautiful Creatures Discussion Recap – Week 7

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SPOILER WARNING: This post discusses the plot of the bookBeautiful Creatures. If you have not read the book and don’t want to know what happens, don’t read any further.

Can you believe we only have two weeks left?!  That’s right – the final wrap-up post is two week from tomorrow *sniffle* Well, onto this week’s recap *sob*

Greta’s Magic 8 Ball Predictions

WOW! My 8 Ball was way off last week! Like way off! First off, Ethan didn’t even dress up in some awesome swoontastic Civil War Garb like I thought he would. Second, I totally didn’t expect Ridley to pop up and go all “jump jump jump Daddy”. Who’da thunk that?

So, here are my predictions for this week.

I still think that LENA is going to have to save ETHAN somehow.

And I think that RIDLEY is going to change sides one day (this might be a prediction for a later book).

I feel that there is more to Macon. I think right now… I think I think… he might be Lena’s real Dad. Has she ever met her Dad? She didn’t know who her MOM was.

I’m hoping to BOB… I’m hoping to BOB!! that we find out what ETHAN’S supernatural power is.

Sarafine is going to crash the party.

I don’t think we’ll learn if LENA goes light or dark. I think the authors are going to leave us hanging till the next installment.

And as for CW Ethan and Genevieve? Well, their story is going to be figured out. I think we are going to learn that those two are really ETHAN and LENA in a past life.

Fragile’s (Very Late) Recap

I was supposed to post this on Thursday, but RL was in my way. Please forgive me? *sad puppy dog eyes that burn into your soul*

First off all, thank you Ruby for the great post! I know you were all nervous since you were a book discussion guest post virgin, but you were great!

So, to refresh our memories, Ruby’s discussion question was:

What would you do if you were in Lena’s shoes? Or reverse…. what if you were in Ethan’s shoes? How do you decide what’s wrong or right?

What do I think about Lena? While Lena pushing Ethan away drives me NUTS, I can also understand why she’s doing it. She’s convinced she’s going to turn dark and that she will be a danger to him. She loves him (you know she does!), and she doesn’t want to be with him if it will protect him. Just like Greta said:

This week was just a freaking NEW Moon rollercoaster if you ask me.

What did y’all think you’d do in Lena’s shoes? (And don’t even pretend that you haven’t imagined yourself in Lena’s shoes! *wink*)

If I was Lena I would be looking more and more into what CLAIM YOURSELF means. I’d also be trying to find out as much information about my mother (Sarafiine) as possible, and probably trying to steer clear of Boo.
~ Greta

If I were Lena…this is tough. As an adult, I would want to let Ethan go, especially if I had all the fears she does about going Dark. But much like Lena I think I would want to hold on to the few good things I had in life, for however long I could, despite knowing it wasn’t necessarily the best thing to do.
~ One Pushy Fox

OK – This is hard. If i was Lena I would try my damnedest to stay out of the dark. I would demand answers from Macon and work my tail off trying to figure it out.
~ uhyesplease

I think Lena’s thought from the beginning that it’s inevitable that she’ll go dark – her closest friend and cousin has just gone dark, she has unusual gifts that manifested early, even for a Caster, there’s Sarafine trying to come after her – it’s almost as though she’s created a self-fulfilling prophesy in her mind that dark is the only way she can be claimed, even if she doesn’t want to.

But the mysterious message that Ethan’s mom has communicated seems to give some hope, and if I were Lena, I’d tried to grab on to that – I’d try to claim myself. The Book of Moons, in all its mysterious talk of light needing dark and dark needing light, and what seems to be one may be the other, seems to suggest that there’s a certain symbiotic nature in the Caster world – what’s dark and what’s light may not be the way mortals view it and may not be synonymous with good or bad. So maybe there’s a way for Lena – by trying to embrace the dark and the light potential in herself, can claim herself and defeat the curse that’s been haunting her family for so long.
~ SophiaAnne

If I was in Lena’s shoes I would probably try to push Ethan away too. She’s just trying to make it hurt less for her when she is claimed. I would definitely pay more attention to the signs that are showing her she can “Claim Herself.” Someone has to be able to provide her more information about that.
~ Heather (Call of Duty Widow)

Well even though I really like Lena she is kind of getting on my nerves. I know that what could happen to her is horrible and terrible, but she had gotten really whiny about it. Wow that makes me sound like a bitch! But she has gotten all “whoa is me” She needs to embrace the time she has left since she has no idea what is coming. I think she needs to involve her family more instead of trying to do it all on her own with some help from Ethan, they obviously know way more about it then she does.
~ bierbeck

Now onto Ethan. Ethan’s doing what anyone in love would do…he’s totally holding on for dear life. When you’re in that deep, you think that love will conquer all and you can get through anything together. And you know, if people just concentrated on the love, they probably could.

But what did you think of Ethan? What would do if you were him?

Well, that’s a toughy. In my opinion Ethan is trying way to mega hard. The boy’s got a nice healthy swoon factor going and all with making snow angels with Lena and keeping the silver button in his pocket. Bonus Super Score. But he’s just trying to keep LENA human… and while I suppose Lena is human (hey its not like she doesn’t look like a person) she’s also… not. Ethan is trying to (in my opinion) stop her from casting. That’s what all the dreams point to in my opinion. Ethan doesn’t want to let her go. So, this is what I would do if I was Ethan. I’d be going to Marian and trying to get information about my MOM and the caster world. I’d want to know how my Mom got involved with the casters. Then I would be trying to find CW Ethan’s grave so I can give him back the locket. But most of all… I’d just let Lena go with the flow. If I really meant the whole “I’ll be there for ya Lena” then I wouldn’t try stopping her from progressing on in her change. But then again… what does CLAIM YOURSELF mean? I’d be trying to figure that out, too.
~ Greta

