Who is Greta/erikasbuddy?

Hello and greetings out there to all my fabulous pets!! It is I the most awesometastic and out of this world GRETA!!

Can I possibly be more full of myself? HAHA!! The answer is ‘YES!’ Yes I can !!

Well, well, well, I have been into vampires for as long as I can remember. My mother told me that I constantly bit her as a baby and this has led me to believe that I am somehow connected to those little sparkly neck biters.

My first real experience with silver screen vampy poos was when I got to go see “Interview With the Vampire” with my Dad and my friend Kelly. Ever since then I have been a vampire whore.

I fell into my Twilight addiction/habit/enslavement by pure accident. “What?” you gasp. That’s right girlfriends. I had no freaking clue what a Twilight was until I got my June 08 issue of Entertainment Weekly. There was this open shirt nom dancing with this icky long haired chick and they were holding an apple. Well, what the hell does that mean? So, I open the mag up and look into it. Well, I quickly learned that I did not know any 14 year old girls (the magazine informed us if we knew a 14 year old girl then we knew what a Twilight was). I became obsessed with learning what a Twilight was and like any red blooded American, I consulted my local library. After realizing that there were like ummm a jillion holds on this apple book I became quite frustrated and just bought the thing off Amazon for $6. So, I got the book with every intention of being disappointed in it. I didn’t even read the back cover. I went into it freaking BLIND as a BAT (take that you Twihards haha!!) and after three days and a ton of  “Greta! I’m horny put that damn book down.” I was hooked, bewitched, and probably more horny than my husband. That was a freaking good book!!

I love fanfic. It might be possible to say that I love the stories of fans even more than the stories that Mrs. Meyer gave us. OH! Quit your gasping haha!! She is truly a goddess to be worshipped but I just LOVE to read everyone else’s interpretation of Edward and the gang. I love cuddling up with my lappy (feel sorry for me kids, it used to be a hard chair, a sore ass, and a desktop haha) at night and reading a delicious Tatward story. Oh my god *DROOL!!! Those are my favy favs!!

I started my trek through fanfic through Fragile. We belonged to this other forum type thingy and she made a post about fanfic. Well, I had no idea what a fanfic was and she was looking for people to beta this story about a Moonlight vampire and seriously…. I didn’t know what a Beta was or a Moonlight was. HAHA!! She picked the right girl, huh? So, I kind of think out of the kindness of her heart she took pity on my 4th grade grammar and my unique skills to tell her that she should use more commas (she now knows that I don’t know how to spell or use punctuation or even remember to dot my I’s) and began to train me as a beta. I have been with her ever since, fallen in love with Josef, and have become more sexually frustrated in my entire life due to pierced sparkle noms!

My name: ERIKASBUDDY is NOT my name. My name is Greta and Erika is my buddy. I met her in 5th grade (1988) and she’s been my bud ever since. I’ve noticed that there are more Greta’s out in the world than just myself.. even though I still can’t find my name on a keychain… and was unable to use my first name like I wanted. So, I probably confuse the hell out of all of you when I sign everything as Greta, but you have to understand… that’s my name and Erika is just my buddy. Did I just confuse the crud out of you? — Awesome!!

I’ve been married since 1997 and have a son who is just hitting puberty and scaring the living tar out of me (Was I that evil to my mother?). I own 2 cats, 1 fish, and an healthy amount of refrigerator magnets (at last count I had well over 100). I have a fear of hands (oh Chicago should be fun, huh hahaha), and can’t stand people touching my food (lmao! Ladies!! Can’t wait till Chicago haha).

My intertube self is who I really want to be when I grow up. She dresses in leather, is hot to trot, and is ALWAYS ALWAYS hanging out on the Fragile and Pushy’s “In the Blood” reviews. She’s my inner Cougar and I just adore her. She likes to chase young men and has so much self-esteem. I mean, she might have just a bit too much. But, I love her more and more every day!!

Every Friday I try my best to give you all a piece of me on Fragile’s blog. It’s called “TGIF” and that stands for “Thank GRETA it’s Friday”. I know!! Aren’t I clever monkey?

Most of my inspiration for my Friday blogs come from real life experiences, too much time on my hands, and a man named Craig Ferguson. I love Craig!! You can always find me on the couch at 11:35pm CST watching him. If you have never watched him, then you really should. In this day and age of DVRs you have no excuse 😉

You can find me on the Twitter as @Erikasbuddy and even on fanfic.net as the same name 😉 —- I haven’t written very much but I sure have fun doing it. I refuse to give my lovely characters a happily ever after haha! I save that for the blog 😉

So, in closing…. I’m a dyslexic ferret, with a fear of people touching my food, an unhealthy amount of fridge clutter, can knit, and has an alter ego who runs my interweb life. All things considering…. I perfectly normal 😉

6 Responses to “Who is Greta/erikasbuddy?”

  1. Ah, this is a most epic About Me page. Just like everything else you write, it cracked me up! Good job! 🙂

  2. So I love that I got you a key chain with your name on it! See, you just had to look on Zazzle, sweetie!!!!

    • LOL!! But then I wouldn’t get a super awesome gifty!! Thank you so much!! You must have had a little Alice in you because I’ve always wanted one 😉

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  4. […] know more about my lovely beta? Check out her About Me page. Oh, and I updated my page, […]

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