I have to admit that I am EXTREMELY stubborn. If I were Ethan, there’s no way I would let go at this point. He’s already stated that he’s all in. Once I make that kind of commitment, there’s no turning back. So like Ethan I would be doing anything I could to help Lena figure a way out of being claimed for the Dark.
~ One Pushy Fox

I would stick to Lena like glue and start digging. to find anything to help.
~ uhyesplease

Now poor Ethan? I have no idea what I’d do, except what’s he already trying – being supportive and encouraging and trying to keep her from slipping into total depression and resignation. Ethan’s in that difficult position where you love someone and want to protect them, and there’s nothing you can actually do – you’re powerless. It’s like the culmination of all those dreams where Lena slips through his fingers again and again.
~ SophiaAnne

If I was Ethan and was unbreakably hooked on Lena, I would want to spend as much time with her as possible before she turns 16. Could this be smothering, of course it could. But would you let your first love isolate themselves just because they are convinced that everything is already decided for her?
~ Heather (Call of Duty Widow)

I really like Ethan. I think most teenagers would have thought it was all just a bit too much and took off so he clearly loves her. I know Lena loves him too, but I just get the same deep feelings from here that I get from Ethan. He has been shunned by all of his friends and basically his whole town but he does not care and keeps trying to help Lena, and she just keeps trying to push him away. Although I do understand why she is doing it.
~ bierbeck

I think One Pushy Fox sums up everything about his week nicely:

I think that’s one of the reasons I enjoy this book so much. Despite the fact that I’m no where near 16 (LOL!!), I feel like Lena and Ethan are so easy to relate to. They’re smart and funny and have real emotional depth. And I can completely see why they do what they do and that I might do the same in their place.

Again, thank you Ruby for the awesome guest post this week. Next week, the awesometastic Cutie will be our guest poster! 🙂

If you haven’t yet, be sure to enter Mrs. Vanquish’s BC giveaway, where she’s going to give an awesome bracelet by Mary Tippett Designs to one lucky discussion participant! You’re running out of time to enter – the giveaway is on March 26th!

Speaking of giveaways, you’re also running out of time to win a signed copy of BC from the Bewitched Bookworms blog! It’s a awesome blog (to which I’m a contributor, but I’m not biased…not at all), so make sure you stop by, say hi, and enter. The giveaway is March 28th.

And, as always, thank you so much to this week’s wonderful commenters!

One Pushy Fox ~ uhyesplease ~ SophiaAnne
Heather (Call of Duty Widow) ~ bierbeck

Hello Darlin, Jasper, Jackson, and Recs

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On Monday my husband and I were watching the show House. Do you watch it? Did you see that this week had Hot Donna from That 70s Show as a guest star? Well, if you watched you would know that Hot Donna’s character was really into blogging. This started a conversation (and when I say started I mean my hubz was griping) about how blogging takes over your life and wastes your time and how it’s just down right stupid. He then kept poking me and pushing on me whenever Hot Donna realized this or her own hubz was telling her this.

Ummmm….. hmmmmm… SO does that mean that I should stop? Am I wasting my time?


Let’s kick it!! Cuz dangs it!! It’S FRIDAY!!!!!

Oh my my my my my!! You won’t believe what I have done. I have just made a discovery and struck gold!! I – had – no – idea – how – hawt – Jacksper – is!!!!

Squee diddily dee!!!

I know I know! This probably schockles the living toffee out of you all… but I really had no clue. But then one day my Robporn Pusher (cough cough cough Fragile) sent me a pic. OMG! A gorgeous lovely nomtastic pic of these green eyes staring at me and hair that just screams ‘PET ME!’ and Ahhhhhhhh!! this eclectic bohemian look that just says RAWR BABY!

So, I thought this wee on TGIF we would so something a tad bit different. I want to give all my tweeter tweety buddies a big ol’ shout-out and introduce you to some of their fantastic Jasper stories.

Hope you enjoy 😉

Take What You Need    by afragilelittlehuman

Jasper, weighed down by the emotions of the other Cullens, discovers a source of peace and happiness in an unexpected place. Will he give up life with the Cullens to keep what he’s found? New Moon/Breaking Dawn. Rated M for language and lemon.

Rosalie ran to the outer perimeter of the area patrolled by Seth and Leah, stopping in the woods near the edge of a clearing where one of wolves was sleeping. In the moonlight, wearing a long, simple dress with shiny buttons down the entire length, her wavy hair blowing in the breeze, she was exquisite. Jasper gasped.

Rosalie spun to face him. “Why are you following me?”

Jasper winced at the bitter tone of her voice. “I wanted to make sure you were okay; I’m worried about you.”

“What’s to worry about?” she screeched. “Everyone knows I don’t have any feelings! Good ol’ Rose, that’s me: can’t be hurt ’cause I’m just ice inside. Isn’t that right, Jasper?”

“You know me better than that, Rose,” he said, slowly walking toward her. “Talk to me.”

Rosalie hesitated, then she began to speak in a torrent. “It’s not fair! She was willing to give up everything, and she gets to have it all anyway! I had everything taken from me!” She fell to her

knees, burying her face in her hands. “Everything. They just took it all away.”

Jasper expected to feel her pulsating rage, but, instead, he felt abject sadness.


A Broken Triangle  by sjAimee 

The relationship is purely physical for Bella, but Edward wants more. When Bella meets his roommate Jasper, everything changes. Can Bella overcome a past that left her broken,Jake dead,and Charlie in jail and have a real relationship with either of them?

I was feeling a little smug by the time I had made it to the living room. Ignoring my fight or flight instincts and knowing that with my luck, stopping inside Edwards apartment for anything would likely cause me to run into his roommate. I stopped just inside the door to put my coat on. It was just too chilly outside not to and the heat in the hallway sucked for lack of better words.

Picking my bag up off the floor where I’d set it, I opened the door. Never looking up from my bag I went to step out into the hallway and ran smack dab into what felt like a brick wall. Lacking grace, I lost my footing and silently began cursing the heels on my boots, but before I could hit the ground I felt solid arms snake around me and pull me back up.

Suddenly I found myself pulled hard against the brick wall that I’d yet to look up and see. Something inside me screamed that I didn’t really want to look at the brick wall, that doing so would be a dangerous thing to do. Something screamed at me to apologize and run as fast as I could.

“Whoa there darlin’, wouldn’t want you to fall, now would we?” His voice was music; a rough, calming baritone that stoked the fire burning inside me. I could feel it moving through my veins, liquid amber igniting every inch it touched. I’d never reacted like this to anyone before and damn sure not to their voice alone. I hadn’t even found the guts to look up yet! His voice; that sexy southern drawl, left me swimming in a sea of want and desire and the fire seemed to just keep burning higher. I couldn’t even form coherent thoughts much less find the words to mutter an apology.

A throat clearing from somewhere behind me brought me quickly out of the fog I was lost in and only then did it strike me that I was still wrapped securely in the brick wall’s arms. I’d been so lost in his voice that I hadn’t realized I was still being held against him.

“Change your mind about dinner Bella?” Edward’s annoyance clearly evident in his voice.


Another Heart Calls  by evieeden 

When Bella moves to Forks she becomes not only Edward’s singer, but Jasper’s as well. As their relationships develop secrets from the past begin to be revealed.

A clang from the piano keys turned my focus back to Edward just as he turned his head back to his work. Had he been watching mine and Alice’s interaction? His emotions were all over the place, a mixture of curiosity and shame being the most prominent.

Shaking my head I settled back into reading my book, only to have a wave of lust thrown at me from the sofa. Rosalie had now crawled on top of Emmett and was sucking at his neck. If past experience was anything to go by I’d give them five seconds to run up the stairs to their bedroom and maybe another five before the sexual arousal got too much for me to bear and I had to leave the house to avoid jumping Edward.

Right. I was getting out of here now.

Emmett was already shuffling backwards towards the stairs with Rosalie clinging to him like a limpet.

Tossing my book onto a side table I stood up and stretched. As I reached upwards I arched my back and my sweatshirt rode up.

Another bolt of lust hit me, but not from upstairs this time. Instead the feeling of want was emanating from Edward and I twisted quickly around to find him staring at the sliver of exposed skin between my shirt and my pants.

When he saw me watching him he hastily turned away, his jaw clenching in embarrassment, before slamming the piano bench backwards and stalking out the front door.

I stood frozen in shock, my arms still outstretched. Had I just imagined that?

14 Days by Mrs. Robward  

What can change when you have only fourteen days before the beginning of the rest of your life?

“Jasper, meet Alice. She will be working here through the summer. I’m trying to get Jasper here to train you but it seems as though he has other things to do, so let me go ask………………….”

“No, I’ll can do it,” I interrupted. Alice pursed her lips and smiled at my sudden affirmation.

“Thank you Jasper, I look forward to working with you.” When I heard her voice speak my name, my dick immediately jumped to attention and pulsated at each syllable she spoke. I had never heard a voice so sexy as hers. It was desire and mystery all merged into a fucking glorious sound and I imagined her saying my name over and over again.

“Alice please come with me, you need to fill out some paper work.” That was the smartest damn thing Mr. McGee had said all day, I welcomed the privacy to adjust my boner. I had to control myself if I was going to be training Alice for two weeks. I wondered if I should wear my cup to work from now on to hide my raging love muscle and then I was suddenly curious, could you die from a continuous hard-on?

Forever Jane’s by sjAimee  

Jane’s sick and twisted obsession leaves Jasper bleeding on a bathroom floor. An outtake/one shot stemming from my story A Broken Triangle. AH

This is an outtake/one-shot created from my story A Broken Triangle. If you haven’t read that yet you might want to. You see references to Jane and Jasper’s past relationship mentioned in both ch 4 (Changes and Chaos) and ch 8 (The Truth)

She felt him approach, without the need to open her eyes. All her senses were heightened and she lived for the feelings of it. The closer he got to her the more her skin tingled.

He cleared his throat, alerting her to his presence even though he was sure she was already well aware of him. “Aro’s looking for you.” His voice was thick with tension.

“I stepped out for a breather. He can keep looking.” Her hips continued to move to the pulse of the music. It was as if she could feel the beats vibrating through the bricks in the wall and it burned her skin in the most delicious of ways.

He stepped closer, covering the distance easily with his long legs. The attraction had always been there between them. She was more than a little sadistic and he was just a masochistic lamb. They could be beautiful together.

Slowly she opened her eyes and cocked her head to the side. Her wicked smirk made him shiver inside. “Jasper.”

“Jane.” He wanted her. Jane was like a firecracker waiting to go off. Always hot and ready to blow. He leaned forward and bit her lower lip, causing her to groan. Her lip ring had been taunting him all night. Just asking for him to take it between his teeth and pull, so that’s what he did.

“Aro. Wants you… Jane.” He said licking her lip before sucking it into his mouth. This time the groan that escaped was his.


Hope you all enjoyed today’s post. Are you wanting to see more delicious Jackson pics? Well, then why don’t you stalk him?

Just get on to the twitter and befriend @ JacksonStalkers 

They tweety tweet pics of him all the time. It’s where I get my daily dose of porn 😉

See you girls next week!!   If you have any Jasper ff recs you’d like to tell me about I’d lover to hear about them.  Just leave me a comment 🙂

Beautiful Creatures Book Discussion – Week 7

•7 March 2010 • 9 Comments

This week we are thrilled to have Ruby/@RubyGeorgAnn as our guest poster this week! We met the lovely Ruby on Twitter during our early Beautiful Creatures pimping, and we are so happy to have her participate in our discussion! Thanks Ruby! *big hug*

Well, I was beyond excited when Fragile asked me to guest blog for the BC discussion! I absolutely LOVED and devoured this book. This is my first blog discussion ever, so please bare with me if mine post is not as fancy as all of the other lovely guest’s bloggers. Thank you Greta & Fragile for inviting me to be a part of this 🙂

SPOILER WARNING: This post details the plot of the book Beautiful Creatures. If you have not read the book and don’t want to know what happens, don’t read any further.

12.13 Melting

This chapter kicks off with Ethan getting dressed for the Winter Formal. I loved this because instead of being nervous from having The Book of Moons, Ethan is nervous about taking Lena to the dance. Alma helps Ethan straighten up and places a corsage with a tiny bone behind the ribbon on him. LOL! The beginning of the chapter really gives you a sense of love that Ethan and Amma have for each other.

“As much as I knew that Amma wasn’t crazy about my relationship with Lena, she had done this anyway. She’d done it for me. It was something my mom would have done.”

Ethan arrives at Lena’s and is amazed at how gorgeous Lena looks! I was so glad to read that she didn’t look like any of the other Gatlin whores, I mean girls. Ravenwood reflected the wintry theme of the formal. Once Macon greeted Ethan, he too placed a corsage on Lena, only instead of a bone hidden, there was a silver ring hidden in it. “Every possible precaution.”

On the way to the dance Lena explains to Ethan that last year her and Ridley were suppose to go to the school dance together, but Ridley turned 16 and was gone by then.

Upon arriving to the Winter Formal, Lena was in awe at how magical it all seemed, after all, this was her first school dance! Her awe was quickly turned to horror when a familiar voice calls out “Hey Short Staw, Hey Cuz!” Yep, you guessed it, Ridley. And not alone either, with Link! Oh, snap! Link explains how he and Ridley came to going to the dance together; she was “coincidentally” at the Stop and Steal with a dress on. Of course, Link, a male, doesn’t realize how weird that is.

Sadly the drama has only begun for Ethan and Lena. After a few words with the cream puffs, Emily & Savannah, they go to have their picture taken. During the picture, what should have been snow falling on them, turned out to be a white, pancakey, substance. Pretty much a “Carrie” moment during picture time. Ethan ends up punching Earl(because he is an idiot and opened his mouth when it shouldn’t have been open). Have no fear; Ridley comes to the rescue, cruel as ever. She lifts her shades and BAM; we got a girl in her undies, record scratching, lights shorting out, and sprinklers going off. That was Ethan & Lena’s cue to exit.

“See ya later, Cuz. This was even better than a prom.”

Once they got back to Ravenwood, Macon was furious. So furious, that he let’s slip that he knew Lena & Ethan didn’t dance. This then brings out the secret that Boo is a caster dog and for lack of better words, are Macon’s eyes. It all makes sense now. In Boo’s mouth is the crumpled Polaroid of Ethan & Lena at the dance, only Lena was already fading from the waist down, “as if she had already begun to dissolve into some kind of ghostly apparition.”

“I didn’t need the picture to know we were running out of time.”

12.16 When the Saints Go Marching In

“It had only been three days since the dance, and the DAR hadn’t wasted any time.”

Of course the Jackson Disciplinary Committee was blaming Lena for this dance incident. Why wouldn’t they? Awkwardly enough, Mrs. Lincoln (Link’s mom), was at the head of this witch hunt. Ethan comes to the realization on the way to the “hearing” that if the shoes were on his feet, he would never of had to go through what Lena is. “Maybe Lena was going to be Claimed on her sixteenth birthday, but I had been claimed since birth.” Ethan tries to talk Lena into just going home, but she wants to fight, she ran from her last school. As Lena get’s out of the car, the rain begins.

As they walked into the school, the bleachers were filled with all of those who hated Lena Duchannes. Ethan hands Lena the silver button from Lena’s vest that he had found the night they had met. “I could see how hard Lena was trying not to crack.”

Mr. Harper reads the grounds for expulsion: Assault & Destruction of school property, all while on probation. Apparently they all were not at the same dance. Mrs.Lincoln takes the stand and accuses Lena of busting out the window and harming others, pulling the fire alarm at the dance, and states that Lena was in an institution at her last school for “bi-polar” disorder. The rain begins to pour even harder. As if that were not enough, she brings up Lena’s mother. “In fact, her mother murdered her father fourteen years ago.”

Ethan begins to wonder why Mrs.Lincoln hated Lena so much. With perfect timing, along strolls in Macon Ravenwood with Marian on his arm! He lays out that he knows more than one should for being at home all of the time. He hints that he knows of adultery to drinking to lies. Macon Ravenwood has dirt on the people of Gatlin. In fact, he lets out just enough of that “dirt” for the committee to suddenly have a change of heart. They will “investigate” the accusations against Lena. HAHA! But the show’s not over yet folks, not without Mrs. Lincoln jumping out of her seat and yelling “Her mother is a murderer!” Macon gives Mrs. Lincoln “the look” and something silent definitely passes between them!

12.19 White Christmas

The day after the meeting Lena showed up to school, but that was the day Lena became a ghost. No one looked at her or talked to her. Ethan ends up turning in his basketball jersey because he feels like they weren’t all on the same team anymore. The numbers on Lena’s wall became smaller and smaller.

“Alone, in the cold. More and more, it was like that; she hadn’t even looked me in the eye since the Disciplinary Committee meeting, almost as if I were one of them.”

Lena doesn’t show up to any of the classes, so Ethan tries to communicate with her through his mind. Only, he gets no answer. In Chemistry class; nothing. History; nothing. ASL: nothing. That’s when Ethan realized Lena could shut him out. He waits for her after lunch and pulls her face into his hands and kisses her. It was then that Lena tells Ethan that they are too different. A mortal and a caster cannot be together, she says. So Lena breaks up with Ethan. OMG!!

“She was gone, and that wasn’t something I would have been ready for, not in fifty-three days, not in fifty-three years, not in fifty-three centuries.”

53 minutes later, Ethan runs into Link and finds out that Link and Ridley are still seeing each other. Ethan tries, yet again, to warn Link that Ridley is bad news, but of course, Link’s hormone’s(and Ridley’s mind control) has taken over.

As expected, with the break up fresh on his mind, Ethan finds himself really missing his mom, so he goes where he feels the most at home; the Library. Marian is there, lost in her books, who would have thought? Strangely, she had locked the library up the night before and when she came in, there were books piled on the floor, all with a message about the current happenings in the town. Marian even states that some of the messages are about Lena and Ethan. “I’m just the librarian. I can only give you the books. I can’t give you the answers.” As if that’s not weird enough, Ethan finds fresh rosemary bookmarking his mom’s favorite recipe.

The snow begins to fall, as a peace offering by Lena. She was waiting for Ethan, on his porch!!! Lena & Ethan make up over crappy hot cocoa & kisses. When Lena brings up how Ethan’s dad is doing, Ethan brings Lena to his dad’s study and wa-la, the door opens by itself! Sadly, what they find inside the room isn’t what they had expected. Pages upon pages of scribbles, doodles, but no writings, no book, nothing. Rage fills Ethan’s heart, but before he can fully unleash his rage, the books begin to open and a code is left for Ethan & Lena to decipher: CLAIM YOURSELF.

How sad is it when Ethan confronts his dad about his imaginary novel. “I can still smell her. Fried tomatoes….”

1.12 Promise

After winter break, the school lockers were all tagged with unusual graffiti; words that could have possibly came out of The Book of Moons because it sure didn’t look like English. A week later, every window in Ethan’s English classroom busted out. One day after P.E. Ethan’s backpack was stolen (which had The Book of Moons), after hours of searching, Link found it in the trash can. From then on, the book was kept in his closet.

As the weeks went by, Lena & Ethan try to decipher what the words in the Book mean. “Claim Yourself. That doesn’t mean anything.” One night on the phone Lena tells Ethan how a part of her wishes they had never met because now she has a lot more to lose. Ethan makes a promise to her that she will never lose him.

“It was a promise she knew I might not be able to keep. But I made it anyway because I was going to find a way to make it true.”


So, my question to you is: What would you do if you were in Lena’s shoes? Or reverse…. what if you were in Ethan’s shoes? How do you decide what’s wrong or right?

I (heart) my lovely beta

•7 March 2010 • 3 Comments

Do you know what today is? Well, if you follow the Fic Bridge blog, you know today is Beta Love day!

Betas are the unsung heroes of the fanfiction world, so on March 7, 2010 we are going to sing to them!

*clearing throat* Okay, here it goes:

*singing* Did you ever know that you’re my hero…you’re everying I would…

*record scratching* I HATE that fucking song…let’s try this instead:

If I’ve told this story once, I’ve probably told it a million times, but I want to tell it again damn it!!

When I started writing Breathe Me, I did all the stuff you’re supposed to do to find a beta. No one was interested in some freaky Twilight/Moonlight crossover fic by an author they’d never heard of. So I posted the first chapter unbeta-ed.

At the time, I was on a Twilight forum and posted the link to my first chapter. I’m sure somewhere in there I whined about not being able to find a beta. One of my fellow forum members from the great state of Alabama piped up and offered to do whatever it was that betas did, even though she didn’t really know anything about Moonlight.

Yep, that was my first real interaction with Greta, the little ferret we all know and love. She dove right in, sending me all kinds of notes on every single chapter of Breathe Me. She helped me with canon questions (I was a Twilight newbie), made suggestions about wording and plot (“Hey, can’t we just kill everyone now?”), and told me I didn’t suck.

It was somewhere in the middle of writing Breathe Me that I popped the question: would she agree to be my beta for everything I wrote? I’m not sure if she squeed, but I did when she said yes. Every time I write something, I’m on pins and needles waiting for Greta’s feedback. It drives DH nuts sometimes, especially when I’m reading her emails on my Crackberry during dinner.

DH: Come on, we’re eating here.

Me: Yeah yeah yeah, whatever. I have to see what Greta says about the new chapter. Food can wait.

Greta is also my biggest cheerleader and advocate. Blindward was something she challenged me to write, and she’s now the official president of the Team Blindward fan club. (Send dues to her.)  When I’m not sure of my ideas or my writing, Greta is the one that slaps me upside the head and tells me to snap out of it.

Not only is Greta the most awesome-est beta, she’s also a pretty darn great fanfic writer herself. If you haven’t read Trailerpark Edward, you really should…now. It’s HILARIOUS!  She’s also a great co-blogger. Her TGIF posts are always cracking me up. Last but not least, she writes some pretty awesome reviews – check out her reviews of In The Blood if you don’t believe me.

In honor of “I have the best beta in the world” day, here’s some Men of Twilight porn:

Oh, I just LOVE Greta! She's so dreamy. *sigh*

Hmmm, do you think Greta would beta my song lyrics if I asked really nice like? Or maybe promised

Hey, there, Greta babe. You know you love some Emmett. Why don't you write me a story?

Daddy C is totally team Greta *growl*

Thank you Greta for being an awesome beta and friend!! Can’t wait to until we go see Remember Me!

What? We totally look like this, don't we Greta?

Who Let the Balls Out?

•5 March 2010 • 4 Comments

Hello to all my Girly Girls!!! This week’s bloggy post is all about the dongs!! Schlong a dong dong dong!!!

And I have good reason!!! I actually have a little story that goes with this schlong a dong dong dong post.

A story you say?

YES YES!! A story!!

So come ’round my little monkeys and let me tell you the story that inspired this post.

One night a few weeks ago my hubbles and I had a date night. Our son is 12 years old and we can finally leave him home alone for a couple hours without fear that he might torch the house. This is the first time we have been out together in a long long long long time!!

The first thing we did together was went out for some fine dining

While we were dining on Nanners and Buggies (I know… we’re odd people), we started a deep and intellectual conversation that is totally adult-like.

Now ladies, you must understand that my hubz is kinda odd, and weird, and a bit creepy. He loves knowing our little secrets. And this one is a major secret, if you ask me.

So, I told him

I’m not lying, man!! He had no freaking clue what I was talking about. So, I had to explain it to him

I compared it to dudes like sweater puppies that weren’t harnessed in

He totally understood after that moment… but he did want to know if he should stick a broomstick down his pants just to see if that would get him any looks from the ladies. He had it in his head if chicks thought his dong was so long that he couldn’t bend his leg that they’d think he was cute or something.

So, there you have it… the whole story behind this post. I was actually told to ask my friends if they dug Free Ballin’ or not. Granted I was told not to say “My Husband Wants to Know” but he’s at work and apparently by the love of Bob has no clue what TGIF is 😉

So ladies…. do you dig it?

So there you have it !! What do you say ladies? You like?

Now, just as promised!  I present to you my the conclusion of Trailer Parkward.


I took out the contents of the box and assembled the pieces with such ease you would have reckoned I had done this before. Plugging its cord into the wall socket I flipped the switch and it roared to life. The vibrations it made tingled through my body like a hummingbird’s wings fluttering on the front porch in front of a nectar feeder.

Standing in the middle of my kitchen with the electric knife that I used only at Thanksgivin’ and Christmas I felt a sudden twinge of female empowerment wash over my body. This must be how Lorena Bobbit felt when she cut that dick off.

“I am not backin down,” I told myself out loud just to give myself the bit of reassurance needed to go through with the thought I had up in my head.





Running my fingers through my luscious mane of raw manliness I headed to the door to ravage the woman who was going to kill me in her electric blue high heels. That had to be the reasoning why all the rednecks were outside waiting on me. I’m sure they just wanted to listen to Bella scream my name from the top of her lungs while I plowed my dragon wang into her. Why wouldn’t anyone want to listen to us going at it? I would want to listen to that. I should really think about recording myself soon. I bet I look dead sexy with sweat rolling off my rippling back and my hard ass pumping.



Eye for an Eye

 Want to end with this week with a game?  Well, I hope you read the whole post or you”re gonna miss out.  Here we go. GAME TIME GIRLIES!

Beautiful Creatures Discussion Recap – Week 6

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SPOILER WARNING: This post details the plot of the book Beautiful Creatures. If you have not read the book and don’t want to know what happens, don’t read any further.

Hello everyone! Did you all have a fabulous week of reading? I know I did.

Fragile and I would like to give a big thankaroos to our guest host this week – Mrs. Vanquish – You did an awesome job!

Everyone make sure to go by Mrs. V’s blog where this week she discusses her love for those Beautiful Creatures and not one but two awesome Beautiful Creatures giveaways.

Now, lets take a look at what all of you had to say about this week’s assigned chapters.

1. So I know that in Heather’s post she posed the question of what’s up with Mrs. Lincoln, but it bears asking again. Why do you think she fights so hard and cruel against Lena?

At this point in the book, I’m even more convinced that Link’s mom is some sort of demon in disguise. I’m still thrown by the fact that she can’t enter the house and she’s just SO DARN EVIL?????? Seriously, all that effort over a teenage girl? If Mrs. Lincoln was a human adult you’d think she’d have better things to do. Unfortunately, reality doesn’t always prove that to be the case.
-One Pushy Fox

I’m starting to think that it is possible that Link’s mom might be supernatural and whatever she is is in war with that Casters. It’s either THAT or she is just a big southern soccer mom type SNOB!! You know the kind… if your house isn’t painted properly then they think of you as trash. I’m not too sure which one but I bet its an uber shocker and she’s some sort of SUPE.

What’s up with Mrs. Lincoln? She’s just mean? I don’t know – from comments Ethan makes, it sounds as though she’s always been a little difficult – with the book banning and what all. Very small town/small minded. But her hatred of Lena does seem to take it up a notch – especially given that on the surface, Lena really hasn’t done anything that can be attributed to her – it’s not like she’s knifing people in the hallways. We know some of the town residents know about the Casters and assist them, like Marian – could there be an opposite group that’s aware of them and opposes them?-sophiaanne04

I believe she is just a typical small town mom who is stuck in her ways and afraid of change and anyone who may “screw up” her perfect little world. I actually felt sorry for her (when I wasn’t wanting to punch her in the face). I imagine she has always been that way, very snooty and full of herself. I imagine she always thinks she is right. Not the first person on your list of who to hang out with on the weekend.

At this point in the book I just think that she’s a nosy busy body controlling bitch. This is her town and she wants to get rid of anything that she thinks doesn’t belong. That’s why she sees Lena as such a threat.
-Heather (Call of Duty Widow)

2. Why did Genevieve choose Ethan to speak to when they were digging out the book and not Lena?

This is a GREAT question? I think Genevieve choose Ethan because he’s the link to HER Ethan. Also, I think it’s interesting that she points out that Ethan’s there to right a wrong, but she doesn’t specify which one. We’re given to believe that the wrong is Genevieve’s Ethan being murdered, and it would make sense that she’d want to help him with that. But lately I’ve been wondering if it might be something else. Again, I’ll hold the rest of that thought for the end of the discussion!
-One Pushy Fox

I think Genevieve chose to talk to Ethan rather than Lena because Lena was just worried about getting the Book of Moons and Ethan was actually the one wanting to return the locket. I also feel that she chose to speak to Ethan because it’s HIS kin folk that deserves the locket, not Lena’s.

Why Ethan? My theory is that it’s because Ethan is the key, somehow, to “righting the wrong” that occurred when Genevieve first tried to cast CW Ethan back to life. Somehow his connection with Lena that mirrors the earlier relationship so strongly is at the center of what Lena’s about to face on her 16th birthday, and Genevieve wants Ethan to know that.

I think because he is connected through blood to her Ethan from long ago. I also think it may have had something to do with the fact that she knew Ethan was bound and determined to right the wrong she created so long ago. Maybe she wanted him to know she approved?

I think Genevieve picked Ethan since he is much more likely to believe what she has to say. Lena has a distrust for everyone in the Caster world after several chapters of lies by her family have been brought to light.-Heather (Call of Duty Widow)

3. Why do you think that Ethan doesn’t feel so comfortable about Lena’s increased magical abilities?

I think as a Mortal he’s bound to have some uneasiness about Lena’s Caster abilities, but I think it’s also that she’s showing a somewhat cavalier attitude about using them. She’s even shown she’s not above using them against those she loves (smashing the vase by Macon’s head and altering her cousin’s and aunt’s memories). She’s not showing the moral center required to use her Caster powers for Light. She’s more like a child with a weapon she doesn’t fully understand how to use. And we all know how dangerous that is.
-One Pushy Fox

In all the dreams that Ethan has about Lena he keeps trying to KEEP ahold of her. He doesn’t want to let her go. I think this is symbolism not just saying “something bad is gonna happen” but also that he doesn’t want her to loose all her humanity and become all witchy witch. Does that make any sense? I think he wants to keep the “normal” girl and hopes that if he works hard enough he can keep her from getting all bibbity bobbity booo on us. He’s in for a rude awakening when he learns that you can’t mess with what’s going to happen… naturally.

Lena’s increased magical abilities – Well, erasing people’s memories is getting pretty big time – and has a lot of potential for abuse. For all his reassurances to her that Lena won’t go Dark, Ethan knows it’s a possibility and seeing her do things that might be questionable perhaps raises that fear. And well, I’m guessing it’s pretty freaky to watch a viola play itself!

Well…would you? I mean think about it, if you were dating someone who could make drastic weather changes, erase people’s memories, do things with their mind etc etc wouldn’t you be a little freaked out? Plus he is seeing first hand how powerful she is becoming and he knows that power will ultimately be used for good or evil, light or dark. Not to mention the fact that he loves her and wants to save her from turning dark. It is all a lot to take in!

I think Ethan is worried that Lena will use magic on him to change how he feels or make him behave a certain way. She’s been trying to push him away while he wants to help and protect her. He is scared that she will use her magic to keep him at a distance.
-Heather (Call of Duty Widow)

4. Ethan cannot touch the Book of Moons, which speaks against the theory that Ethan is a Caster himself. We asked this again and again but What. Is. Ethan?

Seriously??? What is going on with this boy? I agree, he’s not a Caster, but then neither was his mother and she was a part of the Caster world. I think we’ll find there’s more than one source of mystical power in this world. And I think Ethan has power of a primal nature.
-One Pushy Fox

I seriously think that Ethan’s mamma was some sort of supe. I don’t know if she was full blooded or not but she was definately something if she worked at the caster library. So, in my opinion Ethan has some kind of SUPE blood in him … I really think he needs to talk to Marrian about all that.

What. Is. Ethan? I don’t think he’s full Caster – though I still wonder if he could have a smidge of Caster in him somewhere. But I think maybe, to quote Huey Lewis, it’s the power of love that’s makes him able to do things a mortal ordinarily wouldn’t be able to with regards to Lena. There’s something between them, mirroring something from the past, and perhaps it the combined force of the thwarted and potential loves that’s making Ethan what he is.

I always felt he is just a regular boy with a extremely special & powerful connection with Lena who happens to be a very powerful caster. I think that their connection to each other makes it possible for him to break through some of the things in the caster world that other humans cannot. I did and maybe still do toy with the idea that his mother might have had some kind of special power of some sort…not that she was a caster herself, but that maybe there is something there……

I’m starting to think that Ethan is at least part Caster. Maybe only full blooded Casters can touch the book. Maybe we’ll find out in the sequel that Ethan’s mom or some other relative was a Caster?
-Heather (Call of Duty Widow)

(catption: What? This IS our Ethan. Were you expecting a more thought out pic? LOL... you should know me better than that by now. HEHE)

5. What I don’t get is why Lena and Ethan don’t talk about the song. I mean apparently this song is full of meanings and it’s about the two of them, why do you think that don’t they talk about it?

This is an interesting observation. It never occurred to me while reading this book but I suppose that there’s so much else going on and they already know the song is supernatural that it just slides into the back of their minds.
-One Pushy Fox

I think that is more of the author’s choosing. I think that they want the reader to try to figure it out throughout the whole book rather than let the characters figure it out. Its the big mystery of the book. Those would be our clues.

Lena does talk about it in I believe the chapter after Halloween when Ethan’s cellphone alarm goes off and she tells Ethan that he’s the only 16 year old in the room. So, that’s why I think those little songs are just for us. It keeps us on our toes throughout the book.

I think Lena’s the reason they aren’t talking about it – she’s very, very afraid of the reality of her 16th birthday and what it will bring, and that song is just too much for her to handle and try to parse out.

I think it is kind of the pink elephant in the room…they know her Birthday is fast approaching and they are terrified about what will happen to her, and to their relationship as a result of it. It seems like one of those things that you think if you don’t talk about it it isn’t real…that it won’t happen if you don’t think about it. I have done that before and I think they are just avoiding it for those reasons.

Classic avoidance is at play here. If you don’t talk about it and the fact that the song is totally pointing the way to the truth, it’s not real right?
-Heather (Call of Duty Widow)

6. Obvious last question: In Waist Deep we learn yet another verse of the song. What do you think the new verse tells us?

So for me, the most telling line of this verse of the song is the last one, “Power binds what fire sears.” What’s the fire in these chapters? My vote is the way the Book of Moons burns Ethan. And it’s BURNING ETHAN! So power binds Ethan….interesting, no?
-One Pushy Fox

Lena’s birthday is getting close and the moon is starting to light up the night (the darkness clears) which just means like I said… Lena’s birthday is getting closer. The last line I believe means she will be branded… she’s going to be light or dark… it doesn’t say which, just that when she gets her powers… that’s it… game over.

The next verse seems to be saying that time’s running out and D-day’s getting closer. “In these pages Darkness clears” seems to refer to the Books of Moons – perhaps that the Book is the answer to what they’re seeking? Though darkness has a different connotation for Casters, so I’m not sure that’s quite right. The last line, “Powers Bind what fire sears” – is that a reference back to the night of the fire in the Civil War that burned the plantations, when everything got started with this Choosing? Apparently I’m as bad as Lena and Ethan at making any sense of what Sixteen Moons is trying to say!

The hour nears is obviously that her Birthday is fast approaching. “In these pages Darkness clears” I feel means that within the pages of the book of moons lies the answer they want, which I feel is to break the “dark” spell. I am not quite sure what the last verse is meaning…I am sure it has something to do with the power binding Lena either dark or light…

The reference to “in these pages” obviously refers to the Book of Moons. I think that the book will clear some of the darkness of the situation in their minds and replace it with knowlege.
-Heather (Call of Duty Widow)

Thanks to everyone who participated in this weeks discussion!

~ One Pushy Fox, Call of Duty Widow, sophiaanne04, and MyTwilife ~

Can’t wait to see next week’s discussion when Just the Librarian will be taking the wheel. See you girlies on Sunday!

Trailer Parkward

•2 March 2010 • 1 Comment

Why is it that all the Edwards out there in the world of fan fic always have to have this hidden sensitive side to them? Why are we always trying to tame them? Have you noticed this? Every single Edward out there has to be a complete saint that wants starts out all broody, meets his Bella, then has to revolve their lives around her just trying to make her as happy as a clam.

Lately, I have come to find myself trying to read about dark broody nomsicles, hoping and wishing that the angst will be over the top when all of the sudden… He REDEEMS himself!!

The other month Fragile and I had a conversation about this very thing. Why must Edward always be so… so… EDWARDLY? What if he really was an ass? What if he was someone you just wanted to smack the living daylights out of? What if …..

And when I mean bad guy… I mean you literally shout out at your computer screen “WHAT AN ASS!” No swooning. No whispering ‘I like him all bad and hot’. Nothing like that. What if Edward was a complete dick?

SO, it looks like I was faced with another challenge.

Hey, you should write a o/s where Edward is a cheating bastard and Bella kicks him to the curb and burns all his clothes in the front yard. heeheehee

(pic belongs to RobsButtonsBabe/RobNips – Ty Fragile for finding!)


I thought about it for like five seconds before I came to a decision

LMFAO!!! OMG!! I will so do that and use “THE BITCH WENT NUTS” by Ben Folds as Inspiration!! OMG!! YES!!


And that is when I started writing “Eye for an Eye”, a crack fic about a Trailer Parkward and a White Trashella.

Just like with everything I write it must be inspired by a song. I wanted Bella’s song to be country and I must admit, I don’t know of too many country songs out there. Does this shock you? LOL! But guess what! My lovely Boss Lady, Fragile knows of several and introduced me to a song called “Cheater Cheater”. Chapter 1 was written in like two hours after I heard this song.

The song I chose for Chapter 2 is one of my most favorite Bush songs. It explains Edward to a “T”.

So, gather ’round my kiddies and let me tell you the gossip that’s buzzing ’round the trailer park.

Chapter 1 -Bella’s Pov

Seriously, what the hell was I thinking? Why did I think it was such a wise idea to bring his damn yankee ass on down here to live when I knew good and well every female in a three county radius was after his white ass like a cat in heat? What on earth possessed me into marrying such a shifty bastard when I knew for a fact that he had done this to me before? I wasn’t blind. I knew what was going on that year I moved to Chicago and made an attempt at becoming a Sex in the City girl. He wasn’t as faithful and genuine as he led everyone to believe. I could always smell the perfume lingering on him when he said he had work overtime into the wee hours of the morning. I might have been raised in the South, but Mama didn’t raise no fool.

[Note from fragile: I ❤ Joey + Rory, and they’re on Twitter, too!]

Chapter 2 – Edward’s Pov


Sorry, kids… this is why it’s called a teaser. I just teased you on Chapter 1 but I want you to go into Chapter 2 blind. I promise it won’t disappoint. And can tell you that this chapter is the whole reason my little story is rated “M”… and yes…. it’s a crack fic lol…. How bad could it be? Oh trust me my little doves… it’s pretty bad 😉

I hope you enjoy it. There are 4 parts to “Eye for an Eye”. The next 2 chapters will be posted this Friday during TGIF.